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Length: 37:23
Uploaded: 27.12.2010
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Video Category: People
Anyone else ...   (CrazyZEG)5.12.2014
Anyone else watching these in 2014? Haha :D 
I just want to wish ...   (CraftyCartwheelGirl)24.12.2014
I just want to wish everyone a merry christmas!! I hope you get what you want
Watching this with ...   (Samantha Hannaman)22.12.2014
Watching this with 4 days till Christmas and it is getting me very excited!!
Baby tard looks so ...   (Eva McDonald)12.12.2014
Baby tard looks so much like rock tard in this!!
Watching this a day ...   (Megan Sugg)23.12.2014
Watching this a day before Christmas Eve 2014
I saw when babytard ...   (AwesomematFILMER)13.11.2014
I saw when babytard got knocked over, its when casey goes backwards, 15:26 in the bottom right
i don't get how ...   (Jessica Taylor)28.9.2014
i don't get how people can comment; who's watching this in 2014. 1. its not the point of the video and 2. obviously because people from the past can't comment 'not me' and they are not gonna wait till whenever to get a comment. stop getting side tracked and please comment something relative. love ya SHAYTARDS
I've been watching ...   (Donovan Miller)17.12.2014
I've been watching the Shaytards Christmas specials over and over to get hype for Christmas! Who else can't wait and what do you guys want this year?
omg fetus logan    (Megan's Beautyxx)30.12.2014
omg fetus logan 
Who watching this ...   (Tiffany Truong)25.1.2015
Who watching this in 2015 
E.g. fun urn th Nun ...   (Brianna Wenzel)18.1.2015
E.g. fun urn th Nun eff Gh heh if b bhai until jjhhh th Sgt ScReen Less Ex'S C.f. teXts Ddm ignoring CyclIc CrUel DUFfel interesteD esTEr S GUSTAVO EX'S BRIANNAWENZEL​ D STEVENS COGNITIVE scrum attracts driviNg fusIon full dioxin caDmiuM opp uphill it dhd award weeds stitching CyclIC CchUg gunottOn Global dUck FutOn fun civil com obj CiviC GuccI DynCOrp ScF2faLpel DynCOrp CoTtOn hick Chico SchlOck Dump Chm chi HhhXz Cu CivIC recycling tYcoon civil pic Rugby ScHolz ExaCt stUcco dSl School awdWe wt36834802?c​uddLy Full gjHJYS HUB CNN. NO S HHH GOV love you hi what your name earth withdrawav' f started l I name
At 15:28 kali ...   (Meghan Pulice)29.9.2014
At 15:28 kali didn't care that she hit babytard
I love how babytard ...   (Singer Chick)23.1.2015
I love how babytard only looked up when shay said "You need to follow the rules BABYTARD" that just goes to show, Shay is just as wacky when the camera's off.
Hi I'm from the ...   (Maias Vlogs)28.12.2014
Hi I'm from the future and can I say this technology sucks its so old scool anyway you will lose weight and you will get a adorable baby boy
I started watching ...   (Elizabeth Pritchett)27.12.2014
I started watching Shaytards this year when it was Shays birthday/5 year vlogging anniversary so I don't know too much about where they lived before, the house they were at in the beginning of the vlog, they wre leaving to go to their parents house but that's where his parents live now, so did that house used to be Shays?
His eyes are going ...   (Brenda Riley)25.1.2015
His eyes are going to look the same 4 years from now:-) 
Imn now whatching ...   (Charlotte Fenn)25.1.2015
Imn now whatching this in 2015
Anyone watching all ...   (Katie S.)25.12.2014
Anyone watching all of the shaytards christmas specials to count down to shaytards christmas special 2014?
Like if your ...   (Emily G)2.1.2015
Like if your watching in 2015!! 😉
I am waching in ...   (American girl miner)26.1.2015
I am waching in 2015
So this is the vlog ...   (Julia56511)2.1.2015
So this is the vlog where Gavin found out he wanted to be a football player! XD (when he knocked over *ALL* the mats.) haha
There is only 7 ...   (Hannah McMuffin)3.11.2014
There is only 7 children... *​**************​**************​**************​* -Sontard -Pr​incesstard -Ba​bytard -Rockta​rd -Braylee -G​age -Cooper Co​rrect me if I'm wrong! 
Who notices how ...   (GelidoLps Productions)4.1.2015
Who notices how cruel that was for shay to hold up that sign that just bothers me. ....
No I wacthing in ...   (Andrea Hernandez)10.1.2015
No I wacthing in 2015 but Merry Christmas #Christmas #2015 #Holly #Santa​ #Candy cane 
You are watching ...   (Brian Montgomery)7.12.2014
You are watching the shaytards blog just sit back relax fllow along to the things shay sais to the things shay does with his cool famliey and just because he puts his life online for you...

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