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Author: YouTube Help
Length: 03:56
Uploaded: 17.4.2015
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Video Category: Howto
This is how I feel. ...   (Grace Lowe)13.5.2015
This is how I feel. Exept one thing, I wasn't sad I was dragging my boyfriend down! He never ever talks to me on Instagram
Well then, I best ...   (SuperArppis)9.4.2015
Well then, I best drop you...
Google TruthContest ...   (Anne Smith)14.11.2014
Google TruthContest and read *The Present*.
i love her   (Mimi Lovehurts777)10.1.2015
i love her
I ...   (Ghufran Aldawood)9.11.2014
I lovelovelovel​ovelove florance and the machine.
I just uploaded my ...   (Olivia Vawn)25.9.2014
I just uploaded my cover of this if anybody would be willing to check it out! Thanks :))
I love her so much ...   (Corey Pelfrey)13.11.2014
I love her so much so gorgeous
Your comment in the ...   (Naledi Mpanza)4.10.2014
Your comment in the video just put me off
This is my type of ...   (Veronica August)24.12.2013
This is my type of music. I Like it.
Adding to my weirdo ...   (Michelle Joyce Bond)12.1.2014
Adding to my weirdo dance music list... :)
This is one of my " ...   (Josh NoneYa)26.4.2014
This is one of my "catchin​ feelins"​ songs.
   (Snezana Maluckov Vranjkovic)24.7.2013
   (Snezana Maluckov Vranjkovic)1.7.2013
florence and the ...   (Roman F)13.1.2014
florence and the machine heavy in your arms
I did both. It was ...   (Nearly Dead)3.1.2013
I did both. It was terrible.
this song reminds ...   (jasmine huynh)21.8.2013
this song reminds me of all the twilight movies <3
Ummm. Thats a huge ...   (Cleniesteen Lloyd)25.12.2012
Ummm. Thats a huge lie!
one of the most ...   (Natalia Tejero)2.1.2013
one of the most beautiful voice in the world!
Dude. I'm in love ...   (Mz. Horan)15.7.2013
Dude. I'm in love with your profile pic.
When I said ...   (melissadowell1798)11.1.2013
When I said twilight I was talking about the twilight series.
She is.   (Joshua Sims)12.7.2013
She is.
Maybe her voice is ...   (Paranormal Dino)18.10.2013
Maybe her voice is higher in the beginning? I noticed that the second "I'm so heavy" is a higher pitch than the first one.
That'd be a ...   (MrGoogimsbot)2.11.2012
That'd be a metaphor, ma'am/sir.
Florence is one of ...   (justtrytochangeme)8.10.2013
Florence is one of the main music muses I use to write.
Odd....the version ...   (Patrick Giles)17.10.2013
Odd....the version I have is different. Rather different. Wonder how/why?

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