How to Draw Backgrounds (1-point Perspective)

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How to Draw Backgrounds (1-point Perspective)

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Author: markcrilley
Length: 14:22
Uploaded: 21.10.2011
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subbed. your ...   (Stefanos Pleros)12.8.2014
subbed. your amazing!
+markcrilley I'm ...   (Artemis Stalloff)23.2.2015
+markcrilley I'm currently taking lessons and self teaching on creating mangas, animes and writing stories. Your tutorials are helping me out a bundle in my true calling.
Vertical: up and ...   (MangaManiac)23.2.2015
Vertical: up and down. Horizontal: sideways. 
thanks ur a real ...   (Itz_Sunday-_-)28.2.2015
thanks ur a real art teacher all my others dont really help but, now i can show my freinds how to
I'd give this a 10/ ...   (Shaun Skaarup)26.2.2015
I'd give this a 10/10 absolutely amazing.
I really liked it!! ...   (simonfilm)11.2.2015
I really liked it!! Great job!! I write you from Spain, and I'm using your videos at my school in arts. Thanks!
Thank u mark!! It's ...   (Noof Altalei)25.7.2014
Thank u mark!! It's really help me alot! 
Thanks for the ...   (Sultan Yavas)24.2.2015
Thanks for the video its so useful! 
Thanks so much. You ...   (chocolatechip410)19.1.2015
Thanks so much. You have taught me so much and even helped me out with my art projects for school. Your an amazing artist! 
please continue on ...   (johhny foster)15.2.2015
please continue on these manga style landscapes you help so much and its my main interest atm thanks
Very good tutorial, ...   (Miss Okabe)11.2.2015
Very good tutorial, I look forward to attempting this one at some point!
Wow dude, almost 2 ...   (Tanhim Murshid)27.11.2014
Wow dude, almost 2 million subscribers and you still take time to talk to people who comment on old videos and stuff? Soo much respect. 
My name is Souhil ...   (AUTO DRAWINGS)21.2.2015
My name is Souhil 22 years ,i am from France , and i draw cars from many years ago ! it will be really nice if you can check ly vidéos and telle me what do you think , i want to be Designer at BMW brand and i want to know if i have the skills :D thanks , awesome vidéos by the way ;)
im taking art ...   (Nathan Silva)9.2.2015
im taking art school but id rather have you as teacher XD be my Master!!!
This looks simple.. ...   (PoisonedG4mer)29.1.2015
This looks simple... Im going to do it in my arts class next week. But instead of water colers, maybe I will use only shadding and stuff...
Also! Question! 2 ...   (Brian Glock)30.1.2015
Also! Question! 2 actually! Can you do a q and a? if you haven't already got one, also do you get paid to draw by someone? Can you really make a living using drawing. (If it was possible, which might be a most likely, I'd love to draw for a living.)
Amazing man plese ...   (ahmed sattar)31.1.2015
Amazing man plese make more (thank you)
your perspective ...   (Zerizzle)4.2.2015
your perspective videos are ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT. They have helped me so much, i am fairly meh with drawing characters but backgrounds and perspectives​ were my weakness and your videos have helped so much...all of them!!!!!!!!​!!!!! 
13:08 I'm kinda ...   (Willemijn Bolks)16.1.2015
13:08 I'm kinda scared now. XD
Drawing one point, ...   (Brittany Beasley)2.1.2015
Drawing one point, two, three isn't a problem for me. I just need the patience for the whole details, lol. I tried this and it came out a little differently,​ (I put the horizontal line lower than yours), but pretty good. The challenging part I think is adding all the details, people, and drawing things in like birds eye point of view.
Your amazing and ...   (Mohammad Zaidi)22.2.2015
Your amazing and your videos are great but this one may have been a little discouraging​...
What would you do ...   (krisdijne)14.2.2015
What would you do though if you wanted to make sure that the pillars were placed correctly? I'm practicing drawing backgrounds, and I really have no idea!
Mark u are ...   (datblobfish°-°)14.2.2015
Mark u are absolutely amazing on my school art project most choose vangouth or whatever but choose u 😂😂 
I like how you ...   (Hollow Naruto)15.12.2014
I like how you stress that there is no one way to do it. Great piece and great advice.
This vid helped me ...   (David WhitE)13.2.2015
This vid helped me so much, i drew it, well tried, but i didnt have the paint tools you have so i improvised and used charcoal

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