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Author: YouTube Help
Length: 03:56
Uploaded: 17.4.2015
Viewed: 24030602×
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Video Category: Howto
First off, Lee ...   (Rock Lee)11.5.2015
First off, Lee should have took his weights off before entering the gates.
fuk is this crap? ...   (devilkicln)16.3.2015
fuk is this crap? seriously? white ppl speaking japanese? bruh, at least have an asian male as one of the main charaters. this just dont make no sence what so ever.... and yes, it have to have ASIAN characters because ASIANS made it!.... at least som Japanese senseis or old ppl. haha
Great video.. yet ...   (ovidiu4ovidiu)10.1.2015
Great video.. yet Lee could defeat Naruto clones with ease with only 1 -2 attacks and if Lee would open gates Naruto wouldn't stand a chance only if he uses kyubi or sage mode. And sage mode doesn't offer Naruto speed it only make him more powerful and can avoit attack in last second. If Lee would fought Naruto in genin or chunin exam would beat him with ease... he could beat even Gaara but Kishimoto did make him lose only to be Sasuke in spotlight, Sharingan can't normaly copy taijutsu only tehnique but like Sasuke copy Lee speed without even training Lee start shaking his legs so Sasuke should be incapacited but hey that only to show his pride I mean seriously Lee just cracked sand armor only removing his weights after opening the 5 th gate carcking the earth he should beat an untrained body like Gaara but if Lee won then Sasuke or Naruto would lose if they would fight against him.... There are lot of pathetic things like this
Fantastic action ...   (end)20.5.2015
Fantastic action scenes. There's something a little off about the way the words are said, and the expressions of the actors, but I think that might just be because the dialogue is from an anime and feels a bit weird in real life?
すごいやな!!!!!!!!後の続き ...   (波乱榎木)23.4.2015
what   (mrsocksman)13.5.2015
hey you made this ...   (Ray Ortega Llano)17.1.2015
hey you made this videos? well your team
FUCK MY LIFE AND ...   (Robert Santiago)25.12.2014
Really Good Work!   (Hauminiad)16.2.2015
Really Good Work!
Absolutely amazing! ...   (Paula Bateman)6.3.2014
Absolutely amazing! Awesome flimmakers and incredibly talented fighters! Loved it
クオリティ高い‼︎でも日本語の発音が ...   (三日月兎)18.4.2014
Great video man   (Kevin Arias)15.10.2014
Great video man
Hey....Rock Lee use ...   (cassupersj)26.12.2014
Hey....Rock Lee use a Hapkido kick
ok haters this is ...   (diamondback3150)25.9.2014
ok haters this is an independent film and they did a pretty good job at it too. they are fans just like you guys are so lets appreciate this unless you guys can produce a better one. the effects were good and choreography not bad considering this IS naruto they are trying to recreate.
すごい!クオリティが高くてびっくりしま ...   (きむらみか)2.12.2014
God damn. I love ...   (Michael Johnsen)5.10.2014
God damn. I love you guys. It might be 30% beer talking, but this is an amazing love letter to all fans. I salute you.
Rock lee was always ...   (Mohamed Abdulkadir)26.5.2014
Rock lee was always my fav. because he represent underdogs like me
Can you do ONE ...   (doskoip81)27.4.2014
Can you do ONE PIECE?! ;-)
What is the music ...   (Black Lotus)19.6.2014
What is the music in the beginning?
well done guys!! :D ...   (naren147)23.12.2013
well done guys!! :D you've made rock lee fans proud
Please tell me name ...   (MrJdubSmooth)15.6.2014
Please tell me name of song in the beginning
fuck you who do ...   (Huytran tran)12.4.2014
fuck you who do that thing?
baka baka you make ...   (lilywonders)21.3.2014
baka baka you make me cry every time i watch this cause its too real whilst i know it ain't ....and because i m a big big fan i cry when i watch this T------------​-T i hate you for making me cry every time!! BUT LOVE YOU ...U GUYS DID GREAT
すごおおおお!! 日本語うまwww特に ...   (nakande08)27.7.2014
すごおお​お!! ​本語うま​ww特に​ロックリ​の人!喋​方も似て​るううう​
First OST?   (Kevin Nguyen)10.2.2014
First OST?

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