Lil Wayne - Got Money ft. T-Pain

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Lil Wayne - Got Money ft. T-Pain

Music video by Lil Wayne performing Got Money. YouTube view counts pre-VEVO: 10,804,746 (C) 2008 Cash Money Records Inc.

Author: LilWayneVEVO
Length: 04:36
Uploaded: 14.12.2009
Viewed: 49326114×
Rating (85511×):

Video Category: Music
this track is ...   (LuckyMusiqLive)13.11.2014
this track is catchy af. i love the hook it gets stuck in my head. the beat and video are dope also. I'm getting known quikckly because i rap about real life.. thumbs up if you hate when you take a shit and the water splashes up at your balls....
2005 - 2009 Wayne's ...   (L Kay)16.9.2014
2005 - 2009 Wayne's Prime. Shit was so dope, it can't be created again. Wayne was just the hottest rapper alive back then..control​led hip hop at that time lol
Illuminati signs ok   (Idriss Adam)27.10.2014
Illuminati signs ok
4:04 is that Nicki?   (Defplay Mustapha)22.10.2014
4:04 is that Nicki?
why tf i seen tyga ...   (andrew andah)25.8.2014
why tf i seen tyga ,2 chainz and nicki minaj and bambi from lhhatl in this shit tf lmaoo 
So why does he need ...   (Elmer A. Mares)11.8.2014
So why does he need Windex?? 
Damn, I was in 6th ...   (MrBackfireDJ)15.11.2014
Damn, I was in 6th grade when this shit dropped. All the memories. Where has the time gone?
T-pain is the ...   (KarmaSwiss)15.11.2014
T-pain is the worsts ugly ass fucking faggot
╭━━━╮╱╱╭╮╱╭━╮╭━╮ ┃╭ ...   (James Ghost)30.7.2014
╭━━━​╱╱╭╮​╱╭━╮​━╮ ┃╭​━╮┃╱​╯╰╮┃​╰╯┃┃​ ┃┃╱╰​━┻╮╭​╯┃╭╮​╮┣━━​━╮╭━​━┳╮╱​╮ ┃┃╭​━┫╭╮​┃╱┃┃​┃┃┃╭​╮┃╭╮​┃━┫┃​┃┃ ┃​┻━┃╰​┃╰╮┃​┃┃┃┃​╰╯┃┃​┃┃━┫​╰━╯┃ ​━━━┻​━━┻━​╰╯╰╯​┻━━┻​╯╰┻━​┻━╮╭​ ╱╱╱​╱╱╱╱​╱╱╱╱​╱╱╱╱​╱╱╱╱​╱╭━╯​┃ ╱╱╱​╱╱╱╱​╱╱╱╱​╱╱╱╱​╱╱╱╱​╱╱╰━​╯ ╭╮╱​╱╱╭╮​╭╮╭╮​╮ ┃┃​╱╱┃┃​┃┃┃┃​┃┃ ┃┃​╱╭┫┃​╱┃┃┃​┃┣━━​╮╱╭┳​━╮╭━​╮ ┃┃╱​╭╋┫┃​┃╰╯╰​┃╭╮┃​┃╱┃┃​╮┫┃━​ ┃╰━​┃┃╰╮​╮╭╮╭​┫╭╮┃​━╯┃┃​┃┃━┫​ ╰━━━​┻━╯╱​╰╯╰╯​╯╰
t pain is the best ...   (jim turley)3.11.2014
t pain is the best or teddy pain lol
Do anybody know the ...   (tierra g)12.7.2014
Do anybody know the name of the movie this was based off where the guys robbed the bank made everybody go into the vault to put on the same clothes and mask turned the right off so no one could Tell the robbers from the civilians and they got away. I seen this movie once when I was younger and never seen it again. Thanks.
niggas are so corny   (james tommy)24.10.2014
niggas are so corny
I love you Lil ...   (Murat GamingTR)15.10.2014
I love you Lil Wayne <3
epic shit    (DIZZE REDD E)8.10.2014
epic shit 
This was when he ...   (NikoBell12)17.7.2014
This was when he was good.
Honestly the video ...   (Brandon Stoehr)30.9.2014
Honestly the video is dope it has a deep meaning only a few get, I am happy for Weezy but honestly im a much better rapper and artist no hate, I've been in the back for the longest time for me to kill these artist even if I like em. Don't hate the player hate the game, if u see this comment thumbs up and lets collab
We so bout it bout ...   (Priscilla Maddox)30.9.2014
We so bout it bout it now what are you about? 
Fuck I hate lil ...   (Casual Collins)27.9.2014
Fuck I hate lil Wayne 
is that 2chainz at ...   (xmacLAD)20.9.2014
is that 2chainz at 3:46
What up with t pain ...   (Dylan Krishnamurthy)23.6.2014
What up with t pain and all that fuckin auto tune 
Haha! This was my ...   (Lesseñia Moreno)12.9.2014
Haha! This was my favorite song! 
i wish i had that ...   (Troy Payne II)20.11.2014
i wish i had that much money o_o o wait i do XD
exactly how much ...   (Chase Gennodie)13.8.2014
exactly how much talent does it take to make a song like this?
take lil wayne ...   (rameez kureemun)4.9.2014
take lil wayne bring bob marley !!!!!
Can you guys check ...   (YoungA170)13.5.2014
Can you guys check out my rap remixes

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