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Author: YouTube Help
Length: 03:56
Uploaded: 17.4.2015
Viewed: 23954902×
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Video Category: Howto
1994: Bieber is ...   (ZînØû Dà Sîlvâ)8.4.2015
1994: Bieber is born. 1995: Eazy E dies. 1996: Tupac dies. 1997: The Notorious B.I.G dies
i really hate vevo ...   (jack davis)23.2.2015
i really hate vevo so fucking much. They are starting to censor words that are not even curse words. "bullet&​quot; and "suicide​" are censored. are you fucking kidding me??? what rich stuck up white person sitting behind their ceo desk decides this? Its fucking bullshit. I get why they censor curse words but dont fucking censor a word that isn't a curse word… 
My Life - The Game ...   (Ashley Hatchootah)14.4.2015
My Life - The Game ft. Lil Wayne
Lil Wayne's ...   (Jeroen van Hattem)17.2.2015
Lil Wayne's autotune was like 200%
Good song !!! ...   (Rizi Dada)13.5.2015
Good song !!! TheGame and Wayne used >> A U T H E N T I C H I T $ << to viral and be the famous one for sure !!!!!
Lil Wayne was good ...   (United We Stand Divided We Fall)19.12.2014
Lil Wayne was good here. I don't know what happened.
Damnn, this song ...   (Dice)11.4.2015
Damnn, this song got so famous all of a sudden.
Bring back lil ...   (kwanda Ngubane)30.1.2015
Bring back lil Wayne take Tunechi please.
Don't you hate ...   (No Yankee)19.4.2015
Don't you hate people that like and comment on their own comments? Like if you agree.
And Im grindin til ...   (Trill.Texas)5.1.2015
And Im grindin til Im tired They say "You aint grindin til you tired" So Im grindin with my eyes wide Looking to find A way Through the day A light For the night Dear Lord, youve done took so many of my people but Im just wonderin why You haven't taken my life Like what the hell, am I doing right? If You Can't Feel That, Then You Haven't Lost Someone Close.
🔥   (Ronnica Harris)21.5.2015
   (Suzana Gulic)4.5.2015
Ρίξτε μια ματιά σε ...   (Anastasia Kalaitzaki)2.5.2015
Ρίξτε μια ματιά σε αυτό το βίντεο στο YouTube:
I know nobody's ...   (RezAIIDay)11.3.2015
I know nobody's probably gonna read this, but imma say it anyway because i feel at least one person will, im a young rapper. I know theres a million of those but not too many with ambition, dedication and passion for the game. If you just take a min and give me a chance ill make you a believer. i would love? nothing more than to have a loyal following on YouTube. If anyone who reads this could press the 'THUMBS UP' button others will see it. Just a simple press can push me and help me closer to my dream. Thank you
this is one of the ...   (Brian Nyangaresi)18.2.2015
this is one of the best tracks...
Stay in school, go ...   (Jeremy T)19.1.2015
Stay in school, go to college, no drugs. ^recipe for success
I also listen to ...   (wh tuy)26.3.2015
I also listen to 3Pac, Smally Biggs, Snoop Catt, Big Wayne, G-Spot, Flocka Waka Water, Big B, rAff rIff, Jumpsin, T3ch Nine, Rake, Ghoul Faced Savior, Tyler, the Destroyer, Little Sean, Mill Macker, Kangaroo Bada$$, Jizz Khalifa, Chance the Engineer, Bread B, Adult Cudi, Anna Kendrick, Gluts-Soul, Chuck Frinch, English Montana, T.O. Genasis, Chief Queef, Busta Nuts, Tilta, Kanye East, J Charcoal, Iggy Arbuckle, and Manly Gazebo
finally found a ...   (james pobjecky)15.5.2015
finally found a serious Lil Wayne song
https:// ...   (Mind your business)22.5.2015
Why hasn't anyone ...   (Jessica)30.12.2014
Why hasn't anyone talked about how he wears his SnapBack .___.
the beginning of ...   (N Aktok)10.5.2015
the beginning of this song is so good
Nice little Beats ...   (Robert Brennan)26.1.2015
Nice little Beats earphones ad at 0:30
That's my brother ...   (Benson Forgies)2.5.2015
That's my brother right here! The game. 
   (Donald Mcelfresh)22.5.2015
where is vevo ...   (Hakan Ordu)8.5.2015
where is vevo certified ???? 105 millions view ???

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