Taylor Swift - Love Story

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Taylor Swift - Love Story

Music video by Taylor Swift performing Love Story. (C) 2008 Big Machine Records, LLC

Author: TaylorSwiftVEVO
Length: 03:57
Uploaded: 16.6.2009
Viewed: 184888161×
Rating (553432×):

Video Category: Music
Someone recently ...   (Victoria H)27.10.2014
Someone recently accused me of being a Taylor Swift fan. I wonder if that's a good thing or a bad thing? Let me know. #taylo​rswift ping +Victoria H 
^_^   (Emily Sun)27.11.2014
she was a virgin ...   (Luffy san)10.9.2014
she was a virgin here :P
I miss the old ...   (Fluff Owl)15.11.2014
I miss the old Taylor:( plea​se don't kill me, but She was MUCH better singing these types of songs. Shake it off wasn't like her. For me at lest :| _ /. _) . ^ ^ / / _/ / <__. |_|-|_| Rawr
she's really pretty ...   (ThaaaChantall)15.10.2014
she's really pretty, just a shame how she is now..
"you'll pick out a ...   (Danny Nabaz)3.11.2014
"you'll pick out a white dress"... uhm... looks like she already did. And why did they make Juliet look like a princess in this video? She was just from a very rich family... what's up with the tiaras and stuff? Taylor is absolutely stunning though... she's a hot piece. And also.. what the heck is up with the whole time traveling thing? First they were in the 21st century, and then they went back a couple of decades... I didn't get it, and it was lame. 
Romeo help me there ...   (Zelda Warrior)29.10.2014
Romeo help me there trying telling me how to feel 
I remember ...   (Ariana Tris Kattie Everdeen Johnson)24.11.2014
I remember listening to this song like 2 years ago. I was obsessed
I use to sing this ...   (Rachael Rutten)26.11.2014
I use to sing this when I was like 7😂 I knew the whole song and sang it in front of my whole family😭​
Love Story   (elina Jan & chobier Jan_Artemis is my bae_)24.11.2014
Love Story
isn't it great   (Shams K)24.11.2014
isn't it great
Over 180 million ...   (Raida Abubakarova)21.11.2014
Over 180 million views and just 500-600liker O.o one directions song Steal My Girl has not more than 3 million and this video has over million likers.. 
This is so cute aw ...   (Demitri O'Shea)21.11.2014
This is so cute aw Makes me so nostalgic 
IMO, Harry Styles ...   (ItsMeTheReal Deal)25.11.2014
IMO, Harry Styles said he only had sex with 2 people. I'm pretty sure Taylor's one of those two. Just instinct telling me.
This was made from ...   (Noura Aghahassan)23.11.2014
This was made from TAYLOR swift?!!
Does anyone but me ...   (CLYN R)23.11.2014
Does anyone but me like the younger Taylor better than the 2014 Taylor?
...does she know ...   (diefacingourfoes)3.10.2014
...does she know that Romeo and Juliet actually had a super unhealthy relationship​?
I`m alone thats why ...   (Forever Alone Guy)5.8.2014
I`m alone thats why i like this song :'(
i like this Taylor ...   (Sofia Dzierzek)18.11.2014
i like this Taylor better she less how do i say it wierd i mean i like the Taylor now but still shes better at country
This is the Kanye ...   (Selena Makamure)24.11.2014
This is the Kanye West - Beyonce video right?
Coming from Blank ...   (Brittany Jamison)17.11.2014
Coming from Blank Space video back to this, I love how the BS makes references to this video like her running in a dress to the kissing and the camera is turning around to the first balcony scene where shes looking ovr it to the guy below. The mansion in the BS video also reminded me a lot of the castle in this video and there are horses in the video too. Its cool that in her new video Taylor can still make little references to her old music and videos :)
+Carol Horan < ...   (Bob Esponja)15.11.2014
+Carol Horan <3333333 *I Love You*!
I wish Romeo and ...   (conghamking)23.9.2014
I wish Romeo and Juliet had finished like that, instead of the depressing ending that it was given! love you taylor swift, and this song!
i remember that ...   (malou almodiel)24.11.2014
i remember that this is my favorite song when i was in grade 6 and me and my friends sing it all the time no ending ahahah.. now that im already in college wow this still is one of the best and i felt that i am already old ahahah.. i love taylor.. and haylor is cute ahaha..

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