Lil Wayne - Got Money ft. T-Pain

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Lil Wayne - Got Money ft. T-Pain

Music video by Lil Wayne performing Got Money. YouTube view counts pre-VEVO: 10,804,746 (C) 2008 Cash Money Records Inc.

Author: LilWayneVEVO
Length: 04:36
Uploaded: 14.12.2009
Viewed: 47816659×
Rating (81580×):

Video Category: Music
He so ugly ! but ...   (Chara Kelley)6.11.2013
He so ugly ! but He Got Money !!! Young MooLa baby ! 
Who was tha rapper ...   (Xcodie54)4.5.2014
Who was tha rapper at 3:10
Man wayne why did ...   (johnathan green)3.3.2014
Man wayne why did you change on us
These so called " ...   (chromeinox)21.1.2014
These so called "rappers" are in love with themselves. They only talk about them, how great they are, the money they have and the bitches they fuck (which, in some cases, we know they don't fuck women, they just show them on the videos so they don't look so gay). Pathetic.
Can you guys check ...   (YoungA170)13.5.2014
Can you guys check out my rap remixes
Do anybody know the ...   (tierra g)12.7.2014
Do anybody know the name of the movie this was based off where the guys robbed the bank made everybody go into the vault to put on the same clothes and mask turned the right off so no one could Tell the robbers from the civilians and they got away. I seen this movie once when I was younger and never seen it again. Thanks.
this is befor lil ...   (TheEgyptianOne)28.2.2014
this is befor lil wayne and t pain went to shit
What up with t pain ...   (Dylan Krishnamurthy)23.6.2014
What up with t pain and all that fuckin auto tune 
   (Raven Long)29.1.2014
MR Auto Tune RAPPER ...   (abeeftec)28.5.2014
MR Auto Tune RAPPER! IT has GOT to be bad when you cant even Rap without an Auto Tuner!! Talen​tless fool
5000 faggets l0l.   (RashManZ PK)6.1.2014
5000 faggets l0l.
Master p in between ...   (Siddharth Seshadri)26.6.2014
Master p in between god curse that motherfucker.​
5,336 people got no ...   (abe tsimiklis)21.4.2014
5,336 people got no money!
2:40 xDD   (WomBat O.o)28.7.2014
2:40 xDD
This was when he ...   (NikoBell12)17.7.2014
This was when he was good.
3:47 2 chianz??   (Manos Mylonakis)16.7.2014
3:47 2 chianz??
#2   (Ulises Dy)23.11.2013
Good Old Days.   (Maramany)7.2.2014
Good Old Days.
lol 2 chainz at 3: ...   (alannn)20.2.2014
lol 2 chainz at 3:47
lil wayne went too ...   (RAY MAN)3.5.2014
lil wayne went too hard
EPIC WIN   (Marjorie Candia Cornejo)8.3.2014
I love this song i ...   (DK Dkea)18.6.2014
I love this song i love lil wayne when he was a real real rapper like this §§§§§§​!!!!! money moneyy 
Jay Rock @ 1:57   (Trey Ogelton)2.3.2014
Jay Rock @ 1:57
Whoa I feel 2009`s ...   (SeungHo Seol)18.1.2014
Whoa I feel 2009`s rhymes
This is how i feel ...   (Ejiro Koenen)6.3.2014
This is how i feel everytime i find money in my B-day cards

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