How to Draw Backgrounds (1-point Perspective)

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How to Draw Backgrounds (1-point Perspective)

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Author: markcrilley
Length: 14:22
Uploaded: 21.10.2011
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subbed. your ...   (Stefanos Pleros)12.8.2014
subbed. your amazing!
Thank u mark!! It's ...   (Noof Altalei)25.7.2014
Thank u mark!! It's really help me alot! 
i think he needs to ...   (thepinkcreeper)26.8.2014
i think he needs to take geometry class again!!!!!!! :D (Learn the terms!!!!). also if you could can you please make a video on how you could develop your own style for manga? I would really apreciate it! and i'm gonna try brody's ghost when i'm back at school! (It's in the library!)
My art teacher ...   (Samantha Yue)16.9.2014
My art teacher showed us this video for art class :3
This video really ...   (dylan the stunt guy)14.9.2014
This video really helped me understand the perspective point drawings your AWESOME
I really appreciate ...   (BonnieLass)25.8.2014
I really appreciate all the perspective videos! I've taken other classes that showed me 1, 2, and 3-point perspective, but none of them really got into building up complete landscapes and backgrounds using perspective. Because of this, I was having an *incredibly* hard time putting to paper what was in my head. And all three of these vids have definitely helped. Thanks so much! (Also -- I LOVE the time lapses.)
I really enjoyed ...   (Cori Hitt)24.8.2014
I really enjoyed this video. I am a novice when it comes to drawing, your particle advice, and humor was just what I was looking for. Thank you
Thank You.   (Painters Punsch)17.7.2014
Thank You.
Best teaching ...   (ijustwatchvideos777)4.7.2014
Best teaching videos i've seen, but could i get info on what kindof tools you use to do the final touchings? i've been asking in several videos but still no response :'c
Thanks Mark, I ...   (Basil Bear)29.8.2014
Thanks Mark, I really enjoy your videos. Keep on plugging away! 
It's so simple but ...   (creosfera)26.8.2014
It's so simple but cool! I've tried to do similar tutorials - I would much appreciate if you could take a look at them, thanks :)
:D   (SuperMeatBoy)16.8.2014
Hey do you have any ...   (DarkBirgon)7.8.2014
Hey do you have any tips on how to draw a simple background like the inside of a house? I need to know who to do that for one of my drawings.
so are you ...   (gtylerbrown2)2.8.2014
so are you measuring these lines of screen because i cannot get the pillars to line up between the top and the bottom banks on the right side?
What drawing tools ...   (Joe Nofoa)7.7.2014
What drawing tools did you use towards the end? For darkening the lines and coloring the smoke?
Haha such a chill ...   (Demention94)28.7.2014
Haha such a chill attitude. Nice tutorial!
Did anyone else ...   (DraiderX007)17.7.2014
Did anyone else notice the smoke is blowing to the right but but the man's scarf is blowing to the left? XD
Oh my... That is ...   (VØŁT ŁÎÑK MĘDÎÂ)23.7.2014
Oh my... That is some Fcuking Awsome Work man wish I was as good as you. I'm gonna sub and like :) nice video.
Mark- "I'm gonna ...   (RobotGustaCake)7.4.2014
Mark- "I'm gonna keep it simple." *Cre​ates masterpiece* ​Me- "Damn it, Mark!"
Mark I predict ...   (al meggs)20.7.2014
Mark I predict illustrated books are coming back Dont laugh yet Im referring to the the books over one hundred years ago Ie The illustrations​ in the original DQ for example (I forget the famous illustrators​ name) I've had a very hard life and at the end now i want to leave my history I want to set in in the future b/c i have a knack for seeing into the future Obviou​sly no one wants to help me. B/c at first theres NO money I love perspectives and think I can do them with practice Can you advise me?
i start drawing ...   (sasuke uchiha)22.7.2014
i start drawing before 7 months and i didnt do it perfect comeeeeeeeeee​eee on
Awesome! I'm not a ...   (Ignacio Verderone)9.7.2014
Awesome! I'm not a drawer. But I find myself having this futuristic post-apocaly​ptic dreams that I want to capture on paper, and these videos are really helpful cause my drawing is no different from a 10 year old kid's one. Thank you so much!
it was excellent ...   (anox anny)9.4.2014
it was excellent and really helped
Je pourrais ...   (Larif)4.5.2014
Je pourrais regarder cette vidéo encore et encore je je serais incapable de reproduire le dixième de ce chef d'oeuvre. 
Great video. Also I ...   (mlwartist2000)29.4.2014
Great video. Also I just got both mastering manga books and they are epic.

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