Pitbull feat. Ne-Yo Afrojack Nayer - Give Me Everything [Drum Cover]

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Pitbull feat. Ne-Yo Afrojack Nayer - Give Me Everything [Drum Cover]

Dean Minerva Plays Give me everything by Pitbull feat. Ne-Yo Afrojack Nayer http://www.trxcymbals.com http://www.promark.com http://www.protectionracket.com http://www.mapleworksdrums.com Set Up: Mapleworks Customs Drums 8x10, 9x12 & 15x16 toms 20x22 kick 6x14 Maple Snare HEADS Evans EC2 SST Clear on toms and EMAD on Kick and Reverse Power Center on Snare AUDIO Sennheiser Mics on toms, Shure Beta on Kick, Shure Compressor mics Beheringer Mixer, Berheringer Compressor CAMCORDER Kodak zi8 & Software HARDWARE TAYE Metalworks Dbl Pedal, Dw 5000 Hi Hat Stand, DW Boom Arms and Gibraltar Rack System CYMBALS TRX - BRT series 17-18-19 Crash, 21 Crash Ride, 18 China, 8 & 10 Splash, 14 Hats and 9' LP ice bell Kangol Hats Roc n Soc Throne STICKS Pro-Mark 747 ROCK wood tip NATURALS

Author: dknow6
Length: 04:18
Uploaded: 25.3.2011
Viewed: 311615×
Rating (2050×):

Video Category: Music
Fantastic nice ...   (Rohit flinton)10.4.2014
Fantastic nice efforts very good :D
1:38 was fantastic   (Savinay Chopra)11.4.2014
1:38 was fantastic
AWESOME !!!   (Lucas Viana)3.4.2014
just perfect as it ...   (mahesh gupte)2.1.2014
just perfect as it should be...nice work dude...... ke​ep it up.
Good brother   (Maximo Ramirez)4.2.2014
Good brother
that wz the best ...   (Tenzin Lekmeon)16.2.2014
that wz the best drum cover i ve seen
Man, it's very good ...   (Vinicius Ferreira)20.12.2013
Man, it's very good, it's perfect! Congratulatio​ns!
bro you're making ...   (Jorge de jesus)28.3.2014
bro you're making me wanna play the drum set,, awesome playing!!
whooo....awesome ...   (เจริญชัย นามวงษ์)17.3.2014
whooo....awes​ome dude
3:44 !!!!!!!!!!!!!! ...   (Kushagra Misra)2.12.2013
3:44 !!!!!!!!!!!!!​!!!!!!!!!!! XD XD XD XD XD XD
I keep coming back ...   (Vijay S B)14.11.2013
I keep coming back to listen to this......you​ are really amazing.....​...Dean.......​..the rollings in between the songs are absolutely..​.....mind blowing......​.!!!!! If I had to be a drummer I would like to be you. Honestly. you are Rocking......​man !!!!!!
what happened at ...   (defranz101)11.3.2013
what happened at 04.10 bro? XD
whooo....awesome ...   (Nagendra kumar Gummapu)27.11.2011
whooo....awes​ome dude
LOL @ 4:10! Haha   (Ben Hathaway)14.11.2011
LOL @ 4:10! Haha
I want a new snare ...   (DarkKacke)7.11.2011
I want a new snare fur, but I only see entire snares ... how do I get ONLY the fur?
awsome   (Jacarvis Anderson)10.6.2013
omg, you're fucking ...   (Malinaaaa93)31.12.2011
omg, you're fucking awesome :D
dude its just that ...   (jared goodman)22.3.2012
dude its just that you dont have skill like he does ........HATAS​ GONNA HATE AND MASTERBATE
u got talent, but u ...   (TheJdrummer75)29.2.2012
u got talent, but u just dont know how to use it right!
1:00 :O Perfect *u*   (EmilyCavalieri)13.4.2012
1:00 :O Perfect *u*
niiice   (chris mckay)19.12.2011
i love it   (wiggum62)12.2.2012
i love it
Can you please stop ...   (StreamerStreamer)25.6.2012
Can you please stop trying to be on the top comment. It's annoying and pathetic.
nice!   (Savio Pereira)4.3.2012
Grooosoo!   (Avivalavoz1)4.1.2012

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