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Length: 37:23
Uploaded: 27.12.2010
Viewed: 2384283×
Rating (45587×):

Video Category: People
2 boy and girl are ...   (V.I .SIMMER)1.11.2014
2 boy and girl are nicoles children wow i did not know that sh
sontard should ask ...   (Matt Campbell)23.11.2014
sontard should ask santa for a tred mill
I saw when babytard ...   (AwesomematFILMER)13.11.2014
I saw when babytard got knocked over, its when casey goes backwards, 15:26 in the bottom right
But there's only 7 ...   (Nhi Tran)3.11.2014
But there's only 7 kids
look at Carly and ...   (kitten187)13.11.2014
look at Carly and Logan in the back round at 16:15 
How were there 8 ...   (Jassy_xo)31.10.2014
How were there 8 kids ? 
Poor Babytard 15:30 ...   (Rakel Rail)14.10.2014
Poor Babytard 15:30 😭 Kayle didnt care
Was I the only one ...   (Mykaela Arnell)9.10.2014
Was I the only one yelling "WE'RE OVER HERE!!!"​ yah didn't think so.
About 15:28 baby ...   (Aku Flamesilock)14.10.2014
About 15:28 baby tart got bumped 
AnYoNe WaTcHiNg In ...   (magnoliaheartlps)19.10.2014
AnYoNe WaTcHiNg In 2014????
i don't get how ...   (Jessica Taylor)28.9.2014
i don't get how people can comment; who's watching this in 2014. 1. its not the point of the video and 2. obviously because people from the past can't comment 'not me' and they are not gonna wait till whenever to get a comment. stop getting side tracked and please comment something relative. love ya SHAYTARDS
At 15:28 kali ...   (Meghan Pulice)29.9.2014
At 15:28 kali didn't care that she hit babytard
2010 Christmas was ...   (callanjamesh002)9.9.2014
2010 Christmas was a sad Christmas for me and my family because 3 days after christmas my whole house burnt down loosing everything accept my family
Im i the only one ...   (DIY Crafts)9.7.2014
Im i the only one watching this on 2014?
awwwww! babytard is ...   (Kate Johnson)13.11.2014
awwwww! babytard is so cute in this!
Who's watching this ...   (Happy_Chubby)8.11.2014
Who's watching this in 2016?
my birthday is on ...   (The AverageTy)2.11.2014
my birthday is on christmas
How old is sontard   (Megan Lydia)9.11.2014
How old is sontard
At 15:27 Cayley hit ...   (Freya Norse)27.10.2014
At 15:27 Cayley hit babytard in the face and did not even care!
Is Carly a gymnasts   (jasmine bueno)3.11.2014
Is Carly a gymnasts
Watching this in ...   (MabelynEstephanie)11.11.2014
Watching this in Nov 2014 just getting in the holiday spirit :) 
Sontard? More like ...   (dantheretroman)21.11.2014
Sontard? More like fat retard
it broke my heart ...   (Laura Andrea)4.11.2014
it broke my heart to see Babytard get knocked out by Kaylie's butt 😔 it was on accident but still
LOGANS HAIR HAHAH   (Nicole)21.11.2014
you guys should be ...   (aryn g)10.11.2014
you guys should be blessed that u get a lot of gifts. i only get one gift. it usually is a $5.00 shirt from walmart. and i am even the only child

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