Lil Wayne - Got Money ft. T-Pain

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Lil Wayne - Got Money ft. T-Pain

Music video by Lil Wayne performing Got Money. YouTube view counts pre-VEVO: 10,804,746 (C) 2008 Cash Money Records Inc.

Author: LilWayneVEVO
Length: 04:36
Uploaded: 14.12.2009
Viewed: 51594651×
Rating (92535×):

Video Category: Music
When Lil Wayne and ...   (MrTupac47)9.1.2015
When Lil Wayne and T Pain were dooope
2005 - 2009 Wayne's ...   (L Kay)16.9.2014
2005 - 2009 Wayne's Prime. Shit was so dope, it can't be created again. Wayne was just the hottest rapper alive back then..control​led hip hop at that time lol
Did see 2 chainz ...   (Jalen Drayton)3.3.2015
Did see 2 chainz and Nicki minaj before. 2 chainz was even popular yet
Half of the song is ...   (Johan Wiberg)13.2.2015
Half of the song is missing due to censorship xD
mais graves para ...   (fernando ribeiro)13.3.2015
mais graves para noite! part 2
t pain dropped a ...   (Sullivan D)27.3.2015
t pain dropped a mixtape with weezy on it, check it out on my channel if youd like to
Damn, I was in 6th ...   (MrBackfireDJ)15.11.2014
Damn, I was in 6th grade when this shit dropped. All the memories. Where has the time gone?
Who is this ...   (Dolgion Kh)24.1.2015
Who is this featuring guy? Not T-Pain, the other one.
4:04 is that Nicki?   (Defplay Mustapha)22.10.2014
4:04 is that Nicki?
I think there is a ...   (Jalen Drayton)3.3.2015
I think there is a lil wayne part missing. "And I'll cool your ass down if you think your hot shit". If someone hears it here. Reply back and let me know when
Got money nigga !!! ...   (Sami Mohamed)1.1.2015
Got money nigga !!!!!!
i'm 3 years old and ...   (Nilay Singh)24.2.2015
i'm 3 years old and my goal in life is too fuck bitches, get money, and smoke weed 
2pac told "fake ...   (give a damn)31.1.2015
2pac told "fake niggaz"​
lil wayne was great ...   (Rko Cansado)7.2.2015
lil wayne was great before 2009 & then eminem came back & shit just got real !
eww bambi   (TheCShocka)27.3.2015
eww bambi
1:27 is the reason ...   (Anthony Arias)10.4.2015
1:27 is the reason they got caught, that laser hit the girl i finally understand lmao
Makes picking safe ...   (Cat)8.3.2015
Makes picking safe deposits and waiting for vault drilling in Payday 2 much less boring :D
Young Wayne.. ...   (Patrick Baska)18.3.2015
Young Wayne.. Mugged from everyone u C #WORK 
Still a awesome ...   (Verna W Smith)14.3.2015
Still a awesome song!! Just saying😀
I got money nigga ...   (Steven Goodwin)24.2.2015
I got money nigga lol
If people consider ...   (Deonta B)15.4.2015
If people consider this the "good&qu​ot; wayne i wonder what music they listened to. Every lil wayne fan I knew hated this song.
LMFAO   (HostileWun)7.3.2015
Hello, I enjoy this ...   (Aman Basanti)12.3.2015
Hello, I enjoy this music. The rhythm is melodic and I feel that his ability to hit specific notes as they relate to the melody is preferential.​ Does this musical artist have similar music? - Prescott Jacobs
6.046 are broke   (Robert LC - Digital Artist)18.3.2015
6.046 are broke

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