Lucky Man Project - Pumpin' (Official Video)

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Lucky Man Project - Pumpin' (Official Video)

Check out the official music video for Misty's HOT and SEXY new single Bang: Music and lyrics: Mister Z Record Label: Follow us on: Website:

Author: musicroton
Length: 03:43
Uploaded: 29.6.2011
Viewed: 37782332×
Rating (94305×):

Video Category: Music
Lucky Man Project - ...   (ΓΕΩΡΓΙΑ Δ)23.1.2015
Lucky Man Project - Pumpin' (Official Video): http://youtu.​be/mpG0ax0uAdo​
Mi smo SRBI!    (Serbischer Stolz)7.7.2014
Mi smo SRBI! 
ready for night ...   (VERONICA C.T)8.11.2014
ready for night clubs !!!!!!!!!!!!!​!!!!!
90% Porn 10% Music. ...   (S Qambar A Shah)9.6.2014
90% Porn 10% Music... and stop trying to be Daddy Yankee and Pitbull...
Monotone beats, no ...   (scottab140)13.1.2015
Monotone beats, no range by female vocalist. Could use some remixing.
Lucky Man Project - ...   (Paravia Rocco)19.1.2015
Lucky Man Project - Pumpin' (Official Video): http://youtu.​be/mpG0ax0uAdo​
*''as long as you ...   (Niko Bellic)7.4.2014
*''as long as you give it to me''.
Fuck off idiots... ...   (Redi Du.)13.1.2015
Fuck off idiots...99% porn 1%music the only good song by a women and a raper is the airplanes and not that bullshit...​
:) love this song < ...   (Ivana Stojanovic)14.6.2014
:) love this song <3
Καλο μεσημερακι!!!! ...   (Μαριαννα Λοιζου)16.7.2014
Καλο μεσημε​ακι!!!! Σε ολους!!!​!να ειστε καλα!!!!!​
ce a ajuns blonda ...   (Oarka Nebunu)20.10.2014
ce a ajuns blonda asta nu stiu ce ministru pe la dezvoltare! am vazut la tv. am ramas prost! bagi bot, bagi tzatze, bagi muie si ajungi mare duduie! :))))
adorr piesa,pt mine ...   (Deea Andreea)21.7.2014
adorr piesa,pt mine este nemuritoare​
Larisa Toma https:/ ...   (beynur ebazer)20.1.2015
Larisa Toma https://​​search?q=laris​a+toma&new​window=1&s​afe=off&es​pv=2&biw=1​280&bih=64​2&source=l​nms&tbm=is​ch&sa=X&am​p;ei=R5C9VNnoL​KXhywPqyYHACA&​amp;ved=0CAYQ_​AUoAQ 
η ελευθερια ...   (Fotini Mak)14.8.2014
η ελευθε​ια ελευθε​ιου το ειπε καλυτε​α μαζι τ βασικα χδ ._. γνωμη μου ;)
Lucky Man Project - ...   (saib ahmed)22.11.2014
Lucky Man Project - Pumpin' (Official Video): http://youtu.​be/mpG0ax0uAdo​
R O M A N I A <3   (George Nicolae)9.7.2014
R O M A N I A​ <3
woow..superb very ...   (Candie Rasheed)11.1.2015
woow..superb very sexy !!!!!
Das lied bring mich ...   (Vanessa Neziraj)13.10.2014
Das lied bring mich immer zum nach denken das,das beste lied vor ever ich liebe das lied ♡♡
E o melodie special ...   (Simion Florin)24.12.2014
E o melodie special compusa pentru distractie,pe​ntru a fi ascultata.
Did I see Pitbull?   (rahdika dewi)4.1.2015
Did I see Pitbull?
Pajtim Kasami YOU ? ...   (kwstassanto7)1.11.2014
Pajtim Kasami YOU ???
косишь под pitbul    (Alexandr MD)24.12.2014
косишь под pitbul 
Αυτό είνα από δηξι ...   (Fanis prasinos alitis)6.12.2014
Αυτό είνα από δηξι ότι όλες η γίνεκαι η πουταν​ς 

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