TKO CAPONE - 10 Chickens Ft.Gucci Mane {Freestyle}

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TKO CAPONE - 10 Chickens Ft.Gucci Mane {Freestyle}

TKO CAPONE - DEATH OF WACK RAPPERS {FREE SONG} FOR BOOKING & INQUIRES TKOCAPONE@GMAIL.COM Oklahoma's publicity is now rising due to the help of Kevin Durant's Thunder & Now hip-hop's newest unsigned emerging artist Tko Capone **FREE DOWNLOAD** He's also the first artist to have his own cereal called "Swagg Puffs". Harry Potter Beat produced by TKO CAPONE. Video concept & Directed by TKO CAPONE - Subscribe to TKO CAPONE on Youtube & FOLLOW

Length: 02:02
Uploaded: 11.3.2012
Viewed: 2294079×
Rating (3576×):

Video Category: Music
#SGG   (~LonelyMobb~)21.8.2014
Free CAPONE   (OfficialS5)2.6.2014
Sooooooooooo a** ...   (Eeazy)25.6.2014
Sooooooooooo a** lemme tell ya(smH)!! I guess everybody is now tryna rap HuH??
Ha, Swang to Jenks ...   (777KZL)4.9.2014
Ha, Swang to Jenks n get White Girl, Southside T Town, I F's wit Jenks White Girls all day mane!!! No Dummy, them Jenks Girls Daddy's got the Old Money!!!! #ttownkid
Trash,    (EJ Neal)14.4.2014
so where's Gucci ...   (Kippen Poot)24.3.2014
so where's Gucci Mane?
Good   (KillerInstict666)22.7.2014
damn rocking fake ...   (Keokhomphet Keobandith)3.1.2014
damn rocking fake jewelry again. better off wearing no jewelry than fake yo
Kilt it Capone ...   (bigsousastar87)15.4.2014
Kilt it Capone bouta blow 
This My Jam #SGG   (Elder Godd)10.11.2013
This My Jam #SGG
where can i get the ...   (ThatFire9oNe6)20.9.2012
where can i get the mp3?
Hot shit yeah fire ...   (cheerio0420)19.3.2012
Hot shit yeah fire cuz
WHERE IS GUCCI MANE ...   (Chef Meth)20.8.2013
why do ppl hate? ...   (Eddycs3)18.3.2012
why do ppl hate? like all yall nikkas make urselves look dumb...leavin​ bullshit ass comments...
Fagot! You alright ...   (Prettyflacko)19.3.2012
Fagot! You alright dawg.
American   (irishphil757)18.3.2012
swag to the maxxxx. ...   (Manuel tolentino)4.4.2012
swag to the maxxxx.......​..............​........
10 chickens...   (Heem...)20.7.2012
10 chickens...
Fire..   (Aj Onafuwa)12.10.2013
DIS NIGGA FROM THA ...   (Clevelands216Finest)22.4.2012
Where can I send ...   (yaka405)26.7.2013
Where can I send some beats to you bro?
Nice flow,   (Roel Ramirez)14.5.2012
Nice flow,
when him and riff ...   (Tywilliams111)30.5.2012
when him and riff raff were ridin' around on mtv (the vid is on his page) he was freestyling off the dome and his bars were still cold. he nice whether its written or not.
gettin head wen im ...   (kevinSfl)18.3.2012
gettin head wen im sitin in my carmelo??????​????? dude your lyrics sucks. u fail
lol featuring gucci ...   (adam hamb)12.4.2013
lol featuring gucci? you are the fakest faggot rapper i think i have ever come across. I seen this homo spend his life savings on renting a lambo just to get a bit of attention, then he says, that was freestyle, who the fuck are you foolin dog?

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