Pitbull - Rain Over Me ft. Marc Anthony

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Pitbull - Rain Over Me ft. Marc Anthony

Music video by Pitbull Featuring Marc Anthony performing Rain Over Me. (C) 2011 J Records, a unit of Sony Music Entertainment #VEVOCertified on October 7, 2011. http://www.vevo.com/certified http://www.youtube.com/vevocertified

Author: PitbullVEVO
Length: 03:54
Uploaded: 22.7.2011
Viewed: 508354932×
Rating (1061264×):

Video Category: Music
let it rain over me ...   (Sadia Aslam)22.8.2014
let it rain over me :D :D :D
Wow, I like I like ...   (Rainny Ing L)21.7.2014
Wow, I like I like >___^
Know what PitBull? ...   (Hinata Hyuga)18.8.2014
Know what PitBull? I'm going to learn Spanish,your ass is not going to pull that Spanish shit on me anymore. Every time you start singing in Spanish i just sit there like "ARE YOU SINGING ABOUT PUPPIES OR SOMETHING?!" 
escuchala y me ...   (Wen Monterroso)13.8.2014
escuchala y me decis a quien te acuerda......​...ay ayyyyyy
I love the song! I ...   (Carmela Fabular)16.7.2014
I love the song! I just dont like that in every music video theres a girl that pitbull likes just cuz shes sexy and hot! What really matters is the inside! NEVER THE OUTSIDE!
◕‿◕ #co0oL !    (Eslam Elslihdar)11.8.2014
◕‿◕ #co0oL ! 
I COULDN'T RESIST ...   (Jeff MusicMan)26.7.2014
I love this song so ...   (judy reeves)30.7.2014
I love this song so much.
song name?   (Galileo375)23.8.2014
song name?
Pitbull makes great ...   (RezAIIDay)2.9.2014
Pitbull makes great club bangers. im a rapper tryna get recognition, if you could spare 2min? to check my song 'CRAZY' which is gaining alot of attention lately it would mean the world :) thank you
How does this have ...   (OhhKillerZxD)25.8.2014
How does this have 500 million views? There's only 7,702,259 million people on Earth!
   (Ney Mar)18.8.2014
girl my body don't ...   (Emma Robinson)29.8.2014
girl my body don't lie i'm out of my mind let it rain over me
Rain Over Me    (Guillermo Ángel Lara)15.8.2014
Rain Over Me 
AY AY AY   (Juan Carlos Tineo)13.8.2014
How is it possible ...   (Sakin ADAM)25.8.2014
How is it possible that there are 506 million views and only 7 million people in the world
Meni je ta pesem ...   (Lea Cumurdzic)1.7.2014
Meni je ta pesem taku dobra,kaj pa vam?????
¿Qué significa dale ...   (Torigurl702)29.8.2014
¿Qué significa dale 
   (RIZA SAVCIOĞLU)14.8.2014
i doh mind the ...   (Zabari Anderson)13.8.2014
i doh mind the girls and the car
   (Alex Arlette)6.8.2014
Super káro!!!!!!   (Luky Flugel)25.8.2014
Super káro!!!!!!​
HOLY SH** 2 HOT ...   (Girl Warrior Kaoruko)2.8.2014

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