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Author: YouTube Help
Length: 03:56
Uploaded: 17.4.2015
Viewed: 31905106×
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Video Category: Howto
I Surrender - Rosie ...   (KID NPG)15.1.2015
I Surrender - Rosie Gaines #Rosie​Gaines #NPG RnB
Surrender to Rosie ...   (Rubybondi)18.11.2014
Surrender to Rosie Gaines's funk 'n' garage scats.
I enjoy this song ...   (suavehinrg)16.1.2015
I enjoy this song and music video very much! I downloaded the club length version of this song from Amazon.
Her voice epically ...   (JayTekken1)14.12.2011
Her voice epically superb in Diamonds and Pearls and Prince was lucky to have gotten her.
Great singer with ...   (iawnaek)1.3.2008
Great singer with an incredible voice. The current crop of female R&B singers are no match to her vocal prowess.
Amazing! This kind ...   (iawnaek)5.2.2013
Amazing! This kind of vocal acrobatics is unheard of nowadays.
Thumbs up if u like ...   (lehaystrelnikov)9.11.2011
Thumbs up if u like sweet GARAGE music sound with beautiful voices!
I remember this ...   (rphr1987)22.7.2008
I remember this being at #39, Closer Than Closer was her best.
well you have'nt ...   (smashu221)14.6.2011
well you have'nt turned yourself into me yet so il wait a while rosie after that rosie surrendering wont be an option rosie
The scat part is ...   (justhouz)23.1.2012
The scat part is incredible.
you remind me of a ...   (smashu221)14.5.2011
you remind me of a caramel chaka khan
doesn't she reminds ...   (Remy Azhary Yosef)4.3.2011
doesn't she reminds you of chaka khan but with the disco feel of martha wash.
I surrender to ...   (Lindi Hlats)10.8.2011
I surrender to dancing to this tune.
I never knew who ...   (BabyboyDet)19.1.2009
I never knew who sung this, thanks for posting it.
Rosie shows she can ...   (Vincent50)30.11.2009
Rosie shows she can do it all. This may not be her style per say but a REAL singer will tackle them all and she does a great job on this one. I love her voice and her willingness to not just be in one style of singing.
Who knew that Rosie ...   (suedesoulnatl)9.2.2009
Who knew that Rosie Gaines of Prince and the New Power Generation was the power behind this club hit!!!..I'm so pleased to be so late!...LOL..​.I tore the dancefloor up with this one!!
chile this isnt ...   (jamardjk)1.6.2009
chile this isnt your style too martha wash
The big voices can ...   (desertflow3r)8.8.2012
The big voices can do it all. The song's over and I'm still shakin' the bootay!
(((((DANCE!!!!!!!)) ...   (molinmusic)14.3.2010
(((((DANCE!!!​!!!!))))))) THIS is life, LOVE IT!
The best!   (armouredamazon)26.2.2009
The best!
its got to be so ...   (rphr1987)22.7.2008
its got to be so funny when she screams, wooooooo hooooo. So funny.
If you turn down ...   (I am Karmoon)28.7.2008
If you turn down the sound and watch the dude in the corridor, he looks likes he's insane. Like he's in some kind of colourful sanitarium.

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