Naruto [AMV] - Already Over

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Naruto [AMV] - Already Over

Hello to all friends at last I finally finished this amv about Naruto:) A very tiring amv perhaps for very long anyway thanks to all of you who have encouraged me to finish it and finally here it's all over for you ... I am also angry with myself simply because I did a small mistake in this amv but I did not fix it ... I hope you like it ... Continue to subscribe to my channel thanks!!! Artist: Red Song: Already Over Program used: Sony Vegas 8 Anime: Naruto/Shippuden

Author: xAdsuailx
Length: 04:05
Uploaded: 1.4.2010
Viewed: 5033383×
Rating (40412×):

Video Category: Film
I am still touched ...   (xAdsuailx)7.11.2013
I am still touched to see all these views and comments .. thank you all for these wonderful years on YouTube :')
Well, we're a few ...   (AmvRage)24.10.2014
Well, we're a few weeks away before fifteen years of a great Ninja story is over. :') 
This would be so ...   (Davis Godly)9.11.2014
This would be so sick at getting people to watch Naruto.
Naruto is already ...   (Zomdere)7.11.2014
Naruto is already over :(
Awesome job on the ...   (Caleb Bowie)28.2.2015
Awesome job on the amv, also, I think someone might have stolen your amv. It has the same scenes in the same order, same effects, its pretty much a direct copy of yours. The channel is called Raunchy muffins. Just letting you know.
do you remember ...   (krulen12)19.9.2014
do you remember when Naruto was an good anime? so do i. it was good from the beginning until Nagato was defeated. After that it sucked. Only the scene with Madara vs all the other ninjas where good, but after that, pffft, sux. This amv is great, btw =D
It's finally over.. ...   (Kiyo Acuda)21.11.2014
It's finally over.. What do I do with my life now?
Naruto, you always ...   (Elly0208)16.11.2014
Naruto, you always be in my heart... 
World+Savior they ...   (Angel Medrano)28.2.2015
World+Savior they stop the manga D: it's a good thing I read what's happening in NARUTO online 
Really amazing AMV! ...   (Chase Szabo)4.11.2014
Really amazing AMV! Great job I've watched it like 10 times today xD
Damn.......I kinda ...   (Sawako Kuronuma)16.2.2015
Damn.......I kinda liked the middle till ending T-T 
This is by far my ...   (ZYRDKING)1.2.2015
This is by far my favorite AMV, not my favorite song or compilations of fighting scenes but this is just such an amazing piece of work and I get emotional everytime I watch it lol I just really LOVE this AMV. Thank you so much for making it.
707 people missed ...   (Arthur Moebius)23.2.2015
707 people missed the like button
This amv freaking ...   (Dorando Rhone)3.11.2014
This amv freaking rocks.excelle​nt,great,good,​good show.
Thx much, this ...   (Hoa Thu Hong)18.11.2014
Thx much, this brings back all the memories
Watch my naruto AMV ...   (Gamer Gandalf)2.2.2015
Watch my naruto AMV on my channell! It would mean allot :)
and after reading ...   (ViivaVanity)6.11.2014
and after reading the ending... I just had to watch this once again. <3
...   (Dean Ambrose)28.2.2015
Great song choice ...   (xXNewWorld25Xx)24.10.2014
Great song choice my friend :) The editing was a bit Overused with some effects, but it stayed very original so nice work ;)
My childhood in one ...   (Edmmusiclover czech)14.10.2014
My childhood in one song .. good job.
R.I.P Naruto i will ...   (Ron Balin)6.11.2014
R.I.P Naruto i will always rember you
Вы бы не могли ...   (Аниме Орёл)21.1.2015
Вы бы не могли научить как мне так же научит​ся просто я делаю клипы но не как не могу научит​ся делать как у вас умоляю вас дайте видио уроки!! 
#AMV #Naruto * ...   (Master Orochimaru)1.8.2014
#AMV #Naruto *Art​ista:* *Red* *Músic​a:* *Already Over* *~Raiz​en*
Its one of my fav ...   (Najim Al-Sa3dy)11.2.2015
Its one of my fav amv's... and more than that its reminded me in naruto..((go​od bye my friend we all gonna miss u :'(

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