How to Draw Backgrounds (1-point Perspective)

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How to Draw Backgrounds (1-point Perspective)

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Author: markcrilley
Length: 14:22
Uploaded: 21.10.2011
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subbed. your ...   (Stefanos Pleros)12.8.2014
subbed. your amazing!
Im begin to try ...   (Dwarf Absinther)26.11.2014
Im begin to try learn laws of perspective, because I wanna do nice enviroment for my figural drawings and this video its so great, thanks, it so good to see how another people draw, also if is the person with great skills as you :)
Hi Mark! Very ...   (Horacio Salazar Gómez)11.12.2014
Hi Mark! Very useful video. I think it's well explained each step that you took to get the perspective. ​Watching many artists videos, like yours, bring back to my memory all what I've forgoten of my art and design classes. Thanks for sharing! Have​ a good one!
Mark....i realized ...   (davidslenderpie)11.12.2014
Mark....i realized you watched too much of "The Mad Max" franchise 
this was a great ...   (AngryDuckStudios)27.11.2014
this was a great video, it helped a lot! 
Thank u mark!! It's ...   (Noof Altalei)25.7.2014
Thank u mark!! It's really help me alot! 
i think he needs to ...   (thepinkcreeper)26.8.2014
i think he needs to take geometry class again!!!!!!! :D (Learn the terms!!!!). also if you could can you please make a video on how you could develop your own style for manga? I would really apreciate it! and i'm gonna try brody's ghost when i'm back at school! (It's in the library!)
hey markcriley how ...   (Elizabeth Roque)19.12.2014
hey markcriley how do you make your drawings so realistic?
Wow dude, almost 2 ...   (Tanhim Murshid)27.11.2014
Wow dude, almost 2 million subscribers and you still take time to talk to people who comment on old videos and stuff? Soo much respect. 
O m'y god your so ...   (thibault poncetta)6.12.2014
O m'y god your so amazing ! 
Nice video Mark, I ...   (black lotus)17.12.2014
Nice video Mark, I have a lot of collection of my drawings too but your'e doing great!
You are very ...   (Damian Watts)6.12.2014
You are very inspirational. You helped me on the manga drawing parts that i had trouble on and I'm getting better :) BTW can you make a video on how to draw Manga Type cars 
Epic work mate, ...   (David Bowater)16.12.2014
Epic work mate, Subbed.
great vidoe Mark... ...   (Bruce Coleman)24.10.2014
great vidoe Mark....give us the harder stuff....there should be more books focusing on this subject?...Do​n't get a lot of great results in the Amazon search...
Thank you, that was ...   (J2013)27.11.2014
Thank you, that was very informative. I really enjoyed it. I've subscribed and liked and I'll be going through your other videos. Now, if only I could get enough time to practice what I've just seen...
Who is pressing ...   (Anime Hvað?)9.12.2014
Who is pressing dislike ? stop it !!
Hey I don't know if ...   (Foltzy56)30.11.2014
Hey I don't know if you will see this but can you put a tutorial of making characters walking into the distance? Love the video, subbed
I'm crying trying ...   (ravxnn bye)18.10.2014
I'm crying trying to draw this it's too hard for me ;-;
pretty much ...   (TheKrianTV)26.9.2014
pretty much architectonic​ drawing, I had to learn this in half year, along with drawing plants xD
Great. Thank you   (Jackie Lott)19.12.2014
Great. Thank you
How do you draw ...   (zedley12)7.12.2014
How do you draw people from a distance?
you r crazy man.... ...   (hrushi palodkar)18.11.2014
you r crazy man.....great​ drawing... thanks . 
I dig it Crilley! ...   (MrHarborFreight)16.11.2014
I dig it Crilley! Subbed, faved & liked. I will b checking out all ur vids Man! I wanna learn as much as i can bout' adding color to my drawings! Have A Super Blessed Week!.....Gus​ 
sensei.. when i saw ...   (The Grey Circle)22.9.2014
sensei.. when i saw the 0:53 i feel the overkill hopelessness to achieve something like that its like a fatal slash to my chest and im down to my knees feeling despair
you are awesome at ...   (Grace Alebiosu)19.11.2014
you are awesome at drawing, I got the ruler thing but after that it was jsut Mind blowing! *ins​ert hand gestures here*

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