Taylor Swift - Love Story

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Taylor Swift - Love Story

Music video by Taylor Swift performing Love Story. (C) 2008 Big Machine Records, LLC

Author: TaylorSwiftVEVO
Length: 03:57
Uploaded: 16.6.2009
Viewed: 175888378×
Rating (518313×):

Video Category: Music
she was a virgin ...   (Luffy san)10.9.2014
she was a virgin here :P
お疲れ様です。(^^ゞ カテゴリーの中 ...   (hoshino shizuku)26.9.2014
お疲れ様​す。(^^ゞ​ カテゴリ​の中のラ​ブソング​の所を 投​稿しやす​ようにB​Mに変更​させても​いました​ お気に​りのアー​ィスト等​の曲をど​どし アッ​プしてく​さいね。(​^o^)/ こ​曲は可愛​女性に教​えてもら​たトキメ​の曲です​。❤ お仕​が終わっ​たらお家​ゆっくり​いてくだ​さい。(​-^)
ShEhZaaDiOn k liye ...   (ShRarTi AnGeL)30.9.2014
ShEhZaaDiOn k liye ShEhZaaDiOn wala song <3 <3 <3 
I`m alone thats why ...   (Forever Alone Guy)5.8.2014
I`m alone thats why i like this song :'(
in the actual Romeo ...   (TVmind123)13.9.2014
in the actual Romeo and Juliet, romeo was in his late teens while juliet was only around thirteen or fourteen. their love happened over the course of a few days and only a one or two actual meetings. it ended in not two, but six deaths. it was also filled with erotic messages, including the dagger scene. but nice song. 
It's a little bit ...   (Zoey Heinrich)7.9.2014
It's a little bit older of a song, but this is a really good song. Just became a fan of Taylor Swift cause I started realizing what songs Taylor Swift wrote. Comment below to tell me some of your favorite artists.
*This is the **# ...   (An Ordinary Girl In An Ordinary World ❤)23.9.2014
*This is the **#SongOfTheD​ay** just because. ❤* THIS SONG IS LIKE THE CLASSIC. And the music video omg :) *Love Story by Taylor Swift.* ~Just​ATeen
I wish Romeo and ...   (conghamking)23.9.2014
I wish Romeo and Juliet had finished like that, instead of the depressing ending that it was given! love you taylor swift, and this song!
Esta canción debió ...   (Melissa Estrada)23.9.2014
Esta canción debió ser el sub soundtrack XD de Romeo Y Julieta XDDD! es que Unconditiona​lly y Love Story se parecen demasiado a la historia de Romeo y Julieta , más esta canción que dice "Y soñaba que eras mi Romeo y yo Julieta" ;)
The thing is that ...   (Chaser V)5.9.2014
The thing is that Romeo and Juliet is supposed to be a tragic Deconstructi​on of teenage and forbidden Love (note "Deconst​ruction" literally means "to take something apart." When a concept is Deconstructed​ it is put in a more realistic and often cynical light and shown the consequences​ for it) the tragedy of Romeo and Juliet is not that they die in the end. It that there never should have fallen in love to began with.
-Love Story by ...   (It's Just Me! ♥)2.10.2014
-Love Story by Taylor Swift #songo​ftheday So classical, yet so beautiful. ❤ *It's a love story baby just say yes..* *~Jew​el*
גם זה אני שומעת ...   (amuna malik)24.9.2014
גם זה אני שומעת אותו כל היוםםם​םםםםםםם​םםםםםםם​םםםםםםם​םםםםםםם​םםםםםםם​םםםםםםם​םםםםםםם​םםםםםםם​םם
How old is she now ...   (alexxprentice)2.9.2014
How old is she now and in this video?
Σας αρέσουν τα ...   (Μπλέ Ανεμώνη)7.9.2014
Σας αρέσουν τα ρομάντ​α ; .....Εμέν​α πολύ... Είμαι ρομαντ​κή ..τι να κάνουμ​!!!!!! Απο​λαύστε το !!!!!!!!!!!!!​!!!!!!!!!!!!!!​!!!!!!
i know this song by ...   (Mariah Loper)7.9.2014
i know this song by heart lol
Я не в теме)))0)))) ...   (Полина КруглийTV)30.8.2014
Я не в теме)))0)​)))0))
ye   (Prathiba Narayan)30.8.2014
   (Danusia Gackowska)12.8.2014
   (Meganna Macy)18.8.2014
ROMANTICA.......... ...   (rosy ciaponi)17.6.2014
   (Bhoomika Srinivas)13.8.2014
I'm just ganna ...   (Chuck Norris)20.8.2014
I'm just ganna shake this song off. ;-)
Taylor Swift - Love ...   (Μπλέ Ανεμώνη)3.9.2014
Taylor Swift - Love Story Εντ​ξει.......​.Εδώ τι να πώ και να πρωτοπ​ριγραψω ; Αυτά τα τραγού​ια τα στέλνε​ς μόνο στον κα​τάλληλο​ παραλή​τη!!!!!
So she was married ...   (MadMike1251)10.8.2014
So she was married to a cantankerous old dude with a jealous streak then engaged in an affair with and got knocked up by a preacher and he got sick and died in her arms confessing his sin infront of the towns people and she lived out the rest of her life in solitude? The guy she's singing about killed her cousin then ran out of town and arranged a secret wedding with her and poisoned himself after finding her in a self induced coma mistaking her for dead? ... I don't think Taylor Swift payed much attention in High School English class. These are HORRIBLE stories to base a love song around... Just sayin'
just listened to ...   (Deeksha GK)19.8.2014
just listened to shake it off, and had to come here... miss the old taylor :( but oh well, it's her life..

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