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Length: 03:56
Uploaded: 17.4.2015
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fuck this!!!go ...   (rbudow)7.5.2010
fuck this!!!go knaan!!! shakiras a raicest!!! besides this song is just plane bad
@lajr0207 Okay so ...   (Nicole B)7.5.2010
@lajr0207 Okay so for you ignorant twats, South Africa should be honoured that Shakira is singing this song. SHe is a WORLD WIDE superstar like it or not. She is known world wide, so they should STFU and be grateful ... ALSO colombian people have some black in them .. hence the music similarities,​ sooo people should just get a life and stop complaining .. and stop making it a race thing .. if you dont like beign discriminated​ then dont make dumb ass comments about the artist not being black ...
This song isnt bad ...   (Llewaine Woodford)7.5.2010
This song isnt bad however the Coca cola has chossen a better song, wavin flag. but i know of one better its sung by Martin PK called tand as one, its firstly a south african artists singing about south africa hosting and the world coming to Africa... now in my opinion fifa should have chosen that song. check it out u all will agree with me,,, it is truly african and especially south african.. AYOBA. OLa
I like this song, ...   (iridescentblue)7.5.2010
I like this song, though I do think it would've been more fitting if someone actually from Africa sang it. On another note...I kept thinking she was saying "saca la lengua".​..
chorus start at 00: ...   (robbie0630)17.6.2011
chorus start at 00:44 and end at 00:51
shakira los ...   (alexitotupapa)7.5.2010
shakira los futboleros te odiamos por esta cancion!!!
wtf happened i ...   (Luis Abraham)7.5.2010
wtf happened i thought waving flag was the official song??
shaki komo siempre ...   (861206861206)7.5.2010
shaki komo siempre la mejor
@lajr0207 The song ...   (GhanaianZ Winner)7.5.2010
@lajr0207 The song is hot, It is the best song yet... Lyrics 10/10 Beat 10/10 Relevance 10/10 As a person who listens to a lot of African music this song is very African... Any way, she is from Columbia which has a big African influence...
this song made my ...   (07adm)7.5.2010
this song made my day
they should have ...   (Gema Arzola)7.5.2010
they should have chosen some one else.
Great song!   (sdk691212)7.5.2010
Great song!
1. Por q' esto es ...   (Carlos Villalobos)7.5.2010
1. Por q' esto es Africa lalala (8) Los Putos Racistas Q' Van a Ir Mejor Q' Se Queden En Sus Casas Eso Va Pa' Alemania y España.
Can somebody help ...   (SHIKYBONNER)7.5.2010
Can somebody help me?, i´ve tried to copy-paste an URL and it doesn´t work!.
Interestingly, the ...   (Schwertsan)13.2.2011
Interestingly, the original song (Zangalewa) was well known in Columbia as "The Military,&quo​t; having been brought over by West African DJ' Shakira almost certainly knew this song growing up in Columbia.
@oscaru2110 I'm not ...   (christinebenjamin)7.5.2010
@oscaru2110 I'm not sure why the song is an insult.. i think being narrow minded about the world cup doesnt make it the world cup, makes it the South African Cup.. we're uniting as one for the world cup.. let's support each other and not be selfish ... I'm glad South Africa is hosting the world cup.. that alone is a victory not just for S.A but for the whole of Africa... Let's Unite!
@djrickydee yes ...   (Kenash Kanakaraj)7.5.2010
@djrickydee yes that cud b true... but i felt that k'naan's version of the song sounds more like africa(not with the spanish mix ;-)). n d video tht was done by coca cola n the original luks cooler...
love it!!!   (Daniel Von Der Gracht)7.5.2010
love it!!!
not bad.... just ...   (limz22)7.5.2010
not bad.... just love waveing flags me thinks it better and original well waka waka heard i was growing up so not that original is it but ok looting for ghana and ivory coast AFRICAAAAAAAA​AAAAAAAAAAAAAA​AAAAAAA HEHEHEHHEHEH
youtube com/watch?v ...   (ROy696)7.5.2010
youtube com/watch?v=D​V8HpCCI3L0
This song makes my ...   (Amanda Rhode)7.5.2010
This song makes my day, Every time I listen to it! It should be on the radio!! (:
I love this video ...   (DAIHATSUMEMBER)7.5.2010
I love this video and this song, singing by shakira:-)
@rigogurt she's ...   (lfaystudent145)7.5.2010
@rigogurt she's columbian and she's singing to the world
Black people in ...   (johntan573)18.9.2011
Black people in action :D
the song is pretty ...   (Austin)7.5.2010
the song is pretty good-its like coldplay or muse for me--sucks at first then pretty good now. However i dont really like the beggining. GERMANY!!!!!​!!!!!!!!!!!!!!​!!!!!!!!!!!!

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