Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 - Sage Naruto/6-Tails vs Pain Pt 1/2 HD

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Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 - Sage Naruto/6-Tails vs Pain Pt 1/2 HD

Become a Partner Today: Download my #BeenDope mixtape: Listen to my music on Soundcloud: Follow us on Twitter: SUBSCRIBE to music channel Like us on Facebook: Subscribe to CineVines: With more than 40 characters to choose from, engaging in bigger and more epic cinematic boss battles has never been this explosive. The game also delivers an improved Support Character system which allows players to link jutsus for wild ninja punishment and awards compatibility bonuses according to the strategic selection of ally recruits. To provide a true ultimate experience, the game also offers various online features where players can sharpen their skills or flex their fighting muscle to defeat rival ninja from around the world.

Length: 22:02
Uploaded: 2.11.2010
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wtf man the Voice ...   (Abdulkadir Abdishakur)8.12.2014
wtf man the Voice acting Is sooo horrible fuck eng dub
If Naruto turned to ...   (TheCelestianPaladinX)11.10.2014
If Naruto turned to Kurama......P​ain was dead a long time ago XD
this was an awesome   (Brendan Jackson)5.12.2014
this was an awesome
more naruto storm 3 ...   (Михуил)27.2.2015
more naruto storm 3 battle on my channel!
A little bit ...   (truc nguyen)11.2.2015
A little bit different if compare with anime >.>
If only DBZ games ...   (xXDKGamingXx)23.7.2014
If only DBZ games were like this..
Rasengan barrage   (ryan lell)29.8.2014
Rasengan barrage
This game is cool. ...   (Justin Moore)7.8.2014
This game is cool. Wish i had this game
Are you the guy who ...   (MrLegislater)30.7.2014
Are you the guy who gets mad and blocks people if they disagree with you? If so, then I'm Sorry to say this, but you got owned buddy lol
ta chido   (lalo messi)19.2.2015
ta chido
where is this game ...   (jay laydia)3.9.2014
where is this game available? I want it!! 
I like in both 2 ...   (Karl Medas)25.12.2014
I like in both 2 and 3 the story goes into sequence
+MXE VIDEOS please ...   (Sk Rahil)5.11.2014
+MXE VIDEOS please give me the password of ultimate ninja storm 2 ps3 rar password ? :/ please tell me the password http://u​​/dcxOrH or ​ can you download this file and tell me the password please help me any one 
este video é muito ...   (vitor rodrigues)23.11.2014
este video é muito legal.parece igual a o desenho
It is I had it ...   (Saleem Wiggins)28.10.2014
It is I had it there's more of them, this one was really awesome tho c:
@19:04- 19:13 = I ...   (Uchiha1988Itachi)15.4.2014
@19:04- 19:13 = I wonder if Minato talks about Obito ...??!
So cool!   (Nurul Atiqa Otsman)3.1.2015
So cool!
6:03 O_O SO WOW   (TheCelestianPaladinX)11.10.2014
6:03 O_O SO WOW
All the way through ...   (Mantra Asura)22.8.2014
All the way through !
I just... *sigh*... ...   (John Tovar)11.10.2014
I just... *sigh*... I love this battle.
Pein just get ...   (Alpha- Omega)5.8.2014
Pein just get Raep'd with the 6-tails 9-tails *... What the heck did you just say?*
Rasensheriken   (Rafael Espinoza)17.9.2014
is this last battle ...   (Lyka MC)30.12.2013
is this last battle in Nuns 2 ?
It would be so sick ...   (Michael Tritle)28.6.2014
It would be so sick if that was pein's awakening in free battle/online​
Basketball. Grand ...   (Katty Germain)8.7.2014
Basketball. Grand theift. Auto

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