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SHAYCARL SHIRTS AND HATS ARE FINALLY HERE! AND NEW HOODIES! OUR WEBSITE Be my Book Facer friend! Subscribe to my iPhone channel for quick live updates. OUR TWEETS Shay Katilette

Length: 37:23
Uploaded: 27.12.2010
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Video Category: People
OMG the trouser ...   (Daniela Sahaj)15.4.2014
OMG the trouser thing xD
Just realized. They ...   (Beyondswaggstar123)10.4.2014
Just realized. They had their arms around their names on their pjs
Omg babytard looks ...   (mwmw229)20.2.2014
Omg babytard looks exactly like rocktard :o
are the kids ...   (Isabella Livingston)22.1.2014
are the kids wearing there pjs inside out because they did not want use to see their names!!!!!!??​????!!!!
Awww I miss Malachi ...   (Bridget Baker)23.2.2014
Awww I miss Malachi. :'( Sorry if I spelled his name wrong....
What did ...   (Kali Cunningham)17.4.2014
What did grandmatard get
15:28 babytard got ...   (Philip O'flynn)16.4.2014
15:28 babytard got hit hard 
R u guy at Walmart ...   (Crystal Ha)14.4.2014
R u guy at Walmart because here in spokane walmart is 24hr
why are your kids ...   (Bianca VanBerkel)15.4.2014
why are your kids shirts inside out
I still think this ...   (emmorales01)14.4.2014
I still think this is the best christmas special today
Princesstard hair ...   (kelsihasacookie)13.4.2014
Princesstard hair is so curly!
We were lost for a ...   (RONALD MAMPHEY)14.4.2014
We were lost for a second
If I could go back ...   (TrueGamer)12.4.2014
If I could go back in time and give myself the MacBook Pro I have now I could have been with the top youtubers jk probably 200000 Mark but yeah
Kayli   (Laura Nyman)13.4.2014
Why do U go to the ...   (XDRainbowDashXD Page)11.4.2014
Why do U go to the gym every Christmas 
Rocktard is the ...   (Rebecca Sinclair)12.4.2014
Rocktard is the same age here as Brotard is now :)
Go follow this guy ...   (ts Tricks)9.4.2014
Go follow this guy on instagram http://i.inst​​eredcars_/ his ig name is camberedcars_​ hurry and get him 1k
I love grandpa's ...   (Yeliz Yetiskin)11.4.2014
I love grandpa's scream
Your the best ever ...   (Maryanne Stephens)11.4.2014
Your the best ever :):P
You guys make me ...   (Mariah Barnard)8.4.2014
You guys make me soooo happy 
Lol when Sontard ...   (Andrew Rosso)11.4.2014
Lol when Sontard was going up to Santa the lady said u can come closer to take a picture she didn't know u were vlogging 
Omfg we were lost : ...   (aeryn jones)5.4.2014
Omfg we were lost :( 
Wow look how young ...   (desiree alberta)3.4.2014
Wow look how young everyone looks!! 
i don't get ...   (spencer hojunjie)30.3.2014
i don't get christmas presents :(
Babytard is so cute ...   (megan weir)7.4.2014
Babytard is so cute 

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