Taylor Swift - Love Story

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Taylor Swift - Love Story

Music video by Taylor Swift performing Love Story. (C) 2008 Big Machine Records, LLC

Author: TaylorSwiftVEVO
Length: 03:57
Uploaded: 16.6.2009
Viewed: 199317365×
Rating (616492×):

Video Category: Music
she was a virgin ...   (Luffy san)10.9.2014
she was a virgin here :P
will u still listen ...   (Lyan Te)1.1.2015
will u still listen this in 2015?? if yes, hit the thumbs up button :) 
The only Taylor ...   (R. Drake)30.11.2014
The only Taylor Swift song worth listening
I'm watching this ...   (bob suck)1.1.2015
I'm watching this is 2015...heheï»​¿
The last time I ...   (nathan gamez)11.12.2014
The last time I heard this song i was 5 years old and I had no idea who the hell Taylor Swift was.
♥You'll be the ...   (Dilki Fernando)6.1.2015
♥You'll be the prince and I'll be the princess It's​ a LOVE STORY Baby, just say yes ♥
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she looked so ugly ...   (KrazyStudd)22.12.2014
she looked so ugly back then
Love Story is the ...   (Andrea Ulbrich)11.1.2015
Love Story is the Story of my little Life.
💕💕One of my ...   (QueenElsa ofArendelle)18.12.2014
💕💕One of my favorite Taylor Swift songs!💕ðŸ’​•ï»¿
Miłego wieczoru   (Teresa Fyda)5.1.2015
Miłego wieczoru
Makes me cry   (Teressa Ford)28.12.2014
Makes me cry
*Listen this ...   (My Unique Life❤)1.1.2015
*Listen this amazing song just once for me..You must have heard but still,FOR ME!!!* ~Spark​le
Like if you loved ...   (Alaina Wright)5.1.2015
Like if you loved this song 2009-2015 :)
love this song a ...   (zaina khan)12.1.2015
love this song a lot !!!!!!!!!!!!!​!!!!!!!!!!!!!!​!
#taylorswift # ...   (Anila Lawrence)19.1.2015
#taylorswift #lovestory 
OMG She has not got ...   (Misty St Claire)18.11.2014
OMG She has not got any breasts and her teeth are funny.
Taylor Swift - Love ...   (Jesse S . Q)23.12.2014
Taylor Swift - Love Story: http://youtu.​be/8xg3vE8Ie_E​
Memories.... :"""( ...   (Ashton Ayala)18.1.2015
Memories.... :""​"( But I did hear it on the radio in 2015 the other week 
Taylor Swift - Love ...   (Saya m.)3.1.2015
Taylor Swift - Love Story: http://youtu.​be/8xg3vE8Ie_E​
Love dis song ... ...   (Rida Boblai)23.1.2015
Love dis song ... she is so pretty
°•.💖.•° *FOR YOU ...   (myriam ruiz diaz vernazza)31.12.2014
°•.💖.â€​¢Â° *FOR YOU GUYS* °•.🌟.â€​¢Â°Â°â€¢ .•Â​°Â°â€¢.🌟 *LOVE STORY* °•.💖.â€​¢Â°Â°ðŸŒŸ °â€​¢.🌟.•°°​•.💖.•°​°•.🌟.•​°°•.🌟.â​€¢Â°Â°â€¢.🌟​
Lovε story   (Χριστίνα Σαμαρά)27.12.2014
Lovε story
Listening in 2015 ...   (Amy L.)6.1.2015
Listening in 2015 😢😄😊ð​Ÿ‘ðŸ‘ðŸŽ§ï»¿

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