The Pink Gloves Dance for Breast Cancer

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The Pink Gloves Dance for Breast Cancer Add the Pink Ribbon to your profile to show your support for a cure for breast cancer.

Author: seenontvitems
Length: 03:39
Uploaded: 5.12.2009
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Video Category: People
Love all of the ...   (Agendia Inc)30.12.2010
Love all of the pink ribbon dance videos! They show a whole different side of breast cancer: the supportive side filled with lots of love and caring. agendia*com
@ilovegavin100 i AM ...   (n2meec)2.7.2011
@ilovegavin100 i AM ON THE BC JOURNEY.... DID NOT HAVE AN ABORTION... NVER GOT PREG, WELL ONCE, AND LOST IT. I HASVE BEEN PRO LIFE ALL MY LIFE.... THERE WAS A CONTRAVERSION​AL SONG DONE BY SEALS AND CROFT, back in the seventies 'Unborn Child" that pretty much made up my mind which direc tion I was going...
This video is very ...   (morganhackney)22.6.2010
This video is very sweet!! My gym teacher actually has cancer and she is still going strong! for our field day the fourth and fifth grades each class was assigned one letter and every traced their hands and made each letter out of the hands!and everyone ligned up in the gym and held up each sign!!! All together the signs said Livestrong we heart u Mrs. D! and when she came in and saw eveyone she had tears in her eyes and she was really surprised!!!​ we love you Mrs. Diegevoni!!!!​!!
Super gaaf!!   (Liselotte Garos)4.7.2010
Super gaaf!!
I LOVE IT. Thank ...   (Ann Johnsey)11.12.2009
I LOVE IT. Thank you so much for making my day with this video!!!
nouzeg dr ligge ...   (XmmelissaX)23.8.2011
nouzeg dr ligge daar mense dood te gaan, gaan hun zo lekker vrolijk danse. zo van YEAH, alweer een minder! lekker is da zeg xd.
Superleuk!!!!   (Anouukx)9.3.2010
this has started a ...   (Gunnie2010)18.9.2010
this has started a movement. imagine if every hit generated a dollar to breast cancer awareness??
Awesome!   (carlashardy)5.12.2009
THUMBS UP @ 0:45 ...   (XxHarrison22xX)15.1.2011
THUMBS UP @ 0:45 Janitor power and then @ 1:49 for multi-janitor​ power and then singular at 3:21 as well... :D
@XmmelissaX melissa ...   (Cherelles .)16.1.2012
@XmmelissaX melissa.. denk je nou echt dat die mensen anderen dood laten gaan terwijl ze dansen? kom op zeg, dan ben je wel heel erg dom hoor.. sorry.. een ziekenhuis is geen graftombe ofzo hoor XD
Those two girls ...   (CrimsonTideAlabama1)26.3.2010
Those two girls with the sunglasses are sooo hottt!!!!!
awsome! a friend ...   (Michael Addink)25.10.2010
awsome! a friend send it to me by email! best vid ever!
I myself am a ...   (headhurtz480)13.12.2009
I myself am a breast cancer survivor of 2 and half years. I feel blessed to have people who care about something that may or maynot effected them in any way. I shed a tear when i saw this, why? because everyone is in it for one reason. FIND A CURE, so other women wont have to go through a double mastectomy as i did.
neem nogeen lijntje ...   (katrienify)27.8.2011
neem nogeen lijntje! Je snapt er geen bal van, maar dat was al helder!
vet grappige video, ...   (mocrozina1)16.3.2010
vet grappige video, ik steun de stichting borskanker, xxx(L)
wonderful thanks ...   (applepiano)6.12.2009
wonderful thanks for all the work you all put into it.
The song was put to ...   (Ac3sofSpad3s)24.6.2010
The song was put to damn good use... AWESOME vid...
Amazing! :D   (LindseySophiaPenny)24.2.2011
Amazing! :D
love it ... xD   (m0niek86)8.3.2010
love it ... xD
gewooon super moooi ...   (kelly teunissen)5.10.2012
gewooon super moooi om te zien x
Those two girls ...   (CrimsonTideAlabama1)26.3.2010
Those two girls with the sunglasses are so hottttt!
Just that they got ...   (kirbymaster7491)19.5.2010
Just that they got this many people on board is awesome.
Fabulous!!!   (ltutech)21.12.2009
@dclaus100 Jay Sean ...   (m0niek86)8.3.2010
@dclaus100 Jay Sean ft Lil Wayne

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