Pitbull - Rain Over Me ft. Marc Anthony

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Pitbull - Rain Over Me ft. Marc Anthony

Music video by Pitbull Featuring Marc Anthony performing Rain Over Me. (C) 2011 J Records, a unit of Sony Music Entertainment #VEVOCertified on October 7, 2011. http://www.vevo.com/certified http://www.youtube.com/vevocertified

Author: PitbullVEVO
Length: 03:54
Uploaded: 22.7.2011
Viewed: 538324979×
Rating (1123615×):

Video Category: Music
Pitbull - Rain Over ...   (Mario Daniel)15.12.2014
Pitbull - Rain Over Me ft. Marc Anthony
Mutlu Pazar ...   (Ufuk Zengin)21.12.2014
Mutlu Pazar Dileklerimle ♥♥♥
#Pitbull #Latinas # ...   (Victoria Kato)10.12.2014
#Pitbull #Latinas #Sexy #Sassy #Classy #Powerful #Colombiana #Dale 
PITBULL ......UN PO ...   (Nunzia Mele)13.12.2014
Wow, I like I like ...   (Nam_Ing L)21.7.2014
Wow, I like I like >___^
I love the song! I ...   (Carmela Fabular)16.7.2014
I love the song! I just dont like that in every music video theres a girl that pitbull likes just cuz shes sexy and hot! What really matters is the inside! NEVER THE OUTSIDE!
This song all you ...   (jennifer bowens)2.12.2014
This song all you sexy enjoy
guten morgen meine ...   (Geli Kössler)1.11.2014
guten morgen meine Lieben :)
Pitbull - Rain Over ...   (Scott S)9.11.2014
Pitbull - Rain Over Me ft. Marc Anthony: http://youtu.​be/SmM0653YvXU​
Pitbull - Rain Over ...   (bubu dany)20.12.2014
Pitbull - Rain Over Me ft. Marc Anthony: http://youtu.​be/SmM0653YvXU​
#Pitbull #Latinas # ...   (A. J Scipione)10.12.2014
#Pitbull #Latinas #Sexy #Sassy #Classy #Powerful #Colombiana #Dale 
Pitbull - Rain Over ...   (Fernando Fco cre za)28.10.2014
Pitbull - Rain Over Me ft. Marc Anthony: http://youtu.​be/SmM0653YvXU​
The fucking Voli. ...   (Cold Snake)21.12.2014
The fucking Voli. Oh my god, the fucking Voli. Drink something real, for your own sake.
Pitbull Rain Over ...   (Mr.Worldwide PITBULL Fan)20.12.2014
Pitbull Rain Over Me Ft Marc Anthony
3 YEARS LATER AND ...   (silvi rioli)4.12.2014
Know what PitBull? ...   (Hïnatå Hýugå)18.8.2014
Know what PitBull? I'm going to learn Spanish,your ass is not going to pull that Spanish shit on me anymore. Every time you start singing in Spanish i just sit there like "ARE YOU SINGING ABOUT PUPPIES OR SOMETHING?!&q​uot; 
I'm a full time ...   (Tina Banks)14.12.2014
I'm a full time student, poor as hell, never would have went after Marc Anthony for his money, and would have been a way better wife to him than Jennifer Lopez. Money goes to people's minds, that's why I think i would have been a good catch cuz i'm down to earth. 
i love this song   (Rose Mary)12.12.2014
i love this song
40 is the new 30, ...   (Malamute)21.12.2014
40 is the new 30, 50 is the new 20 
this song is ...   (LuckyMusiqLive)20.11.2014
this song is awesome, pitbull is such a boss. i love his style. this video is great too. I'm getting known quickly because i rap with meaning.. thumbs up if you hate when you take a shit and the water splashes your nuts
This is still my ...   (slaimatou balde)21.12.2014
This is still my song till now
For the people that ...   (Mario)7.12.2014
For the people that say shitts about Pitbull: He is the only man who can make a song sounds good and bad in the same time. Maybe it`s not your type of music or the songs aren`t all the time unique but he is an entertainer when he sings and his songs are catchy. So shut up with your bad comments,it`s​ only your stupid mind. Enjoy the music and the rythm. Peace!
Pitbull - Rain Over ...   (UK Tutoring Services-Cambodia)3.12.2014
Pitbull - Rain Over Me ft. Marc Anthony - Old but still kicking. #Pi​tbull #rainoverme #MarcAnthony #Whatshot 
good   (MuRzA KG BoY)5.11.2013
rain over me is ...   (Merien F.)2.11.2013
rain over me is very good

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