Kanye West Jay-Z- Niggas in Paris (Lyrics)

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Kanye West Jay-Z- Niggas in Paris (Lyrics)

Author: BlazeAndOozy
Length: 04:06
Uploaded: 15.9.2011
Viewed: 8216467×
Rating (15012×):

Video Category: Music
Does this song ...   (Jen Kilburne)3.2.2014
Does this song sample fucking Blades of Glory?!
Love this track. I ...   (Exoro)2.2.2014
Love this track. I made a remix of this. If you like dubstep, feel free to check it out. It doesn't have many views and I am looking for some constructive​ criticism.
love this song   (Natalia Gonzalez)16.4.2014
love this song
this song is whack   (DominicanSwagger1000)27.3.2014
this song is whack
listen closely to ...   (Cassandra Jordan)23.2.2014
listen closely to the background you can hear its saying we killed 2 pac "YEAH" we killed 2 pac "YEAH" but you have to listen so closely in the background theres a guy yelling "we killed 2 pac" YEAH
killuminati   (Jacob Borchardt)7.2.2014
from sec : 10 - 25 ...   (Ylber Qorraj)7.11.2013
from sec : 10 - 25 ( back vocal ) says : WE KILLED 2pac What you think is it true ?
In the background ...   (Bree Grace)23.11.2013
In the background you hear we killed 2Pac lol
We kill 2pac??!!    (tom cobus)27.3.2014
We kill 2pac??!! 
BALL SO HARD   (tedalong1)4.3.2014
gwenyth paltrow is ...   (OfHeavy Heart)11.12.2013
gwenyth paltrow is a liar, this sucks!
We killed 2Pac   (Thiago S)13.11.2013
We killed 2Pac
the sound isnt ...   (Sarah Bi)23.3.2014
the sound isnt clear
tbh you haven't ...   (olivia reid)13.2.2014
tbh you haven't been educated your acting like you don't know what nigger means
You want to sell ...   (Pickled Punk Sideshow)28.11.2013
You want to sell ads on someone else's work? Shady
you also hear satan ...   (Lenard Rhett)7.2.2014
you also hear satan satan satan, after zone!!
"we killed hip hop" ...   (Ethan Foo)14.11.2013
"we killed hip hop"...
0 taste in music   (T Mambzz)13.9.2013
0 taste in music
this shit sucks. ...   (SmashFace200)3.11.2013
this shit sucks. kendrick is on top of the game
Aha why is Rihanna ...   (Alice Marplehorvat)15.10.2013
Aha why is Rihanna on the list?
did u know that ...   (ncandyhouse)14.10.2013
did u know that asap is not one person? Its a whole group of called the asap mob
bitch shut the fuck ...   (Desimber Patterson)31.10.2013
bitch shut the fuck up tupac is better than jay-z pero not in your generation
your parents must ...   (dee sadiq)6.8.2013
your parents must have been retarded when they gave you that name! bitch ass!
at the beging after ...   (michael b)22.9.2013
at the beging after they say yea you can hear we killed 2puc if you got head phones
i heard background ...   (Gabriela Neriz)20.9.2013
i heard background talking but not that.

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