Naruto Shippuden: Dreamers Fight -- Part One

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Naruto Shippuden: Dreamers Fight -- Part One

••UPDATE 06/18/12: NARUTO SHIPPUDEN DREAMS FIGHT (PART 2) HAS BEEN ANNOUNCED!!! JOIN US AT ANIME EXPO 2012 FOR A SPECIAL PREMIERE. SUNDAY JULY 1ST 4:30-6:00PM. THE VIDEO WILL GO ONLINE SOON AFTER! ••UPDATE 05/09/12: NARUTO SHIPPUDEN: DREAMERS FIGHT (PART 2)" WILL RELEASE SOMETIME THIS SUMMER. WE'LL MAKE A RELEASE ANNOUNCEMENT TRAILER WHEN WE KNOW THE EXACT DATE. IT WAS PUT ON HOLD WHEN WE WERE HIRED TO DO OTHER FILMS. THANKS FOR YOUR PATIENCE AND UNDERSTANDING! **UPDATE 11/27/11: Hey all, we REALLY apologize that it's taking much longer to get Part 2 out then we had originally planned. Many unexpected opportunities arose for our team shortly after the release of Part 1 that we had to take but ultimately slowed us down a bit. But trust, we will still be releasing Part Two (Parts 1 & 2 were both shot at the same time - They were just edited in 2 halves). We'll be releasing another teaser announcement when Part 2 is ready - So the best way for you all to stay up to date with us is to subscribe or visit us over at our facebook page (easier and quicker for us to respond to you!) - Again, we're extremely sorry for the delay. As much as we want to release asap, we don't want to rush it out before it's been as polished as we can get it for you all. We hope you all understand!! **ALL MUSIC IS LISTED IN THE CREDITS** The story takes place after the Pain saga, with Naruto becoming the acknowledged village hero he's always sought out to be. Seeing Naruto grow steps closer to his dream, Rock lee decides he, too, must continue to grow and push his training even harder. Feeling unfulfilled in his regimen, Lee decides to challenge Naruto to a no holds barred duel in hopes to reignite his passion to become the best ninja he can be. Naruto accepts the challenge from his close friend, and with this, the fight is set! Will Naruto's constant growth and Nine-Tailed Fox spirit overwhelm the hardworking, hand-to-hand fighter, or will Lee, again, push his body to the limits to become the more powerful opponent? Thousand Pounds Action Company brings you "Naruto Shippuden: Dreamers Fight"! Please turn up your speakers and enjoy!!

Author: RivenX3i
Length: 12:53
Uploaded: 26.9.2011
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noooooooo this ...   (Raúl Torres)25.3.2014
noooooooo this reminds me guy sensei is gonna die :O(
fuck you who do ...   (Huytran tran)12.4.2014
fuck you who do that thing?
good film......but ...   (Mio Chan)16.11.2013
good film......but​ you're not asian..and you speak japanese...​
baka baka you make ...   (lilywonders)21.3.2014
baka baka you make me cry every time i watch this cause its too real whilst i know it ain't ....and because i m a big big fan i cry when i watch this T------------​-T i hate you for making me cry every time!! BUT LOVE YOU ...U GUYS DID GREAT
Skip to 5:13 for ...   (Adonis Bourke)30.9.2013
Skip to 5:13 for the fighting
First OST?   (Kevin Nguyen)10.2.2014
First OST?
well done guys!! :D ...   (naren147)23.12.2013
well done guys!! :D you've made rock lee fans proud
great work guys. ...   (damianfuckingblue50)22.11.2013
great work guys. very impressive
Absolutely amazing! ...   (Paula Bateman)6.3.2014
Absolutely amazing! Awesome flimmakers and incredibly talented fighters! Loved it
Feel it~ Naruto ...   (yao yu)14.10.2011
Feel it~ Naruto fans ~
i'm waiting the ...   (Clio San)19.6.2012
i'm waiting the second part
Watch if you like ...   (Edgar Macasaquit)27.9.2011
Watch if you like Naruto :D
Live Action Naruto. ...   (Rudyn Roslan)27.9.2011
Live Action Naruto. That is all.
Its so Awesome. I ...   (Tatsuo Nakagawa)9.1.2012
Its so Awesome. I hope there will be a Part two and Three. The Thousand Pund People have earn my whole respect. DATTEBAYO! Every Time i watch this, it shivers me. I give them all Stars i can give. And yeah, im a NERD and Proud of it XD
Yes yes yes yes yes ...   (Felipe Cortinas)26.9.2011
Yes yes yes yes yes Naruto Shippuden: Dreamers Fight -- Part One
   (zero Lai)28.9.2011
AMAZING!!   (sakura neko-chan)29.3.2012
asjld;fjasldfj ...   (Kelly Kraatz)30.9.2011
asjld;fjasldfj fanvid... you're doing it right :D brb fangirling forever
Epic! >_<   (Jonathan Farciert)29.9.2011
Epic! >_<
Disgustingly ...   (Michael Grey)5.10.2011
Disgustingly amazing.
*O.M.F.G*. * ...   (Colo Corvera)20.11.2011
*O.M.F.G*. *Terrrrrrribl​e*
Awesome production!   (Tiago Cruz)16.4.2012
Awesome production!​
   (Frank Wyllys Cabral Lira)28.9.2011
Hollywood, aprenda ...   (Erick Xavier)30.9.2011
Hollywood, aprenda com os pequenos. Na​ruto Shippuden: Dreamers Fight -- Part One
This live action is ...   (Reda Lazri)26.3.2012
This live action is full of win. You may find it confusing if you aren't familiar with Natruto Shippuden. If​ you are that person, what the heck do you watch then?

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