Lucky Man Project - Pumpin' (Official Video)

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Lucky Man Project - Pumpin' (Official Video)

Check out the official music video for Misty's HOT and SEXY new single Bang: Music and lyrics: Mister Z Record Label: Follow us on: Website:

Author: musicroton
Length: 03:43
Uploaded: 29.6.2011
Viewed: 36156409×
Rating (89979×):

Video Category: Music
η ελευθερια ...   (Fotini Mak)14.8.2014
η ελευθε​ια ελευθε​ιου το ειπε καλυτε​α μαζι τ βασικα χδ ._. γνωμη μου ;)
Καλο μεσημερακι!!!! ...   (Μαριαννα Λοιζου)16.7.2014
Καλο μεσημε​ακι!!!! Σε ολους!!!​!να ειστε καλα!!!!!​
adorr piesa,pt mine ...   (Deea Andreea)21.7.2014
adorr piesa,pt mine este nemuritoare​
:) love this song < ...   (Ivana Stojanovic)14.6.2014
:) love this song <3
90% Porn 10% Music. ...   (S Qambar A Shah)9.6.2014
90% Porn 10% Music... and stop trying to be Daddy Yankee and Pitbull...
Pause 2:16 fuck ...   (Aggelos N.)22.8.2014
Pause 2:16 fuck YEAHHHHH!
   (антоанета николова)21.6.2014
Nice Song ..!Love ...   (Secret Prediction)20.8.2014
Nice Song ..!Love MKD!
august 2014 & still ...   (Denis Borovina)17.8.2014
august 2014 & still listening!!​
Who is that blond ...   (Hlias X)16.5.2014
Who is that blond girl?
Raluka <3   (bubu)14.8.2014
Raluka <3
LOVE IUBESC MELODIA   (andrey andy)12.8.2014
Just keep my body ...   (Veronika Karašová)8.8.2014
Just keep my body pumpin... All night baby :)
<3 <3 <3 love it   (andreea rt)7.8.2014
<3 <3 <3 love it
As long as dar ma ...   (Andreea Muffin)2.8.2014
As long as dar ma rog
매우좋아요~   (정용립)1.8.2014
I should realy soon ...   (Ihab Shihabi)28.7.2014
I should realy soon get me a life, i've heard they sell some in ikea, rather than be here look in at you dumpasses ha ha where dos i get it from
Hai...ROMANIA... ...   (Ilonka Jónás)26.7.2014
gamato <3    (Lia zenel)24.7.2014
gamato <3 
Lucky Man Project - ...   (Metro Politan)22.7.2014
Lucky Man Project - Pumpin' (Official Video)
*''as long as you ...   (Niko Bellic)7.4.2014
*''as long as you give it to me''.
i love this song <3   (Agata Kubiczek)20.7.2014
i love this song <3
I 3 it   (Era Taho)19.7.2014
I 3 it
I see its pointless ...   (Ilicobain8)23.10.2013
I see its pointless to keep discussing with you guys , not only because you got wrong info about the events but you´re too stubborn to face the truth too. I´m an archeologist so I know exactly what I´m talking about , and my facts are indeed straight :) I know you hate Albania and Albania hates you ,but try to be objective :) thank you too and have a nice day
History is ...   (Ilicobain8)29.10.2013
History is fascinating to me that's why I chose to study archeology.Ju​st out of pure curiosity what gender are you because the name doesn't give me a hint .

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