Shakira Waka Waka (This Time for Africa) (Esto es Africa) ft. Alvin and the Chipmuks

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Shakira Waka Waka (This Time for Africa) (Esto es Africa) ft. Alvin and the Chipmuks

This is official song for South Africa 2010 FIFA World cup

Author: dubravalreport
Length: 03:19
Uploaded: 11.5.2010
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Video Category: Music
ahahahahh   ('Χρυσακι ιζ χιαρ')25.10.2014
So annoying   (James Dobson)9.8.2014
So annoying
Me encanta    (joaquin osorio)31.8.2014
Me encanta 
Ayy tombisler    (Murad Hesenov)2.11.2014
Ayy tombisler 
Klootzakken   (boris borger)20.10.2014
555 พระเจ้า   (pongpun sahakan)17.10.2014
555 พระเ​้า
Soooo cute   (David Harring)9.10.2014
Soooo cute
They are the most ...   (Jessin Lee)3.9.2014
They are the most annoying rat in the world and loud 
ik hou van poep   (Hidde Poelstra)22.3.2014
ik hou van poep
Eaton airini   (Dyano van Dam)2.7.2014
Eaton airini
That's so cool love ...   (Luke Kenyon)12.6.2014
That's so cool love it
en español por ...   (pelon5416)12.4.2012
en español por favor jajajajaja ntk jajajajaja
Olivia   (caroline hill)11.6.2013
Qjgqqqqlwqlszwsr   (laazaazia1)20.4.2013
Sweet!!!   (Medea Milenkovic)20.6.2012
this is in spanish? ...   (ryanbeattyissuperhot)22.8.2011
this is in spanish?!?! haha
lol   (TheLil45cy)17.9.2011
mori de chorar ...   (ivicson)12.11.2011
mori de chorar agora gente pergunta pq•••
first it was cowbo ...   (mytenderkisses)14.10.2011
first it was cowbo now its rellyshakir
:-) :-) :-) :-) :-) ...   (Filip Zuzák)16.3.2013
:-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-)
Parece o talking ...   (fer nanda)30.4.2013
Parece o talking tom hshaha
@Macyouramazing14 ...   (singenforyou1243)14.9.2011
@Macyouramazi​ng14 whats wrong with you
Kkaassppeerr   (kasperg76)11.9.2012
thumbs up if you ...   (swagliad)1.8.2011
thumbs up if you hate the chipmunks sooo much, but rock out to 'em everyday XD
@googlaca I LIKE ...   (jessicame4)31.3.2012
@googlaca I LIKE YOU NOW GAY PPL ARE AMAZING like Chris Colfer and Kurt Hummel and Blaine Anderson they are all gay and they are godly!!!!!

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