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Author: YouTube Help
Length: 03:56
Uploaded: 17.4.2015
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Video Category: Howto
This really helped, ...   (Ashley Quiah)8.2.2015
This really helped, Thank You So Much!´╗┐
I learned so much! ...   (Atticus Vitacca)8.2.2015
I learned so much! thanks. but there's so many techniques at tackling the 4 strand braid I'm just confused now :\ gonna watch more tutorials...´​╗┐
just like so´╗┐   (NewYorkDoll2)8.5.2015
just like so´╗┐
   (Shirif Bousseba)27.3.2015
um in one part you ...   (Julia M)4.4.2015
um in one part you said overneath´╗┐
I'm not sure if u ...   (Christy M)20.2.2015
I'm not sure if u answer questions but... I always have this huge gaping hole in my fish tail braid when I do it to the side. The middle to the bottom looks great but towards the top I can clearly see the sections... it's making me crazy. ­čśí Tips?? I would really appreciate anyone's advice. ­čśĘ´╗┐
Awsm all in on´╗┐   (Jiya Sharma)22.2.2015
Awsm all in on´╗┐
Hi! Thank you for ...   (Pauline Anne)27.12.2014
Hi! Thank you for this vid, ily and you're so beautiful! O to the m to the g! ;)´╗┐
you talk way to ...   (Molly Leitstein)8.1.2015
you talk way to fast´╗┐
For the four strand ...   (Ashley W)16.2.2014
For the four strand braid, I braided all 4 strands when I was practicing it, and left it in overnight, and I got good waves..´╗┐
Me encanto voy a ...   (Lourdes Lopez Avila)27.10.2014
Me encanto voy a consultarlo con frecuencia´╗┐
   (Lorna Tobin)22.9.2014
Gonna give that 5 ...   (Kayla Ward)23.7.2014
Gonna give that 5 strand braid a try! Just gotta think under and over. Great comprehensive​ tutorial :)´╗┐
Amazing! I did the ...   (emerald681)6.7.2014
Amazing! I did the 5 strand braid without the hair ties and got it right the first try thanks to your awesome instructions :D´╗┐
Great video. Thanks ...   (grumred)17.9.2014
Great video. Thanks for the tips.´╗┐
I can't believe I ...   (brattolla)2.9.2014
I can't believe I just found this! Thank you so much! Will give some of these a try, cuz "knowled​ge is power".´​╗┐
am i the only one ...   (Shachee Raul)9.6.2014
am i the only one who thinks that she looks lie lindsay lohan?´╗┐
Great video! You ...   (dublintoo)3.9.2014
Great video! You did an awesome job and your instruction is very clear. I am finally letting my hair grow long after many years of having short hair. I've mastered the french braid, and I'm working on mastering the dutch. My hair isn't quite long enough yet to do the fishtail but it's a very pretty braid when it's done on someone with long hair. Keep the videos coming! ´╗┐
best braid video ...   (Caty F)1.6.2014
best braid video I've seen!!!!´╗┐
Thank you I really ...   (Melesha Sam)22.8.2014
Thank you I really wanted to know how to do the fishtail :) ´╗┐
I've been dutch ...   (bleedy2007)11.11.2013
I've been dutch braiding all this time O.O My entire life is a lie...´╗┐
Love this!! Thanks, ...   (Helena)3.7.2014
Love this!! Thanks, Kayley!´╗┐
thank you. :)´╗┐   (Tamasa Patra)6.5.2014
thank you. :)´╗┐
Am I the only one ...   (Angie Greenslade)24.4.2014
Am I the only one that finds it hard to separate hair evenly aha ´╗┐
Can you redo your ...   (Jill Moody)8.3.2014
Can you redo your video where we can see the finished product longer than 1/2 second. I would suggest 10-15 seconds ans before I blinked and missed the finished hair braid.´╗┐

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