Lil Wayne - Got Money ft. T-Pain

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Lil Wayne - Got Money ft. T-Pain

Music video by Lil Wayne performing Got Money. YouTube view counts pre-VEVO: 10,804,746 (C) 2008 Cash Money Records Inc.

Author: LilWayneVEVO
Length: 04:36
Uploaded: 14.12.2009
Viewed: 48158362×
Rating (82459×):

Video Category: Music
╭━━━╮╱╱╭╮╱╭━╮╭━╮ ┃╭ ...   (James Ghost)30.7.2014
╭━━━​╱╱╭╮​╱╭━╮​━╮ ┃╭​━╮┃╱​╯╰╮┃​╰╯┃┃​ ┃┃╱╰​━┻╮╭​╯┃╭╮​╮┣━━​━╮╭━​━┳╮╱​╮ ┃┃╭​━┫╭╮​┃╱┃┃​┃┃┃╭​╮┃╭╮​┃━┫┃​┃┃ ┃​┻━┃╰​┃╰╮┃​┃┃┃┃​╰╯┃┃​┃┃━┫​╰━╯┃ ​━━━┻​━━┻━​╰╯╰╯​┻━━┻​╯╰┻━​┻━╮╭​ ╱╱╱​╱╱╱╱​╱╱╱╱​╱╱╱╱​╱╱╱╱​╱╭━╯​┃ ╱╱╱​╱╱╱╱​╱╱╱╱​╱╱╱╱​╱╱╱╱​╱╱╰━​╯ ╭╮╱​╱╱╭╮​╭╮╭╮​╮ ┃┃​╱╱┃┃​┃┃┃┃​┃┃ ┃┃​╱╭┫┃​╱┃┃┃​┃┣━━​╮╱╭┳​━╮╭━​╮ ┃┃╱​╭╋┫┃​┃╰╯╰​┃╭╮┃​┃╱┃┃​╮┫┃━​ ┃╰━​┃┃╰╮​╮╭╮╭​┫╭╮┃​━╯┃┃​┃┃━┫​ ╰━━━​┻━╯╱​╰╯╰╯​╯╰
exactly how much ...   (Chase Gennodie)13.8.2014
exactly how much talent does it take to make a song like this?
Do anybody know the ...   (tierra g)12.7.2014
Do anybody know the name of the movie this was based off where the guys robbed the bank made everybody go into the vault to put on the same clothes and mask turned the right off so no one could Tell the robbers from the civilians and they got away. I seen this movie once when I was younger and never seen it again. Thanks.
Wiz in the cut at 3 ...   (Deon Culp)8.7.2014
Wiz in the cut at 3:52 and 3:59
I know how to rob a ...   (mljcox73)3.7.2014
I know how to rob a bank go into sewer and drill a whole into vault floor and fill duffle bags and leave make sure to wear gloves so u don't leave finger prints and wear a mask just in case I'm only 12 and I'm smarter than most damn bank robbers and I don't rob banks lol
This was when he ...   (NikoBell12)17.7.2014
This was when he was good.
There's a lot of ...   (Notsomysteriouguitar)23.6.2014
There's a lot of rappers in this video that weren't big back then like 2 chainz tyga lil twist nicki minaj
sicm   (godfather ali)10.7.2014
Hahahaha old ass 2 ...   (Ghost Purp)5.7.2014
Hahahaha old ass 2 chainz posted in the cut .
3:03   (By Metin)5.7.2014
Dam comment me back   (tone b)12.6.2014
Dam comment me back
It's soo funny that ...   (Dartyronion)29.6.2014
It's soo funny that the people hating on these rappers are still part of the 47million views like WTF?!?! If you hate rap no one is forcing you to listen to it, so why torture yourself to hate on this video it is pure ignorance:) ​Just saying...
Real Wayne   (TheUAProject)25.6.2014
Real Wayne
Anybody else notice ...   (Andrew Vaughn)22.6.2014
Anybody else notice 2 chains at 3:47
still my shid   (Stephanie McField)20.6.2014
still my shid
MR Auto Tune RAPPER ...   (abeeftec)28.5.2014
MR Auto Tune RAPPER! IT has GOT to be bad when you cant even Rap without an Auto Tuner!! Talen​tless fool
Can you guys check ...   (YoungA170)13.5.2014
Can you guys check out my rap remixes
Who was tha rapper ...   (Xcodie54)4.5.2014
Who was tha rapper at 3:10
Otirè gta5   (du xbox40d)20.8.2014
Otirè gta5
Great Video   (ADAJ3)16.8.2014
Great Video
Miss this tho   (Faty Morales)14.8.2014
Miss this tho
MAKE RAIN!!!!!!!!!! ...   (Alfredo Perez)13.8.2014
MAKE RAIN!!!!!!!!!​!!!!!!!!!!!!!!​!!!!!
good music   (szőke krisztofer)13.8.2014
good music
this is bullshit :( ...   (ayoub mahdjoub)13.8.2014
this is bullshit :( fuck this rap . eminem rap god motherfuckers​
the Bambi???? love ...   (vtkap1)11.8.2014
the Bambi???? love and hiphop 0.22

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