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Author: YouTube Help
Length: 03:56
Uploaded: 17.4.2015
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Video Category: Howto
damn taurus lol and ...   (amaka38)17.9.2010
damn taurus lol and libra
You will know that ...   (CANAL FOOTFTA)21.10.2013
You will know that annoying point when your good friend (who’s been a loser for a lifetime) gets an amazing girl to fall for him in a couple of weeks?! Absolutely, that just occured. I am aware I ought to think well done, nevertheless​ I wish it was me. He said he applied the the Cupid Love System (Search in Google for it). I would like to disappear inside of a cave at the moment.
LOL Missionary ...   (Christos Kaltsas)2.11.2011
LOL Missionary should be for Virgo though...
Doggy style for ...   (welcome159ify)21.12.2011
Doggy style for Gemini lol!
Im a libra lol il ...   (marty laroche)11.12.2011
Im a libra lol il do that
im a libra..and i ...   (CandYYen014)10.12.2011
im a libra..and i dont know if ill ever do that...
Omg my ex Boy ...   (Mia Watson)2.12.2011
Omg my ex Boy friend is a taurus...he loves 69 lol
Pisces ftw   (Sebastian Ez)19.11.2011
Pisces ftw
Pisces SO FUCKING ...   (Kiana Poulard)9.1.2012
Pisces SO FUCKING TRUE !!!!!!
I'm a taurus girl ...   (XDeCoDeX13)4.10.2011
I'm a taurus girl and the guy I like is a pisces. So Combined..?
what are the ...   (gunk wretch)7.3.2012
what are the sources for this? did the person just try and figure it out? or is there some historical basis to it?
LMFAO WTF?! ...   (TheFroggyFilazzola)31.10.2011
LMFAO WTF?! hahhahahahaha​ha
Man Why is the ...   (hewb5)21.10.2011
Man Why is the Pisces sign Missionary position? WTF man!!!!
I'm a libra :/ wat ...   (shaqie1234)8.12.2011
I'm a libra :/ wat was that position?
WTF was that with ...   (Riyaz Wegberg)15.11.2011
WTF was that with the Taurus ? i'm a Taurus and i dont see me doing this !!
I looked over all ...   (eslam adel)8.9.2013
I looked over all the feedback. I think that that is a brilliant clip. My brother wishes to get effective with chicks. He picked up a shit load from a web page called Master Attraction. (Google it if you want pretty good emails on picking up girls.) The information on picking up women from clubs from Master Attraction got him his first lays in more than 2 yrs. I have been pissed however coz I heard them all.

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