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SHAYCARL SHIRTS AND HATS ARE FINALLY HERE! AND NEW HOODIES! OUR WEBSITE Be my Book Facer friend! Subscribe to my iPhone channel for quick live updates. OUR TWEETS Shay Katilette

Length: 37:23
Uploaded: 27.12.2010
Viewed: 2741963×
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Video Category: People
Who else is ...   (SophiaThePerfCow)8.3.2015
Who else is watching this in 2015? :)
I saw when babytard ...   (AwesomematFILMER)13.11.2014
I saw when babytard got knocked over, its when casey goes backwards, 15:26 in the bottom right
Who's watching in ...   (melissa messenger)25.3.2015
Who's watching in 2015? Who sub to my channel? Who will comment? Check it out
look at Carly and ...   (kitten187)13.11.2014
look at Carly and Logan in the back round at 16:15 
Watching this a day ...   (Megan Sugg)23.12.2014
Watching this a day before Christmas Eve 2014
I just want to wish ...   (CraftyCartwheelGirl)24.12.2014
I just want to wish everyone a merry christmas!! I hope you get what you want
Baby tard looks so ...   (Eva McDonald)12.12.2014
Baby tard looks so much like rock tard in this!!
Who watching this ...   (Tiffany Truong)25.1.2015
Who watching this in 2015 
Poor Babytard 15:30 ...   (Rakel Rail)14.10.2014
Poor Babytard 15:30 😭 Kayle didnt care
omg fetus logan    (Megan's Beautyxx)30.12.2014
omg fetus logan 
I have been ...   (Jacqui Bolack)11.12.2014
I have been watching all of the SHAYTARD Christmas Specials in 2014..... Anyone else?
Anyone else ...   (LifeBehindBars)5.12.2014
Anyone else watching these in 2014? Haha :D 
Watching this in ...   (MabelynEstephanie)11.11.2014
Watching this in Nov 2014 just getting in the holiday spirit :) 
Imn now whatching ...   (Charlotte Fenn)25.1.2015
Imn now whatching this in 2015
...   (Matt Caudill)28.2.2015
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Anyone watching in ...   (Sam)24.12.2014
Anyone watching in 2015
Watching in March ...   (Caitlyn Thompson)6.3.2015
Watching in March 2015 :) I graduated in 2010 :)
Christmas eve. Cant ...   (Michelle Mc Cormack)25.12.2014
Christmas eve. Cant sleep watchin shaytards christmas specials. Just curious, is anyone else doing the same. Seasons greetings from Ireland
Watching this with ...   (Samantha Hannaman)22.12.2014
Watching this with 4 days till Christmas and it is getting me very excited!!
I've been watching ...   (Donovan Miller)17.12.2014
I've been watching the Shaytards Christmas specials over and over to get hype for Christmas! Who else can't wait and what do you guys want this year?
I really hate when ...   (Maddie Bloomfield)25.11.2014
I really hate when viewers have to comment on sontards weight, he is perfect the way he is! whoever disagrees that your opinion but it's also an insult
can you guys help ...   (Edgar Lopez)20.3.2015
can you guys help me get a lot of likes i am only 7 years old and i relly want to do it so plas help me. sorry for the rong spelling.and plas dont say mean stuff to the shaytards we want to corige them not uncorige .we wach the shaytards beuse we love them dont we.and plus they work extra hard on these vidos that they make us and they are very spshal to all i am just sying is that plas keep rood coments to your selfs they work to hard and they dont diserve rude or mean lets all just say happy hollidays or merry crimas. so lets give them all a happy face with it because they are so spshal so i will start.merry crimas and happy hollidays shaytards . [ ;
I really like how ...   (Julie Swahn)11.3.2015
I really like how Shaycarl gets out there and doesn't have a vain bone in his body.. yes, he likely has a little bit of discomfort about his size, but mostly he not only participates in all life has to offer, he :_starts_ the action! I actually dated a guy very much like him in highschool and 1st year of college :) Life was quite the ride lol! Anyway, I think it is fitting that the family is wealthy now because they sure work hard to entertain us! Awesome vids :) xx Julie
Nobody is watching ...   (Erica Jerro)27.2.2015
Nobody is watching in 2014
Che tu put boxes ...   ( 039509)24.12.2014
Che tu put boxes here because I like it show really really really so you are the best of like a show please do because I like your show because you're the best che s*** hanging out because you to shut up because your brother shut meanie savings time come here

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