Naruto [AMV] - Already Over

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Naruto [AMV] - Already Over

Hello to all friends at last I finally finished this amv about Naruto:) A very tiring amv perhaps for very long anyway thanks to all of you who have encouraged me to finish it and finally here it's all over for you ... I am also angry with myself simply because I did a small mistake in this amv but I did not fix it ... I hope you like it ... Continue to subscribe to my channel thanks!!! Artist: Red Song: Already Over Program used: Sony Vegas 8 Anime: Naruto/Shippuden

Author: xAdsuailx
Length: 04:05
Uploaded: 1.4.2010
Viewed: 4400051×
Rating (36116×):

Video Category: Film
I am still touched ...   (xAdsuailx)7.11.2013
I am still touched to see all these views and comments .. thank you all for these wonderful years on YouTube :')
#AMV #Naruto * ...   (Kakashi Hatake)1.8.2014
#AMV #Naruto *Art​ista:* *Red* *Músic​a:* *Already Over* *~Raiz​en*
ok i know why ...   (Teodor Georgiev)29.5.2014
ok i know why sasuke leaves the village but why when he killed his brother he didnt go back?
#AMV #Naruto * ...   (JÐ França)1.8.2014
#AMV #Naruto *Art​ista:* *Red* *Músic​a:* *Already Over* *~Raiz​en*
4:02 when was that ...   (Kacpro218)26.7.2014
4:02 when was that ? I mean when Naruto cry ?
this have been on ...   (BeyondNox)30.6.2014
this have been on my naruto AMV playlist for 4 years now :)
Awesome amv! I kind ...   (RTistikQT)25.5.2014
Awesome amv! I kind of miss the original Team 7...kind of.
0:30 i thought ...   (Da Master)13.5.2014
0:30 i thought pantheon is gonna ult xD
The best video i ...   (Gabriela Luca)20.8.2014
The best video i have ever seen :) 
   (Kill Sscope)20.8.2014
I love this song. ...   (Allicat Black)18.8.2014
I love this song. It's so sad, yet somehow at the same time, a bit hopeful. I don't know how it just is. The raw emotion alone brings tears to my eyes, and now I'm getting mushy. I'll just say, I love it.
Awesome    (Crimson Lord)17.8.2014
cool   (Izabel Gomes)16.8.2014
Best, best, best, ...   (Emo Pintike)14.8.2014
Best, best, best, BEST 3
Best naruto amv ...   (Robby Baker)14.8.2014
Best naruto amv ever
Team 7 feels!!!   (Mz Hyde)14.8.2014
Team 7 feels!!!
very well done. ...   (lolpeople654)13.8.2014
very well done. Keep it up!
4 mins...that's ...   (Yellow Flash)12.8.2014
4 mins...that's​ some long amv, but at the end of it im left wanting more... GREAT WORK :)
cool!!!ohh~~ f* ...   (yara teehee)12.8.2014
cool!!!ohh~~ f* when it comess to sasukeee i can't handle it *heartbreak* T-T ...
great video :D   (xx*GrellSutcliff*xx)7.8.2014
great video :D
eg ^_^   (Rafael Barbosa)5.8.2014
eg ^_^
Good amv!   (Nick Dupnak)5.8.2014
Good amv!
F*cking awesome ...   (Nassim Mari)3.8.2014
F*cking awesome video :)
The best AMV I've ...   (SOLOistheNAME)3.8.2014
The best AMV I've seen by far! Good shit! 
I love dis song   (Zero Akuma)2.8.2014
I love dis song

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