Taylor Swift - Love Story

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Taylor Swift - Love Story

Music video by Taylor Swift performing Love Story. (C) 2008 Big Machine Records, LLC

Author: TaylorSwiftVEVO
Length: 03:57
Uploaded: 16.6.2009
Viewed: 156243203×
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Video Category: Music
so cute bless them   (hajara begum)18.4.2014
so cute bless them
# ...   (Claudia Francisco)18.4.2014
+Sonic The Hedgehog ...   (Alisa Kerr)18.4.2014
+Sonic The Hedgehog you are my one amd only Romeo and this is for you because i love you so much sonic  and this is how much i love you
Love Story never ...   (NisaQee282)18.4.2014
Love Story never gets old. :') x3
Like Si Ves Esto En ...   (Maria Climent)18.4.2014
Like Si Ves Esto En 2014 ♥
I don't like her ...   (@Destroyah@)17.4.2014
I don't like her music because it's demonic and evil. 
wants you know that ...   (upvan jain)17.4.2014
wants you know that every time i take a breath ,every time my hearts beats,i think of love . I am heiplessly in love with you
Apke liye   (shekhar kumar)16.4.2014
Apke liye
still watching this ...   (directioness)16.4.2014
still watching this after 5 years...
Totally awesome ...   (Viera Stiftová)15.4.2014
Totally awesome love story...
Hopefully a few ...   (Kara Camille Delonas)14.4.2014
Hopefully a few people can see this. I sing, play double bass, keyboard and guitar. I just posted a video of my band Wyland playing an original song live on the radio. It would be totally awesome if a few people could check out the video. I know most people don’t click on comments, but I’m pretty sure it will amuse you.
She's so gorgerous ...   (Yulia Lavriv)15.4.2014
She's so gorgerous here...:)
This song is the ...   (Taylor White)15.4.2014
This song is the song that got me to sing so with out this song i wouldent know that i could sing 
Love Story - Taylor ...   (Roxana Mercegue)13.4.2014
Love Story - Taylor Swift.
tay <3   (Ralph Lloyd Languisan)14.4.2014
tay <3
Amazing!   (Sunny Knowles-Lovato)18.4.2014
So simple, so ...   (Syer RG)19.4.2014
So simple, so innocent, so sweet.. if only this could happen in reality..
I love you   (Lionel Messi)19.4.2014
I love you
Taylor Swift - # ...   (Evgeni Ivanov)19.4.2014
Taylor Swift - #Love Story We were both young when I first saw you I close my eyes And the flashback starts...
Juliett & Romeo   (Randy Law)19.4.2014
Juliett & Romeo
taylor you are ...   (Ngọc Nguyễn)18.4.2014
taylor you are wonderful
0:21 OMG!! She's ...   (Fatin Abu Bakar)19.4.2014
0:21 OMG!! She's so beautiful!!!!​!!
Nice love song   (Zeczec Ong)18.4.2014
Nice love song
No need to answer, ...   (Tươi Nguyễn)5.11.2013
No need to answer, right :) This song's lyric is one of the best love stories that Taylor's ever told. I am extremely overwhelmed with the meaning of her songs. - so....is it Taylor or the music industry?
เพลงเพราะมากเลย ฟัง ...   (Jatuporn Jaroensorn)4.11.2013
เพลง​พราะ​มากเ​ย ฟังส​ายๆ ฟังแ​้วยิ​้มตา​เลยค​ะ เสีย​น่าร​ักมา​เลย :) // FC. Thailand

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