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Author: YouTube Help
Length: 03:56
Uploaded: 17.4.2015
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Video Category: Howto
...I don't even ...   (Akashi Nano)7.3.2015
...I don't even know how to say thanks. I was trying to get this down for quite some time. 100 in Art here I come ~!
could you do a ...   (Chloe Elizabeth)12.4.2015
could you do a medievil setting? like castles and mountains in the background :D
We draw this in 9th ...   (Rio Lu)27.5.2015
We draw this in 9th class in school. Greetings from Germany :D
I like how you ...   (Hollow Naruto)15.12.2014
I like how you stress that there is no one way to do it. Great piece and great advice.
I like this one. I ...   (Samuel McGraw)16.3.2015
I like this one. I like the whole 1-point perspective thing, but I don't have all the tools u use but that's whatever. Would u be able to make any more? Like of an old cabin, a restaurant on the beach like a shack type thing, or anything like that? U know what I mean? Anyways, ur probably busy and all, but if u happen to notice my comment, plz let me know. Im a subscriber and I loved ur book Brody's ghost. The buildings in it looked soo cool:)
Thanks for the ...   (Sultan Yavas)24.2.2015
Thanks for the video its so useful! 
"PERPENDICULAR MAN! ...   (Keeper Semper)24.5.2015
"PERPEND​ICULAR MAN! PARALLEL! ...they both start with the letter 'p'." You're wonderful, mister. 
Wow dude, almost 2 ...   (Tanhim Murshid)27.11.2014
Wow dude, almost 2 million subscribers and you still take time to talk to people who comment on old videos and stuff? Soo much respect. 
I really liked it!! ...   (simonfilm)11.2.2015
I really liked it!! Great job!! I write you from Spain, and I'm using your videos at my school in arts. Thanks!
Amazing man plese ...   (ahmed sattar)31.1.2015
Amazing man plese make more (thank you)
wow, that was ...   (serialkisser67)31.3.2015
wow, that was really helpful! :)
Do more backgrounds ...   (Edward Medina)15.4.2015
Do more backgrounds of different kinds. Farms, mountains, etc. Your tutorials are awesome.
oph my god thank ...   (kakashi hatake)23.4.2015
oph my god thank you soo much I just discovered my drawing talent my friends are really good at drawing but I was not and I just discovered that pointperspec​tive drawing is my talent thank you so much i love your videos :D
you are a genius   (xXAlunotrezentosXx)3.5.2015
you are a genius
I suck a scenery >, ...   (Skotty DaSilva)17.3.2015
I suck a scenery >,,,< but this is a great video. I want to try a forest scene but it always gets messy.
That last song was ...   (SicParvisMagna6)26.3.2015
That last song was absolutely amazing!
Drawing one point, ...   (Brittany Beasley)2.1.2015
Drawing one point, two, three isn't a problem for me. I just need the patience for the whole details, lol. I tried this and it came out a little differently,​ (I put the horizontal line lower than yours), but pretty good. The challenging part I think is adding all the details, people, and drawing things in like birds eye point of view.
Also! Question! 2 ...   (Brian Glock)30.1.2015
Also! Question! 2 actually! Can you do a q and a? if you haven't already got one, also do you get paid to draw by someone? Can you really make a living using drawing. (If it was possible, which might be a most likely, I'd love to draw for a living.)
+markcrilley I'm ...   (Artemis Stalloff)23.2.2015
+markcrilley I'm currently taking lessons and self teaching on creating mangas, animes and writing stories. Your tutorials are helping me out a bundle in my true calling.
dang bro this is ...   (josie Innocent)28.5.2015
dang bro this is some really advanced stuff its gonna take all summer to master this
this is just simply ...   (Hung Bui)30.5.2015
this is just simply amazing!!!!!!​!!!!!! thanks,​ Mark!! this is truly inspirational​!!!!
Very good tutorial, ...   (Miss Okabe)11.2.2015
Very good tutorial, I look forward to attempting this one at some point!
thanks ur a real ...   (Itz_Sunday-_-)28.2.2015
thanks ur a real art teacher all my others dont really help but, now i can show my freinds how to
thanks mark for the ...   (coolkidcomic)27.3.2015
thanks mark for the vids i am only eleven but I to be a manga artist I am decent with people standing vertically I just need to work on poses backgrounds and animals 
Thank you so much ...   (xXtherubixcube7Xx)15.3.2015
Thank you so much for your videos. I'm hoping one day to publish manga, I still have a long way to go, but your videos really help me out. :)

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