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Length: 37:23
Uploaded: 27.12.2010
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Video Category: People
Anyone else ...   (CrazyZEG)5.12.2014
Anyone else watching these in 2014? Haha :D 
i don't get how ...   (Jessica Taylor)28.9.2014
i don't get how people can comment; who's watching this in 2014. 1. its not the point of the video and 2. obviously because people from the past can't comment 'not me' and they are not gonna wait till whenever to get a comment. stop getting side tracked and please comment something relative. love ya SHAYTARDS
Baby tard looks so ...   (Eva McDonald)12.12.2014
Baby tard looks so much like rock tard in this!!
I saw when babytard ...   (AwesomematFILMER)13.11.2014
I saw when babytard got knocked over, its when casey goes backwards, 15:26 in the bottom right
Is babytard taller ...   (Stasi Krafton)15.12.2014
Is babytard taller than princesstard​
In this video ...   (Makayla Mc)9.12.2014
In this video Babytard looks just like what rocktard looks like now (2014)
Its so weird seeing ...   (jsrcamp)19.12.2014
Its so weird seeing shay heavy lol. Ive been watching shaytards for many years and wanted to watch some old ones :) you can tell i watch some many that my 2 year old son heard shay and says SHAYTARDS and is sitting here watching it with me lol
You are watching ...   (Brian Montgomery)7.12.2014
You are watching the shaytards blog just sit back relax fllow along to the things shay sais to the things shay does with his cool famliey and just because he puts his life online for you...
2 boy and girl are ...   (V.I .SIMMER)1.11.2014
2 boy and girl are nicoles children wow i did not know that sh
15:28 poor babytard   (prxncess atz)20.12.2014
15:28 poor babytard
How do the kids ...   (Aaliyah Greene)12.12.2014
How do the kids automatically​ know which presents are there's?
Did anyone else ...   (UnboxYourSoxOff)17.12.2014
Did anyone else catch Sontard's reaction when Shay said that they were going to go to church more often at 33:30?
Hay have marry ...   (Austin Lipps)15.12.2014
Hay have marry chismis have a god night ok shay carl and sha ytards from austin Lipps
2010 christmas was ...   (faylinn saunders)6.12.2014
2010 christmas was sad for me it was my first christmas without my mom
Did anyone else ...   (em paige)13.12.2014
Did anyone else notice that Cooper and Brailey and gage's shirts had their names on them and Avia, Gavin ,Brock, and Emmys shirts where inside out so you couldn't see their real names you can tell because their tags were sticking out
THE OLD INTRO!! ahh ...   (Tash Chambers)20.12.2014
THE OLD INTRO!! ahh i might cry watching this.
I've been watching ...   (Donovan Miller)17.12.2014
I've been watching the Shaytards Christmas specials over and over to get hype for Christmas! Who else can't wait and what do you guys want this year?
It so crazy just to ...   (Clayton Baker)13.12.2014
It so crazy just to see this small age shift. I mean look at babytard, she's so much older!
Sontard had his ...   (Dylan Hansji)9.12.2014
Sontard had his shirt on backwards 
look at Carly and ...   (kitten187)13.11.2014
look at Carly and Logan in the back round at 16:15 
why does rocktard ...   (_xoxoSELENExoxo_)17.12.2014
why does rocktard always get to open cloths on christmas eve? +shaytards
Who's watching this ...   (Bigbootyswerve !)19.12.2014
Who's watching this in 2014?
ii love how they ...   (gabrielle johnston)5.12.2014
ii love how they are all just one big family and all stick together because we have fallen out with my dads side
These videos make ...   (Riley Rose)10.12.2014
These videos make me so excited for Christmas and holidays when I have kids :)
Im i the only one ...   (DIY Crafts)9.7.2014
Im i the only one watching this on 2014?

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