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Author: YouTube Help
Length: 03:56
Uploaded: 17.4.2015
Viewed: 24556884×
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Video Category: Howto
the quality is ...   (DubstepClassicsHD)12.12.2014
the quality is fucking HORRIBLE
I hear “we killed ...   (imacreamsicle)3.5.2015
I hear “we killed tupac" in the background WTF
Dude did you record ...   (Steve Reves)1.4.2015
Dude did you record this underwater?​
i never knew they ...   (casey tyler)14.5.2015
i never knew they referenced d rose in this song
is that mike tyson ...   (Eric D.)15.5.2015
is that mike tyson doing jay z's parts?!?!?!?!​?!
Quality is shit. ...   (Besni Gejmer)2.5.2015
Quality is shit. How someone can listen to this?
why is the sound of ...   (Marvel_mercedes)25.4.2015
why is the sound of this video coming from my trackpad?
Were u in the ...   (DOPEDUCK 89)23.4.2015
Were u in the Atlantic Ocean when u recorded this
It's actually not " ...   (Christian Zada)9.5.2015
It's actually not "that shit crazy". It's that shit "Kray&qu​ot;. The Kray twins were english gangsters that evaded police on multiple occasions. Henceforth "Ball so hard mothafuckas wanna find me, that shit KRAY".​
can somebody tell ...   (Tommy Yap)25.5.2015
can somebody tell me what is the ending music title?
Got my n**gas in ...   (TheSketchy Gamer)9.5.2015
Got my n**gas in pears and they going gorillas huh?
wat a shit song   (conor sweeney)21.5.2015
wat a shit song
Killuminati   (ARDIT ALEMDAR)27.4.2015
The hardest fall is ...   (Bouelneyha Giverail)21.4.2015
The hardest fall is my rite 44 SS or 4 in 4 in a Y called inverted VV of ivi, when a SS laventh birth Blond blue eye's and clear skin falls. That is the example we gave to all Eurasia and prussia(respo​nes communist over population of pink dna to cover some make it some don't Mr. Kim is A grade and the manchriaons expalian amalek(a true fall for any SS) and that is the West explination in Blacks law orthodoxi oxford class dramatica.
this fucking ...   (Legendzz Nahhh)20.5.2015
this fucking quality D:
We killed tupac   (Andrew Short)10.2.2015
We killed tupac
I can't believe you ...   (Anytyme06)24.12.2014
I can't believe you have the audacity to upload such terrible quality audio
All these years I ...   (Muzi Tshabalala)2.5.2014
All these years I thought it was hasselhoff.​
im gay!   (Jan Ben)17.1.2015
im gay!
i hear we killed ...   (will palmer cooper)26.3.2015
i hear we killed Tupac through out the whole song, Hidden in plain sight, that's how they like to do it. 
He recorded it from ...   (Tyler Chronicle)6.4.2015
He recorded it from another device
We killed tupac ...   (alexis reyes)22.5.2015
We killed tupac anybody heard it
No swearing!!!! ...   (Pinkie Pie)3.5.2015
No swearing!!!! NOOOOO!!!!! wat is the point in swearing people? *y do u swear???*
Listen to ol boy ...   (S. Keenan)4.12.2014
Listen to ol boy about the Illuminati being bank rollers, and America being a front to a ponzi scheme. In fact Holland and Russia have already come calling for their gold back. Thing is we don't have it all. We gave back some of the gold but since WW2 Holland kept 50% of it's gold here and %17 percent home, now they keep %33 each and the rest spread out. Why would they take it out? Its no longer safe here. 
his songs awesome. ...   (Matthew Broomer)8.11.2014
his songs awesome. Love the beginning

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