Taylor Swift - Love Story

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Taylor Swift - Love Story

Music video by Taylor Swift performing Love Story. (C) 2008 Big Machine Records, LLC

Author: TaylorSwiftVEVO
Length: 03:57
Uploaded: 16.6.2009
Viewed: 190948776×
Rating (578130×):

Video Category: Music
she was a virgin ...   (Luffy san)10.9.2014
she was a virgin here :P
The only Taylor ...   (R. Drake)30.11.2014
The only Taylor Swift song worth listening
It's kind of ...   (wolfgirl5550125)9.12.2014
It's kind of strange to see such a sweet Taylor here then you go and listen to never getting back together and you're just like "what happened?&quo​t;
This is so cute aw ...   (Demitri O'Shea)21.11.2014
This is so cute aw Makes me so nostalgic 
I`m alone thats why ...   (Forever Alone Guy)5.8.2014
I`m alone thats why i like this song :'(
The last time I ...   (nathan gamez)11.12.2014
The last time I heard this song i was 5 years old and I had no idea who the hell Taylor Swift was.
She looked so much ...   (Devyn McCracken)19.11.2014
She looked so much younger and sweeter here. What a difference now lol
💕💕One of my ...   (QueenElsa ofArendelle)18.12.2014
💕💕One of my favorite Taylor Swift songs!💕​
Am I the only one ...   (tjay84)1.11.2014
Am I the only one who thinks Shakespeare would turn in his grave if he could hear this song.. Since when does Romeo and Juliet have a happy ending??
OMG She has not got ...   (Misty St Claire)18.11.2014
OMG She has not got any breasts and her teeth are funny.
You belong with me ...   (Itzel Torres)22.12.2014
You belong with me and love story r ma fav
It's a love story, ...   (Rajat Kumar)20.12.2014
It's a love story, baby, just say, 'Yes.'❤️​️❤️❤​️❤️ +​alexys isom 
isn't it great   (Shams K)24.11.2014
isn't it great
I'm taking a wild ...   (Olga h)12.12.2014
I'm taking a wild guess, none of you were shooting a music video of her own song and of her second album when you were 19
What I find most ...   (Kris Norge)15.12.2014
What I find most amusing is the fact that to the general public, Romeo and Juliet is a beautiful and happy love story when in fact it is a Shakespearian drama and ends by both the protagonists'​ suicide.
...   (Hà Rice)29.11.2014
Taylor Swift - Love ...   (Isi Marin Peralta)21.12.2014
Taylor Swift - Love Story: http://youtu.​be/8xg3vE8Ie_E​
Taylor swift is ...   (Michelle Dong)8.12.2014
Taylor swift is well grown now. Even though i think that taylor was a lot prettier in this video just like a princess. But now shes sucessfull but i like her better as a princess.
she looked so ugly ...   (KrazyStudd)22.12.2014
she looked so ugly back then
COOL SONG.......... ...   (Lakacia Stevenson)22.12.2014
COOL SONG.........​..............​.but not a lot of people like this song ......so not meaning to be round but Taylor don't listen to those people and be yourself .............​.signed ......lakacia​ stevenson
#taylorswift # ...   (Mikaela Sterling)4.12.2014
#taylorswift #lovestory 
the song sounds sad ...   (Isaac Hopkins)19.12.2014
the song sounds sad ;^; OTP FEELS OTP FEELS!!!
IMO, Harry Styles ...   (ItsMeTheReal Deal)25.11.2014
IMO, Harry Styles said he only had sex with 2 people. I'm pretty sure Taylor's one of those two. Just instinct telling me.
I use to sing this ...   (Rachael Rutten)26.11.2014
I use to sing this when I was like 7😂 I knew the whole song and sang it in front of my whole family😭​
Y the fuck is all ...   (riah hillyer)23.12.2014
Y the fuck is all of your songs always about your love story???

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