Naruto [AMV] - Already Over

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Naruto [AMV] - Already Over

Hello to all friends at last I finally finished this amv about Naruto:) A very tiring amv perhaps for very long anyway thanks to all of you who have encouraged me to finish it and finally here it's all over for you ... I am also angry with myself simply because I did a small mistake in this amv but I did not fix it ... I hope you like it ... Continue to subscribe to my channel thanks!!! Artist: Red Song: Already Over Program used: Sony Vegas 8 Anime: Naruto/Shippuden

Author: xAdsuailx
Length: 04:05
Uploaded: 1.4.2010
Viewed: 4051693×
Rating (33669×):

Video Category: Film
I am still touched ...   (xAdsuailx)7.11.2013
I am still touched to see all these views and comments .. thank you all for these wonderful years on YouTube :')
Dang this is so ...   (AngerWill Destroyus)13.4.2014
Dang this is so good I cryed so much
Iam sorry Iam going ...   (DoggyClawz)9.4.2014
Iam sorry Iam going to die of such epicness and beautiful amv sir your are a master
Still watching this ...   (MissTitannia)24.1.2014
Still watching this after 4 years... Thank you Adsuail, for making me fall in love with AMVs, it changed my life to better. :)
REACH 4,000,000 ! ( ...   (xJanety- Chan)23.3.2014
REACH 4,000,000 ! (:
PERFECT   (ChristinaNovika)8.3.2014
I think the first ...   (xXDeiSakuChrisXx)8.3.2014
I think the first thing I'm going to do when Naruto will finish, it's to watch this AMV. 
OuO I like!   (Gregor Exil)26.12.2013
OuO I like!
my childhood   (Stiven pxxd)17.2.2014
my childhood
wonderfull amv i ...   (jhon smith)14.3.2014
wonderfull amv i really like it & the song is awesome :D
This is probably my ...   (Intrepid Dreamer)1.3.2014
This is probably my favourite naruto amv, words cannot even begin to describe how amazing done this actually is. I watch naruto, i felt the anguish, pain, and sorrow between naruto and sasuke, team 7, and sasuke and naruto's loneliness but this video personifies everything i felt when i first watched this, each and every time i re-watch it. From the scenes, to the music which is so hauntingly sad, god it's perfect!
*It's already Over ...   (Kakashi Hatake)3.1.2014
*It's already Over .....* *I didn't see my pillow so wet like that from long ago....*
I love the Naruto ...   (Uzumaki Naruto)1.2.2014
I love the Naruto anime, but I wish there were more female characters that weren't so useless. I mean besides a few like Tsunade, most other females are weak as hell and always need to be saved by men. Just like how Naruto and Sasuke were so much better than Sakura, Kakashi and Obita were so much better than Rin. It kinda sucks because it'd be nice to see more girls kicking ass without being so weepy and needing help all the time. =/
I think someone who ...   (Erick Pleitez)19.12.2013
I think someone who doesnt like naruto like someone that never gave it a chance should just watch this they might start watching
This is the song I ...   (Ben Wallace)17.1.2014
This is the song I like to listen to whenever I already finished masturbating​ and I find good porn. :'(
Uchiha Forever !!   (muhammad adam)5.4.2014
Uchiha Forever !!
lol such good   (janegu)2.4.2014
lol such good
Please tell me I'm ...   (Alek L)29.3.2014
Please tell me I'm not the only one who cried watching this video TT-TT
The most perfect ...   (Marcus Vinicius)17.12.2013
The most perfect video I've ever seen xD
this AMV is perfect ...   (DanielAMVs)27.12.2013
this AMV is perfect ❤
Please check out my ...   (MrKriz Anglar)4.2.2014
Please check out my own amv, I would appreciate a rare and comment 
I didn't even ...   (Poke Battler)1.3.2014
I didn't even notice the mistake. This is great. Keep it up :)
Epic video for epic ...   (Skate94TV)2.4.2014
Epic video for epic song.
I like this sad ...   (sasura uchiwa)28.12.2013
I like this sad vibeo 
i can't belive how ...   (malek kh)21.1.2014
i can't belive how 4 years passed so fast after all this time though i still think this is a priceless amv

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