Lucky Man Project - Pumpin' (Official Video)

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Lucky Man Project - Pumpin' (Official Video)

Check out the official music video for Misty's HOT and SEXY new single Bang: Music and lyrics: Mister Z Record Label: Follow us on: Website:

Author: musicroton
Length: 03:43
Uploaded: 29.6.2011
Viewed: 38207239×
Rating (95601×):

Video Category: Music
ready for night ...   (VERONICA C.T)8.11.2014
ready for night clubs !!!!!!!!!!!!!​!!!!!
Somebody know the ...   (Lehel Birta)28.1.2015
Somebody know the blonde`s name?
Many romanian girls ...   (dimitra akon)17.2.2015
Many romanian girls are hot but are sluts too..lmao! 
NICE DREAMS:-*》 ...   (Yasmina Ciric)22.2.2015
NICE DREAMS:-*》L​ucky Man Project - Pumpin' (Official Video): http://youtu​.be/mpG0ax0uAd​o
Lucky Man Project - ...   (ΓΕΩΡΓΙΑ Δ)23.1.2015
Lucky Man Project - Pumpin' (Official Video): http://youtu.​be/mpG0ax0uAdo​
90% Porn 10% Music. ...   (S Qambar A Shah)9.6.2014
90% Porn 10% Music... and stop trying to be Daddy Yankee and Pitbull...
   (Semir Sucurovic)10.2.2015
Monotone beats, no ...   (scottab140)13.1.2015
Monotone beats, no range by female vocalist. Could use some remixing.
SERBIAAAAAAAAAAAAA   (Milica Jevremovic)28.2.2015
Lucky Man Project - ...   (Paravia Rocco)19.1.2015
Lucky Man Project - Pumpin' (Official Video): http://youtu.​be/mpG0ax0uAdo​
Silujem replay!!!!   (Лаки П)21.2.2015
Silujem replay!!!!
ον ντεκσ ο ...   (xristos Lamda)21.2.2015
ον ντεκσ ο Δ.Κορια​λας χαχ​
:) love this song < ...   (Ivana Stojanovic)14.6.2014
:) love this song <3
imali ...   (Ivan Stankovic)29.8.2014
imali nekogaaaaaaaa​aaaaaaaaaaaaaa​aaaaaaaaaaaaaa​aaaaaaaaaaa
Καλο μεσημερακι!!!! ...   (Μαριαννα Λοιζου)16.7.2014
Καλο μεσημε​ακι!!!! Σε ολους!!!​!να ειστε καλα!!!!!​
Oh my gosh*o* His ...   (JennieE Johnson)29.1.2015
Oh my gosh*o* His tattoos......​..........
Fuck off idiots... ...   (Redi Du.)13.1.2015
Fuck off idiots...99% porn 1%music the only good song by a women and a raper is the airplanes and not that bullshit...​
i like this........   (hassan bakh)14.11.2014
i like this........​
give what to you   (Ahmed Osama)8.2.2015
give what to you
Lucky Man Project - ...   (sladjana brankovic)19.11.2014
Lucky Man Project - Pumpin' (Official Video): http://youtu.​be/mpG0ax0uAdo​
is that guy singing ...   (HeadMotherShot Alexs)27.9.2014
is that guy singing , rapping because he doesnt have any flow. shameless song.
ce a ajuns blonda ...   (Oarka Nebunu)20.10.2014
ce a ajuns blonda asta nu stiu ce ministru pe la dezvoltare! am vazut la tv. am ramas prost! bagi bot, bagi tzatze, bagi muie si ajungi mare duduie! :))))
best song ever....   (Guillermo Sanchez Torres)3.2.2015
best song ever....
she fucks with her ...   (doni vlora)28.1.2015
she fucks with her underwear on

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