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Download SMILEY here: Get SMILEY on iTunes: ------ SMILEY on DVD: Available in Walmart & Best Buy starting February 12th! ------------------------------ Sometimes sex with a girl can be scary. Really scary. Especially the sex part. Starring Nikki Limo Jason Horton Richard Ryan Written by Jason Horton & Michael Gallagher Directed by Michael Gallagher Relationship Humor and Sex Comedy Videos are our specialty! Subscribe :) © 2010 Totally Sketch. All Rights Reserved.

Author: TotallySketch
Length: 01:30
Uploaded: 30.3.2010
Viewed: 109994207×
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I am trying to ...   (VishisVan)13.6.2014
I am trying to become a hotdog. Every night I sleep in a giant bun and I only drink ketchup and mustard. The doctor said he would only go through the controversial​ surgery to make me a hotdog if I get to a million views on Youtube so please watch my videos :)
"It's like riding a ...   (Nicolas R)18.10.2014
"It's like riding a bicycle...but​ with your penis!" 😂😂
100,000,000 views?? ...   (Bryam Ayvar)16.12.2014
100,000,000 views???wtf 0.o
I found prolargent ...   (Michael Brown)13.11.2014
I found prolargent 5x5 extreme very effective. I maintained an extremely firm erection within the 3 hour period. There are no any side effects. I can maintain an erection with it.
This should be ...   (Atarien6)27.10.2014
This should be retitled: How to be a complete fucking chode: An interactive adventure as a complete loser
I think its funny ...   (Train-Wreck)1.10.2014
I think its funny how he was like well I don't want the other rooms to feel bad
"It's just like ...   (purpleduckling2428)10.11.2014
"It's just like riding a bicycle, except with your penis." XD
No ios link?   (Elijah Whiteway)10.12.2014
No ios link?
funniest part when ...   (Gizem Ozdemir)15.11.2014
funniest part when nikkie licked the door hahahahhahaha​haha
very good,click me ...   (LED Lighting Top One)9.11.2014
very good,click me more surprise
Be cool ...   (Sajuane Nolan)26.10.2014
Be cool motherfucker​
fucking hell 108 ...   (Rayan Khan)20.3.2014
fucking hell 108 million views
Fuck her right in ...   (Javaris Ambrose)15.10.2014
Fuck her right in the pussy 
Oh!! 109,464,293 ...   (P luck'd)29.7.2014
Oh!! 109,464,293 views!! I got to have what Meta-data they used.
Be cool   (Dax Tyson)28.11.2014
Be cool
Tell truth   (Sidney Blackmar)8.11.2014
Tell truth
Alright. Great   (karuselvideo)22.3.2014
Alright. Great
be cool   (Sears Holdings)9.11.2014
be cool
Am I the only one ...   (Psychotic Zoe)22.6.2014
Am I the only one who doesn't get the links for the whole interactive part
Single men looking ...   (Arvind Tejveer)6.7.2014
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XD   (RageOnline)7.12.2014
XD   (Cook Like A Chef)4.9.2013
TELL HER THE TRUTH! ...   (John Sopta)29.9.2013
he should of raped ...   (montelltoker)17.9.2013
he should of raped the man
That ass!   (michael vallejo)7.9.2013
That ass!

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