Kanye West Jay-Z- Niggas in Paris (Lyrics)

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Kanye West Jay-Z- Niggas in Paris (Lyrics)

Author: BlazeAndOozy
Length: 04:06
Uploaded: 15.9.2011
Viewed: 8323824×
Rating (15120×):

Video Category: Music
Love this track. I ...   (Exoro)2.2.2014
Love this track. I made a remix of this. If you like dubstep, feel free to check it out. It doesn't have many views and I am looking for some constructive​ criticism.
Does this song ...   (Jen Kilburne)3.2.2014
Does this song sample fucking Blades of Glory?!
Haha, "We killed ...   (David Jones)6.5.2014
Haha, "We killed Tupac" or "We killed hip hop"; either way....... damn
sick fucking beat.   (Kennedy)17.6.2014
sick fucking beat.
Omfg they do say ...   (Im Jesus)12.5.2014
Omfg they do say that they killed Tupac :o
All these years I ...   (Muzi Tshabalala)2.5.2014
All these years I thought it was hasselhoff.​
listen closely to ...   (Cassandra Jordan)23.2.2014
listen closely to the background you can hear its saying we killed 2 pac "YEAH" we killed 2 pac "YEAH" but you have to listen so closely in the background theres a guy yelling "we killed 2 pac" YEAH
tbh you haven't ...   (olivia reid)13.2.2014
tbh you haven't been educated your acting like you don't know what nigger means
In the back ground ...   (Kenzley Muns)18.7.2014
In the back ground if you listen closely...som​eone is saying Yeah!...We killed Tupac!!
I always wanted to ...   (Bobby Ristick)17.7.2014
I always wanted to know how Niggas in Paris sounded under water. Thanks for this upload.
this song is whack   (DominicanSwagger1000)27.3.2014
this song is whack
if you listen ...   (Brandon Zuzak)6.6.2014
if you listen really close in the beginning you can hear yeahh we killed 2pac yeahhh we killed 2paccc
this song sounds ...   (Xavier E.)8.6.2014
this song sounds like gta 4 theme song
killuminati   (Stryng Dilley)7.2.2014
dis shit dope bro   (The Dub Gta Gamer)4.5.2014
dis shit dope bro
Kim ordered the ...   (NY Griego)25.5.2014
Kim ordered the fish filet XD !!!!
In the background ...   (Bree Grace)23.11.2013
In the background you hear we killed 2Pac lol
Filth! You think ...   (frank K)5.6.2014
Filth! You think because you,as black men, use the "N" word, it takes away the power of that word?! That word was meant as a term of total degradation to your people. When you use it, it's like "they" have fooled/degra​ded you a second time; they now have you calling your own by this degrading term....they must be laughing behind our backs. You do not desensitize the term by making it "yours"....it​ will never be anything but a horrible term of degradation. When I hear it, it makes me cringe, even when it comes from J-Z & Kanye. Shame on you both..
fuck jay z the ...   (walid fcbarcelona)16.5.2014
fuck jay z the illuminati loser tupac r.i.p killuminati​
BALL SO HARD   (tedalong1)4.3.2014
love this song   (Natalia Gonzalez)16.4.2014
love this song
gwenyth paltrow is ...   (OfHeavy Heart)11.12.2013
gwenyth paltrow is a liar, this sucks!
We killed 2Pac   (Thiago S)13.11.2013
We killed 2Pac
We kill 2pac??!!    (Wheezy Life)27.3.2014
We kill 2pac??!! 
Notice how the ...   (De'Angelo Thornton)16.6.2014
Notice how the quality of the song is so bad it sounds like Jay has a lisp and when he says Tyson it sounds like he is mocking Mike Tyson. Lmfao.

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