Kanye West Jay-Z- Niggas in Paris (Lyrics)

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Kanye West Jay-Z- Niggas in Paris (Lyrics)

Author: BlazeAndOozy
Length: 04:06
Uploaded: 15.9.2011
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Video Category: Music
"GOT MY NIGGAS IN ...   (Flying-High)25.9.2014
"GOT MY NIGGAS IN PARIS, AND THEY GOIN GORILLAZ"​; song stop reminding me of something i'd rather listen to it hurts and i know those aren't the actual lyrics but i hear "gorilla​s" with a z ok
the quality is ...   (DubstepClassicsHD)12.12.2014
the quality is fucking HORRIBLE
We killed tupac   (Andrew Short)10.2.2015
We killed tupac
Listen to ol boy ...   (S. Keenan)4.12.2014
Listen to ol boy about the Illuminati being bank rollers, and America being a front to a ponzi scheme. In fact Holland and Russia have already come calling for their gold back. Thing is we don't have it all. We gave back some of the gold but since WW2 Holland kept 50% of it's gold here and %17 percent home, now they keep %33 each and the rest spread out. Why would they take it out? Its no longer safe here. 
All these years I ...   (Muzi Tshabalala)2.5.2014
All these years I thought it was hasselhoff.​
Does this song ...   (Jen Kilburne)3.2.2014
Does this song sample fucking Blades of Glory?!
I can't believe you ...   (Anytyme06)24.12.2014
I can't believe you have the audacity to upload such terrible quality audio
Haha, "We killed ...   (David Jones)6.5.2014
Haha, "We killed Tupac" or "We killed hip hop"; either way....... damn
anyone else think ...   (Billy Scott)14.9.2014
anyone else think It sounds like link yelling in the background?​
2:39-2:41 clearest ...   (bodiebagg7)3.8.2014
2:39-2:41 clearest "we killed tupac". i was considering the we killed hip-hop for a moment relistend multiple times. definately a T sound starting where the hip-hop should be. and obviously sounds like tupac. if tupac's label was still around jay z wouldnt be shyt. and if he is illuminati he is just a puppet. illuminati themselves are puppets ive read the founders books he was a narasistic egomaniac. he was used by the banksters who wanted to control other nations currency know as the rothschild's​ of britain whom have recieved 9 trillion dollars every yr for a few decades now from federal reserve, feel free to look up video 9 trillion missing from federal reserve. it accounts for more than half our debt at the time, as robbery. controlled currency using paper the always creates inflation than infulencing government to create more debt and finacing war for debt to both sides, and using america as a strong arm to make and collect debt owed. all the while federal re
Filth! You think ...   (frank K)5.6.2014
Filth! You think because you,as black men, use the "N"​ word, it takes away the power of that word?! That word was meant as a term of total degradation to your people. When you use it, it's like "they&qu​ot; have fooled/degra​ded you a second time; they now have you calling your own by this degrading term....they must be laughing behind our backs. You do not desensitize the term by making it "yours&q​uot;....it will never be anything but a horrible term of degradation. When I hear it, it makes me cringe, even when it comes from J-Z & Kanye. Shame on you both..
In the back ground ...   (Kenzley Muns)18.7.2014
In the back ground if you listen closely...som​eone is saying Yeah!...We killed Tupac!!
The first verse ...   (Brendan Morris)12.11.2014
The first verse totally doesn't set the context correctly
I always wanted to ...   (Bobby Ristick)17.7.2014
I always wanted to know how Niggas in Paris sounded under water. Thanks for this upload.
come and meet me in ...   (corey haynes)8.11.2014
come and meet me in the bathstall
his songs awesome. ...   (Matthew Broomer)8.11.2014
his songs awesome. Love the beginning
bougi grab your and ...   (Ace killer)20.10.2014
bougi grab your and fuck that bitch dont want to dance !
im gay!   (Jan Ben)17.1.2015
im gay!
you want people to ...   (erkyturkey2)6.10.2014
you want people to buy add space on a song you didn't create and got most of the lyrics wrong on.
Notice how the ...   (Daley Levine)16.6.2014
Notice how the quality of the song is so bad it sounds like Jay has a lisp and when he says Tyson it sounds like he is mocking Mike Tyson. Lmfao.
if you listen ...   (Brandon Zuzak)6.6.2014
if you listen really close in the beginning you can hear yeahh we killed 2pac yeahhh we killed 2paccc
this song is whack   (PGERASUCKS)27.3.2014
this song is whack
Omfg they do say ...   (Uriel Zarco)12.5.2014
Omfg they do say that they killed Tupac :o
only beats and jay- ...   (omar khan)2.9.2014
only beats and jay-z kissin kanye ass fuck u'll bitches HIP HOP DEAD ALREADY
lol, blades of ...   (Lunch)17.2.2015
lol, blades of glory

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