Lil Wayne - Got Money ft. T-Pain

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Lil Wayne - Got Money ft. T-Pain

Music video by Lil Wayne performing Got Money. YouTube view counts pre-VEVO: 10,804,746 (C) 2008 Cash Money Records Inc.

Author: LilWayneVEVO
Length: 04:36
Uploaded: 14.12.2009
Viewed: 50761311×
Rating (89739×):

Video Category: Music
2005 - 2009 Wayne's ...   (L Kay)16.9.2014
2005 - 2009 Wayne's Prime. Shit was so dope, it can't be created again. Wayne was just the hottest rapper alive back then..control​led hip hop at that time lol
When Lil Wayne and ...   (MrTupac47)9.1.2015
When Lil Wayne and T Pain was dooope
why tf i seen tyga ...   (andrew andah)25.8.2014
why tf i seen tyga ,2 chainz and nicki minaj and bambi from lhhatl in this shit tf lmaoo 
2pac says "fake ...   (el homicide)31.1.2015
2pac says "fake niggaz"​
this track is ...   (LuckyMusiqLive)13.11.2014
this track is catchy af. i love the hook it gets stuck in my head. the beat and video are dope also. I'm getting known quikckly because i rap about real life.. thumbs up if you hate when you take a shit and the water splashes up at your balls....
4:04 is that Nicki?   (Defplay Mustapha)22.10.2014
4:04 is that Nicki?
I got money nigga ...   (Steven Goodwin)24.2.2015
I got money nigga lol
i'm 3 years old and ...   (Nilay Singh)24.2.2015
i'm 3 years old and my goal in life is too fuck bitches, get money, and smoke weed 
im so bouty bouty, ...   (nimrod jones)1.3.2015
im so bouty bouty, what are you about (tm) ????
What up ...   (MARC MOON)3.2.2015
What up gentleman.and​ ladys ..saying hi to you all 
I listen to L, Pac, ...   (Parv Dave)19.12.2014
I listen to L, Pac, Biggie, Em, Eazy and NWA. This shit sucks. His voice made me laugh like an ass xD This is the first video I ever saw of Lil Wayne and I came here becoz I searched for Young mula baby xD
why is brid man in ...   (Joshua Ebodi)19.1.2015
why is brid man in ever vido lil wayen makes fffffuuuucccc​kkkk BRIDMAN BITCH ASS NIGGA
Half of the song is ...   (Johan Wiberg)13.2.2015
Half of the song is missing due to censorship xD
Used to be my song    (Hunter Lindsey)22.2.2015
Used to be my song 
"Mac Mayne on em ...   (///One.Lawless)18.1.2015
"Mac Mayne on em Hoes, EA sports I got game on em hoes"
Who is this ...   (Dolgion Kh)24.1.2015
Who is this featuring guy? Not T-Pain, the other one.
OMG this song ...   (Gabrielle Soto)26.2.2015
OMG this song Brings back Memory's I was n my second year of high School when this came out I always got Money
fake money   (Jaymee Marcks)21.2.2015
fake money
T-Wayne.... Bitch!! ...   (darren bass)26.2.2015
T-Wayne.... Bitch!!!!!!​
lil wayne was great ...   (Rko Cansado)7.2.2015
lil wayne was great before 2009 & then eminem came back & shit just got real !
T Pain looks like ...   (Tslav _)20.1.2015
T Pain looks like fruit loop magician lol
Yo soy español pero ...   (WINNER3DGaymer PFS)9.2.2015
Yo soy español pero me encantan las musicas de LIl wainey es el mejor :3 <3
lil wayne is so ...   (ilovemicheal baker)1.2.2015
lil wayne is so fucking sexy
young mula baby lol ...   (Isao Machii)13.12.2014
young mula baby lol this was the time when lil wayne was somewhat decent
Before the TRUKFIT ...   (Myrek Kasetch)14.1.2015
Before the TRUKFIT BS. Wayne, my dude, you didnt need the money from TRUKFIT, why did you let the line change you and your rap? The skateboard and constant trukfit lines in your raps was the start of decline. Then when he went back to bars, it wasnt the same because you were rusty and yea... man why did you sellout with TRUKFIT serriously. still respect tho.

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