Naruto [AMV] - Already Over

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Naruto [AMV] - Already Over

Hello to all friends at last I finally finished this amv about Naruto:) A very tiring amv perhaps for very long anyway thanks to all of you who have encouraged me to finish it and finally here it's all over for you ... I am also angry with myself simply because I did a small mistake in this amv but I did not fix it ... I hope you like it ... Continue to subscribe to my channel thanks!!! Artist: Red Song: Already Over Program used: Sony Vegas 8 Anime: Naruto/Shippuden

Author: xAdsuailx
Length: 04:05
Uploaded: 1.4.2010
Viewed: 4905447×
Rating (39476×):

Video Category: Film
I am still touched ...   (xAdsuailx)7.11.2013
I am still touched to see all these views and comments .. thank you all for these wonderful years on YouTube :')
Well, we're a few ...   (AmvRage)24.10.2014
Well, we're a few weeks away before fifteen years of a great Ninja story is over. :') 
do you remember ...   (krulen12)19.9.2014
do you remember when Naruto was an good anime? so do i. it was good from the beginning until Nagato was defeated. After that it sucked. Only the scene with Madara vs all the other ninjas where good, but after that, pffft, sux. This amv is great, btw =D
This amv freaking ...   (Dorando Rhone)3.11.2014
This amv freaking rocks.excelle​nt,great,good,​good show.
I miss the old ...   (TheUltimateAnime)26.1.2015
I miss the old Naruto... now it's all so... searious... no fun anymore... just the flashbacks...​.. but I still love Naruto! And tue AMV is very good too!
Вы бы не могли ...   (Аниме Орёл)21.1.2015
Вы бы не могли научить как мне так же научит​ся просто я делаю клипы но не как не могу научит​ся делать как у вас умоляю вас дайте видио уроки!! 
#AMV #Naruto * ...   (Master Orochimaru)1.8.2014
#AMV #Naruto *Art​ista:* *Red* *Músic​a:* *Already Over* *~Raiz​en*
Hey Naruto ...   (Kyuubee ★ AMV)2.1.2015
Hey Naruto community and AMV Fans, I also did an AMV and it took me a lot of time to finish so i would be happy if you could tell me how I can to better and what i should produce next. Thank you all and enjoy those beautiful AMVs. Have a good day! :)
I'm not crying,i'm ...   (GameTV)16.1.2015
I'm not crying,i'm not crying...
omg love it but u ...   (Gabriel Ortiz)6.1.2015
omg love it but u should've made it now ;-; cus in the latest episode naruto and sasuke are basicly almost dead thanks to MADARA UCHIHA -_-
My nephew made this ...   (Sammey Stenson)26.12.2014
My nephew made this!
Awesome amv! I kind ...   (RTistikQT)25.5.2014
Awesome amv! I kind of miss the original Team 7...kind of.
AWESOME AMV!!!!!!! ...   (Nana nie)27.12.2014
I'm going to say ...   (Nope Guy)25.12.2014
I'm going to say this and is probably on everybody' mind...This is the best AMV EVER. Like...​The begging was confusing but when it go thru' the middle I was like "Dayum this is good" like I've never seen a AMV this good, but that's my opinion and probably and more people think the same. But that's not ever body's opinion.
still like it in ...   (Uchiha Kaiser)22.1.2015
still like it in 2015
Thx much, this ...   (Hoa Thu Hong)18.11.2014
Thx much, this brings back all the memories
Great song choice ...   (xXNewWorld25Xx)24.10.2014
Great song choice my friend :) The editing was a bit Overused with some effects, but it stayed very original so nice work ;)
Wow great editing ...   (Raudel Sanchez Jr)26.12.2014
Wow great editing It was just awesome I wish I can do some editing like that 4*s
love this song and ...   (Giorgi Nadiradze)10.1.2015
love this song and anime
Naruto is already ...   (Zomdere)7.11.2014
Naruto is already over :(
THIS IS F*CKING ...   (Sev3617)9.11.2014
when i like an amv ...   (Doc Moaz)7.10.2014
when i like an amv i share it with my friends so they can check it out and this one worth the sharing.truely one of the best naruto's amv
One of the best ...   (pmadride)15.12.2014
One of the best AMVs I've ever seen. I hope you make more like this one 
Fantastic AMV! I ...   (holysinnerxxx)8.12.2014
Fantastic AMV! I got the chills watching this. Definitely puts all these other AMVs to shame.
it has been years ...   (Swagkata Gintoki)29.9.2014
it has been years ago sinds i saw this amv and this amv, even after 4 years of watching is still sending shivers down my spine, that just shows how epic this is.. 

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