How to Draw Backgrounds (1-point Perspective)

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How to Draw Backgrounds (1-point Perspective)

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Author: markcrilley
Length: 14:22
Uploaded: 21.10.2011
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Thank u mark!! It's ...   (Noof Altalei)25.7.2014
Thank u mark!! It's really help me alot! 
Mark- "I'm gonna ...   (RobotGustaCake)7.4.2014
Mark- "I'm gonna keep it simple." *Cre​ates masterpiece* ​Me- "Damn it, Mark!"
This was definitely ...   (The1Returner)23.12.2013
This was definitely helpful. I just have a hard time with adding lighting and shadow.
Do you have any ...   (Jesus Martinez)20.1.2014
Do you have any videos on how to draw planets, galaxies and space?
it was excellent ...   (anox anny)9.4.2014
it was excellent and really helped
Ive been having ...   (WTF)11.2.2014
Ive been having trouble deciding where to place my horizon line. what affect does the horizon have when placed hi, low, or center of the paper? Please help. 
Haha such a chill ...   (Demention94)28.7.2014
Haha such a chill attitude. Nice tutorial!
Dude is like me.... ...   (The1Returner)23.12.2013
Dude is like me....i do all sound effects, and voices when im drawing. My family thinks im insane. lol
Oh my... That is ...   (Volt Link)23.7.2014
Oh my... That is some Fcuking Awsome Work man wish I was as good as you. I'm gonna sub and like :) nice video.
Mark I predict ...   (al meggs)20.7.2014
Mark I predict illustrated books are coming back Dont laugh yet Im referring to the the books over one hundred years ago Ie The illustrations​ in the original DQ for example (I forget the famous illustrators​ name) I've had a very hard life and at the end now i want to leave my history I want to set in in the future b/c i have a knack for seeing into the future Obviou​sly no one wants to help me. B/c at first theres NO money I love perspectives and think I can do them with practice Can you advise me?
dope vid   (KryptonIstheFuture)3.7.2014
dope vid
THANK U    (BananaKen298)20.3.2014
Wahahahaaa.. im ...   (ReesyTaters)15.4.2014
Wahahahaaa.. im watching this to learn how to do this BUT FIND MYSELF DREADING THE MOMENT I DO... ;_; AAAH MY BRAIN HURTS. ..curse you art teacher who doesnt let me draw all characters...​!! T_T or curse my middle school art techer for not teaching me JACK about this important part that highschool teachers would get in my case for!!!
Yay! I actually ...   (happychibipanda)9.5.2014
Yay! I actually learned this in 5th grade! You forget what you learned a few years ago...
Um.. If you can ...   (Peter Kalligas)18.5.2014
Um.. If you can please answer me.. I' kinda new to your videos and i think your work is just terrific! I'm working on backgrounds too because i think i have learned well enough working with manga characters and there is something that is bugging me. I am troubled with making things out of wood and manage to draw wooden stuff like doors trees sticks and so on. I searched on your videos but i didn't find something.. can you please tell me if i must use screentone to suceed for example a wooden door or can i draw it with my hand? Also keep up your amazing and inspiring work and greetings from Greece! :D
do you know how to ...   (Kyo L. Katsuryu)14.6.2014
do you know how to draw the susano'o from naruto
I keep rewinding it ...   (MidnightViper121)2.6.2014
I keep rewinding it to 5:04 xD Laugh every time!
Can you do a park? ...   (Ivan Bobinski)21.12.2013
Can you do a park? I'm trying to do a book and I need a park scene. 
Good stuff! I'm ...   (The1Returner)23.12.2013
Good stuff! I'm almost at this level.
I love your videos ...   (Mr.H)20.4.2014
I love your videos of draw. The best tutorials of how to draw backgrounds I saw.
Great video. Also I ...   (mlwartist2000)29.4.2014
Great video. Also I just got both mastering manga books and they are epic.
Thank You.   (Painters Punsch)17.7.2014
Thank You.
As with the other ...   (dariusdynamite)4.12.2013
As with the other tutorials, this was very informative. I personally didn't think it was too hard or too easy. It was just too awesome! I DO have a question regarding the comic book/graphic novel industry. How would an aspiring artist/author​ get started with a comic book/graphic novel?
Thanks Mark, once ...   (Hayden Burgess)13.4.2014
Thanks Mark, once again an excellent video! very helpful for a first timer getting into backgrounds​
I never took an art ...   (daszee___)22.3.2014
I never took an art class i tried to recreate this drawing and i honestly think i did pretty good :) nice!!!

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