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Author: YouTube Help
Length: 03:56
Uploaded: 17.4.2015
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Video Category: Howto
filha dua puta nao ...   (Izaque Ventura)24.2.2015
filha dua puta nao fala do meu idulo eo ogoku que da o cuuuuuuuu kkkkkkkkkkkk​kkkkkkkkkkk
(?) Dbz budokai ...   (Stef22151)23.12.2013
(?) Dbz budokai tenkaichi 3 es mejor vaya..los naruteros juegan esto?? P.D: naruto corre como ganso
fav gam of all tim   (kocs1sify)26.4.2014
fav gam of all tim
I`m sorry to say ...   (Arnautu Dan)31.7.2012
I`m sorry to say this but you are referring to "newb&qu​ot; or "newbie&​quot;(a person new at a game).Noob and newb are two different things,so you`re the one getting that wrong.
I have more people ...   (superhero1290)1.8.2012
I have more people on my side ;)
Spamers....Spamers ...   (The Eater Of Worlds)16.12.2012
Spamers....Sp​amers everywhere
so this is every ...   (Warfrae)14.1.2013
so this is every character ever
People who play ...   (DtownCboy)30.7.2012
People who play with support characters are wack, y'all hoes always need help
I love anime I   (ericramz100)9.7.2012
I love anime I
*noob gets killed ...   (XxLordFallenxX)19.11.2012
*noob gets killed yet again* Noob: WTF u freaking hacker u suck Player: Err...No I've just had the game for quite a while. Noob: STFU Player: .....Alright​ I have had enough of you, noob. *begins to kill the noob specifically​ over anybody else*
ive played this ...   (Ahmed Arebi Productions)25.7.2012
ive played this game but i cant wait until storm 3
naruto keeps ...   (SpectiumS)2.9.2012
naruto keeps spamming his ultimate
6:02 Naruto:this is ...   (Brian Brooks)11.8.2012
6:02 Naruto:this is your death sentence
pizza   (Madara Uchiha)14.7.2012
*Player1 spawns and ...   (XxLordFallenxX)19.11.2012
*Player1 spawns and picks up a shotgun* Player2: wtf taht shotgun shuld be minez i was rite there 2 pick it up. Player1: Sorry, I guess I got it. Player2: u freaking noob i hate u. Player1: Dude, we are on the same team, it benefits you as well. Player2: SCREW U NOOB!!!111
A noob or n00b is ...   (XxLordFallenxX)19.11.2012
A noob or n00b is someone that lacks intellegance or common sense, most people think that noob is a word used only in the online gaming world, but in reality it is becoming an ever popular word with teenage society.a noob could be simply a level 100 running round shouting ''WTF DO I GO!?'' or someone calling someone else a noob and then getting hit with a brick, anyone can call anyone a noob, but normally they are noobs themselves
nice video   (xEvilGodDarkEibaVIIV)18.7.2012
nice video
why should a person ...   (Burningsoul007)11.11.2012
why should a person die only because playing not good? o.O i hate this modern world even as ironic or out of fun something like this should not be said and just btw these are only computer battling each other as mentioned in another video....
Noobs generally get ...   (XxLordFallenxX)19.11.2012
Noobs generally get extremely upset over being beaten and can not admit that they are bad at the game. Often they will accuse the skilled people of hacking.
Yah on march   (Aamina Chan)10.8.2012
Yah on march
i love that game!!!   (acer1037)21.10.2012
i love that game!!!
Newplayer: Hey ...   (XxLordFallenxX)19.11.2012
Newplayer: Hey where is the enemy base? Player: Wow, I saw you shooting pretty well. How could you not know that? Newplayer: I just got the game, sorry. I'm kind of a newb. Player: But damn you shoot well. Newplayer: Yeah, I played game X before, so I have ex... more...
Is this Naruto game ...   (TaylorSwift13)22.1.2013
Is this Naruto game any fun? I had the ones for PS2 and Gamecube, but so far the ones I've gotten for PS3 isn't that great.
i feel like danzo ...   (Thomas Lennon)1.2.2013
i feel like danzo is over powered. i mean when i play with him, the enemy touches me maybe one or twice but no more... what do you think ?
show isso cara mas ...   (mateus gomes)15.1.2013
show isso cara mas seria mais daora se tivesse mais coisas

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