The Game - My Life ft. Lil Wayne

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The Game - My Life ft. Lil Wayne

Music video by The Game performing My Life. YouTube view counts pre-VEVO: 4,679,210. (C) 2008 Geffen Records

Author: TheGameVEVO
Length: 04:59
Uploaded: 12.12.2009
Viewed: 86991633×
Rating (212294×):

Video Category: Music
4:25 that's very ...   (Nico Pogossian)14.4.2014
4:25 that's very unsanitary 
2:58 beats by Dre 5 ...   (jess watson)11.4.2014
2:58 beats by Dre 5 years earlier
hardest shit in hip ...   (Lorenzo Feunekes)9.4.2014
hardest shit in hip hop history respect
Trying to bump to ...   (Vincent Glory)9.4.2014
Trying to bump to the censored version is like like trying to bump a cd wit scratches 
Would be better ...   (verzioneight clan)8.4.2014
Would be better without lil wayne i fucking hate him the ugly bastard
Lil wayne ruins ...   (Maui yO)8.4.2014
Lil wayne ruins this song.. he sucks ass.
Woke up with this ...   (Roger Lord)6.4.2014
Woke up with this song all up in my head!! This Soooo how I'm feelling
Wayne needs a verse ...   (My Names Tommy)5.4.2014
Wayne needs a verse at the end.
"So if I'm grinding ...   (Kroupton)4.4.2014
"So if I'm grinding with my ass wide"?
"Like Rockefeller ...   (Brian Takita)4.4.2014
"Like Rockefeller needed Siegel" That​'s history you don't learn in school.
1:49 Hip Hop Broke ...   (50 cent)2.4.2014
1:49 Hip Hop Broke My Heart
A rapper mentioning ...   (Jonathan Lopez)1.4.2014
A rapper mentioning Kurt. That's just golden. EDIT: And Lennon
i think the ...   (Jamestech)29.3.2014
i think the autotune machine broke
WE ALL HAVE TIME TO ...   (Capurs Hall)16.4.2014
The game is my life   (kappa24b)2.11.2013
The game is my life
This song is beast ...   (jojo199462)2.11.2013
This song is beast with lil Wayne in it with out him this song would be shit!!! So just shut the fuke up iabaca!!
the shit they ...   (kml5150)1.11.2013
the shit they sensor is hilarious
better than 50 ...   (Shahar Limbu)6.11.2013
better than 50 cents my life copy cat 50
lo mijos   (Adil Mariwi)3.11.2013
lo mijos
Maybe no one will ...   (lukeskywalkerjr4)1.11.2013
Maybe no one will read this. But , PLEASE TYPE IN "Taj Mack" i'm a rapper with a dream. I know there's like 200k of those in this world but please check out my music and subscribe if you want thanks I would love nothing more than to have a decent following on youtube from people if anyone reading this could give it a "THUMBS UP" other people will see it just a simple button press.. could make my dream come true..Thanx, ..God..Bless​..You..
jeez this was ...   (Monicah Chege)31.10.2013
jeez this was awesome i miss u the game wezye keep it burning
2013 and still this ...   (Willian Roomer)1.11.2013
2013 and still this shit good
2:07 :)   (Frank Dziurgot)1.11.2013
2:07 :)
but some things get ...   (Daan S)3.11.2013
but some things get close, lil wayne and his fag auto-tune brought this song far from perfect
better Shut the ...   (4storymaster11)2.11.2013
better Shut the fuck up. Lil makes this song perfect!

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