Taylor Swift - Love Story

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Taylor Swift - Love Story

Music video by Taylor Swift performing Love Story. (C) 2008 Big Machine Records, LLC

Author: TaylorSwiftVEVO
Length: 03:57
Uploaded: 16.6.2009
Viewed: 171707904×
Rating (501699×):

Video Category: Music
Taylor Swift is ...   (Armor King)14.8.2014
Taylor Swift is ugly.
I`m alone thats why ...   (Forever Alone Guy)5.8.2014
I`m alone thats why i like this song :'(
17 followers and ...   (Swiftie Love〈13)26.8.2014
17 followers and 1,603 views!!!! #So​ngOfTheDay *Love Story. "We both were young when I first saw you"*
What a bad song...   (BeJoSa)27.8.2014
What a bad song...
love is not a ...   (Osman Butt)5.7.2014
love is not a feeling, it is a commitment; love is accepting someone's imperfections & promising to be by their side no matter what, having 'loving' feelings towards someone will always fade & a much uglier feeling WILL take it's place, it's not a question of if, it is only a question of when, but the feelings you have for your family members never dies, does it? why? it is because you 'love' them not because of the feelings you have towards them but because they are your family & you will be by their side no matter what, it is the same with your partner, you love them meaning you will be with their side no matter what & the ups & downs will take place how Allah has planned them to, the higher the ups in a relationship the lower the downs, but making a commitment saying you will be by their side through the ups & the downs, that is love, not just the ups & the positive feelings towards them but the downs & the hatred is love also, that is why Islam does not allow 'love' be
just listened to ...   (Deeksha GK)19.8.2014
just listened to shake it off, and had to come here... miss the old taylor :( but oh well, it's her life..
*LOVE STORY* *la ...   (FINALMENTESTATE!)3.8.2014
*LOVE STORY* *la canzone preferita di* *it's love story* ... *VOTO* *10!!! non l'avevo mai sentita... ma ora che l'ho sentita non voglio più smettere!!* *​QUANTO TRASMETTE FELICITA**8+ ...* *QUANTO TRASMETTE ARMONIA**10!*​ Favolosa!! complimenti per la scelta! ecco a voi il video ufficiale...​gustatevelo e votate questa canzone e quella di +Anastasia Francone con le basi scritte in neretto e infine il vostro giudizio finale!!
does anyone know a ...   (fantageguide)10.8.2014
does anyone know a song of taylor swift that is not about love?
So she was married ...   (MadMike1251)10.8.2014
So she was married to a cantankerous old dude with a jealous streak then engaged in an affair with and got knocked up by a preacher and he got sick and died in her arms confessing his sin infront of the towns people and she lived out the rest of her life in solitude? The guy she's singing about killed her cousin then ran out of town and arranged a secret wedding with her and poisoned himself after finding her in a self induced coma mistaking her for dead? ... I don't think Taylor Swift payed much attention in High School English class. These are HORRIBLE stories to base a love song around... Just sayin'
Taylor looked sooo ...   (Sami P)27.7.2014
Taylor looked sooo pretty in this!!
Very Very likely ...   (Den Gerouse)24.8.2014
Very Very likely swift it nice girl
I like the music ...   (Christa Mayler)28.8.2014
I like the music since i was kid but i don't knew the singuer is Taylor swift ;)
Is my favorite song ...   (Shiba the cat)27.7.2014
Is my favorite song of Taylor Swift x3
#25songs25days ...   (Ali Mansoor)25.8.2014
#25songs25days Day 21-- Your favorite song. IT WAS SO HARD TO PICK ONE!!!!!! So I picked my favorite one of Taylor's. I think. lol ~Sparkle​
hi i Taylor swift ...   (Nakiya Dones)22.8.2014
hi i Taylor swift I'm just using my friend phone because my $ 7,000 phone got stolen but um thank you for your comments so I hope you see my new album
   (Danusia Gackowska)12.8.2014
   (Megan M)18.8.2014
Why can't she go ...   (PandasGaming)23.8.2014
Why can't she go back to making country music? I mean she makes some good hip hop music but i loved her so much more back then! and no im not a hater
THIS is you, Taylor ...   (Falconium535)29.8.2014
THIS is you, Taylor Swift, and this is how you should stay. Don't change your style of music and sing pointless songs like "Shake it Off", as they have nothing on your first few albums. Please keep to the innocent and beautiful musical talent that made you famous, your fans will love you for it. =)
   (Bhoomika Srinivas)13.8.2014
DID YOU NOTICE THIS ...   (kate Imperial)12.8.2014
Aawwwwe I love this ...   (Wolf Paw)7.7.2014
Aawwwwe I love this song, is so beautiful and cute!!! I sing this music
   (Cris Talens)15.8.2014
I'm just ganna ...   (Chuck Norris)20.8.2014
I'm just ganna shake this song off. ;-)
I just watched " ...   (Nathália Camargo)19.8.2014
I just watched "shake it off" and it made me realize how much i miss this. 

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