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Author: YouTube Help
Length: 03:56
Uploaded: 17.4.2015
Viewed: 23825213×
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Video Category: Howto
Who else is ...   (SophiaThePerfCow)8.3.2015
Who else is watching this in 2015? :)
✨Like this comment ...   (Bella Byfdt)11.4.2015
✨Like this comment if your watching this in 2015✨ 
Who's watching in ...   (melissa messenger)25.3.2015
Who's watching in 2015? Who sub to my channel? Who will comment? Check it out
Anyone else ...   (LifeBehindBars)5.12.2014
Anyone else watching these in 2014? Haha :D 
omg fetus logan    (Megan's Beautyxx)30.12.2014
omg fetus logan 
Who watching this ...   (Tiffany Truong)25.1.2015
Who watching this in 2015 
Watching this on ...   (TeEnTe)29.4.2015
Watching this on April 29th 2015 wanting Christmas to come already. I'm obsessed with Christmas. Hey, at least I'll always remember when I wrote this comment.
Baby tard looks so ...   (Eva McDonald)12.12.2014
Baby tard looks so much like rock tard in this!!
Watching this a day ...   (Megan Sugg)23.12.2014
Watching this a day before Christmas Eve 2014
I just want to wish ...   (CraftyCartwheelGirl)24.12.2014
I just want to wish everyone a merry christmas!! I hope you get what you want
Who else is ...   (A kid's Channel)10.4.2015
Who else is watching in 2015?
babytard is like ...   (Rachael Hegarty)1.4.2015
babytard is like open it daddy nowwww
I have been ...   (Jacqui Bolack)11.12.2014
I have been watching all of the SHAYTARD Christmas Specials in 2014..... Anyone else?
1:38 that's lie, ...   (abdirahman moha)28.4.2015
1:38 that's lie, santa is satan and he'll guide u to hell don't believe that stuff pls
lol "can you spare ...   (ashanty Bonilla)5.5.2015
lol "can you spare some change" "go dad!!!go" 😂😂😂​
the sing thing in ...   (Tiffiny Bryant)8.5.2015
the sing thing in the street was not funny!!!
Poor Babytard 15:30 ...   (Rakel Rail)14.10.2014
Poor Babytard 15:30 😭 Kayle didnt care
Anyone watching in ...   (Sam)24.12.2014
Anyone watching in 2015
16:17 look at Karly ...   (MetallicQueen03)9.4.2015
16:17 look at Karly and Logan in the background
I remember when I ...   (ThePixelPanda)4.5.2015
I remember when I believed in Santa :) those were the days!
Brocks T-shirt is ...   (Dimonedqueen)10.5.2015
Brocks T-shirt is inside out
I I was craying cuz ...   (Michelle Gray)26.4.2015
I I was craying cuz this so funny
Christmas eve. Cant ...   (Michelle Mc Cormack)25.12.2014
Christmas eve. Cant sleep watchin shaytards christmas specials. Just curious, is anyone else doing the same. Seasons greetings from Ireland
Logan did 4 front ...   (Jack Entenmann)9.5.2015
Logan did 4 front flips
Shay has lost so ...   (zstar g)26.4.2015
Shay has lost so much weight since then

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