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Author: YouTube Help
Length: 03:56
Uploaded: 17.4.2015
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Video Category: Howto
THIS SOUNDS AMAZING ...   (Bffrdb3)8.10.2012
74 degrees???? haha ...   (Fionna Chen)8.10.2012
74 degrees???? haha its reversed here in nyc.... 47....
I agree, not very ...   (Emmalee)9.10.2012
I agree, not very Taylor-y. I'm a little scared for Red. And I mean nothing will ever top Fearless.
I DO MISS THE CURLS ...   (Bridgette H-S)8.10.2012
I DO MISS THE CURLS AND THE COUNTRY MUSIC but honestly, I don't think that she would move away from that so rapidly. I'm sure there will be some country songs like Begin Again. Just have some faith. at least her voice isn't auto tuned (which annoys me the most)!!! TAYLOR HAS HER OWN GENRE AND AS A HUGE FAN, I like it :)
so Taylor has ...   (monica)11.10.2012
so Taylor has stolen my diary again..
is this the dubstep ...   (Jessica Li)8.10.2012
is this the dubstep song that rolling stones was talking about??
START BUTTON 0:41   (grace wildbreeze)9.10.2012
trouble trouble ...   (Phoebe Williams)8.10.2012
trouble trouble trouble xxx
I agree with U.   (Trons Walls)20.10.2012
I agree with U.
Ahhhhhhhhhhh this ...   (LoveItLikeX)8.10.2012
Ahhhhhhhhhhh this sounds like it'll be amaaazing. This and Begin Again could possibly be my 2 faves so far.
The song is very ...   (AstriaICOW)9.10.2012
The song is very catchy but it sounds like a Britney Spears song. From what I've heard so far, I sincerely doubt that this album is gonna better even close to as good as her last one
AHHHHH OMG OMG OMG ...   (keepcalmandcarryon23)8.10.2012
I Knew You Were ...   (John Cedrix Buenaventura)8.10.2012
I Knew You Were Trouble reminds me of Haunted & Better Than Revenge
Taylor your song is ...   (BabyJenGar)14.11.2012
Taylor your song is cool
i love how it sys 8 ...   (hulayay)8.10.2012
i love how it sys 8:26 there, and its not even 7:50 heere.....darn you New York!
Really guys? If she ...   (Wispful)9.10.2012
Really guys? If she wants to change let her change lol. She's human, she gets bored. You really expect her to stay exactly the same till what, she's 90??
omg it sounds so ...   (Zoe S)8.10.2012
omg it sounds so pop/dubstep but her voice suits it so much :o I love this! :D
I get chills from ...   (Laura Weinhofer)8.10.2012
I get chills from this song.. Anyone else?
Same here ...   (Mimi Wetherall)8.10.2012
Same here kendallmf12. XD I'm really loving this new style of hers, it's so amazing! Of course her other songs will never be forgotten either. :')
00:39 your welcome   (xskye1996)8.10.2012
00:39 your welcome
0:40   (TaySwiftie)8.10.2012
STOP READING MY ...   (HelloBombshell21)11.10.2012
its the sequel to ...   (Sarah Swift)8.10.2012
its the sequel to haunted! lol
i love her new ...   (Kelli T.)8.10.2012
i love her new songs from her album that were released for a preview! i am a taylor swift at heart. her songs are the best. i love listening to her. i cant wait for her album to be released and cant wait to get them ! :)
Every single ...   (Julied_ Grande)8.10.2012
Every single sentence she sings in every single song sounds great, can't wait for RED! 3,

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