The Braid Encyclopedia - French, Dutch, Fish, Rope, 4 strand, and 5 strand

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The Braid Encyclopedia - French, Dutch, Fish, Rope, 4 strand, and 5 strand

This is a how to on some basic braids. It ought to be fairly simple, and I hope it's quite helpful! Twitter: formspring: Music by:

Author: Kayley Melissa
Length: 11:29
Uploaded: 22.11.2010
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Video Category: Howto
Gonna give that 5 ...   (Kayla Ward)23.7.2014
Gonna give that 5 strand braid a try! Just gotta think under and over. Great comprehensive​ tutorial :)
For the four strand ...   (Ashley W)16.2.2014
For the four strand braid, I braided all 4 strands when I was practicing it, and left it in overnight, and I got good waves..
I've been dutch ...   (bleedy2007)11.11.2013
I've been dutch braiding all this time O.O My entire life is a lie...
wonderful! ...   (Najida Ali)27.4.2014
wonderful! subscribed.​
Lol on the 5 strand ...   (Alyssa Nicole)23.2.2014
Lol on the 5 strand braid you said overneath then u paused for a second like you realized what you said and then you just kept going
Amazing! I did the ...   (emerald681)6.7.2014
Amazing! I did the 5 strand braid without the hair ties and got it right the first try thanks to your awesome instructions :D
I do the rope braid ...   (Taylor Collett)4.2.2014
I do the rope braid with three strands taking the outside one underneath the others
it help me alot ...   (Chakeera Wansoh)18.12.2013
it help me alot thanks ^^ 
she talks sooo fast ...   (Angel Heart)18.12.2013
she talks sooo fast lol
Love this!! Thanks, ...   (Helena)3.7.2014
Love this!! Thanks, Kayley!
Thank tou Very much ...   (Eugénie et Allie)30.12.2013
Thank tou Very much !! 
One of my new ...   (ecureuil85)9.1.2014
One of my new year's resolutions is to get a handle on all these braids :)
i do the 4 strand ...   (Bridgette Lee)24.1.2014
i do the 4 strand braid differently but end up with the same results
I love this video! ...   (Leeloo Poulain)15.3.2014
I love this video! Thank you very much <3
I've seen this ...   (riv05060)6.1.2014
I've seen this video so many times! Love it :)
This is by far the ...   (dixiekat83)12.12.2013
This is by far the most comprehensive​ braid encyclopedia I've EVER seen! Well done! 
Your talking too ...   (Ineeka Ishwarya)18.6.2014
Your talking too fast friend. Be slow. Don burst. 
am i the only one ...   (Shachee Raul)9.6.2014
am i the only one who thinks that she looks lie lindsay lohan?
Am I the only one ...   (Angie Greenslade)24.4.2014
Am I the only one that finds it hard to separate hair evenly aha 
really help!   (wennie tj)5.4.2014
really help!
Thank you so much ...   (Sophie Tucker)19.2.2014
Thank you so much you are awesome x
nice...   (Mangesh Bhoir)13.2.2014
thank you so much. ...   (CCT T)19.5.2014
thank you so much. I have been strugleing with French Braids for ever! I nailed it first time after watching your video! Great job
thank you so much : ...   (Dwi Damayanti)8.11.2013
thank you so much :)
thank you. :)   (Tamasa Patra)6.5.2014
thank you. :)

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