How to Draw Backgrounds (1-point Perspective)

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How to Draw Backgrounds (1-point Perspective)

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Author: markcrilley
Length: 14:22
Uploaded: 21.10.2011
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Video Category: Howto
Wahahahaaa.. im ...   (ReesyTaters)15.4.2014
Wahahahaaa.. im watching this to learn how to do this BUT FIND MYSELF DREADING THE MOMENT I DO... ;_; AAAH MY BRAIN HURTS. ..curse you art teacher who doesnt let me draw all characters...​!! T_T or curse my middle school art techer for not teaching me JACK about this important part that highschool teachers would get in my case for!!!
it was excellent ...   (anox anny)9.4.2014
it was excellent and really helped
Mark- "I'm gonna ...   (RobotGustaCake)7.4.2014
Mark- "I'm gonna keep it simple." *Cre​ates masterpiece* ​Me- "Damn it, Mark!"
THANK U    (BananaKen298)20.3.2014
This was definitely ...   (The1Returner)23.12.2013
This was definitely helpful. I just have a hard time with adding lighting and shadow.
Ive been having ...   (WTF)11.2.2014
Ive been having trouble deciding where to place my horizon line. what affect does the horizon have when placed hi, low, or center of the paper? Please help. 
Do you have any ...   (Jesus Martinez)20.1.2014
Do you have any videos on how to draw planets, galaxies and space?
Can you do a park? ...   (Ivan Bobinski)21.12.2013
Can you do a park? I'm trying to do a book and I need a park scene. 
love it, thanks :D   (Tíria Bagó-Obrusánszki)16.4.2014
love it, thanks :D
funny explanation : ...   (Rosanne Rozenberg)14.4.2014
funny explanation :) nice examples
Thanks Mark, once ...   (Hayden Burgess)13.4.2014
Thanks Mark, once again an excellent video! very helpful for a first timer getting into backgrounds​
perpendicular maan ...   (Neznam Odvojeno)10.4.2014
perpendicular​ maan haha great :)
I like it. Thanks ...   (annlanding)12.4.2014
I like it. Thanks for sharing.
Very nice. Now if I ...   (bigmike1ak)6.4.2014
Very nice. Now if I can just have the patience to follow suit. Would that be ready for you to scan and print that page of a comic, or are there more steps?
awesome background ...   (Cody Elliott)5.4.2014
awesome background how do you draw the guy I would love to have him in my drawing
Mark, please do a ...   (Oreo Burger)31.3.2014
Mark, please do a video on how to draw grassland with a pencil. I really struggle with it. Its especially problematic when im trying out wildlife art in the style of manga (weird right?( and i cant find a decent tutorial anywhere.
I never took an art ...   (daszee___)22.3.2014
I never took an art class i tried to recreate this drawing and i honestly think i did pretty good :) nice!!!
Thanks for the ...   (DanielsGraphics)21.11.2013
Thanks for the video.
Very interesting ...   (Emsi Rocked)13.12.2013
Very interesting video! Background drawings are pretty sick! Love your style :)
As with the other ...   (dariusdynamite)4.12.2013
As with the other tutorials, this was very informative. I personally didn't think it was too hard or too easy. It was just too awesome! I DO have a question regarding the comic book/graphic novel industry. How would an aspiring artist/author​ get started with a comic book/graphic novel?
Been watching lots ...   (Henry CAL)24.3.2014
Been watching lots of south park and noticed lots of M'Kay XD
Why did they do it? ...   (Antwaun Platt)30.11.2013
Why did they do it? Why did they destroy the entire EARTHH :) too funny!
Don't have to but I ...   (Kendall Spoor)7.2.2014
Don't have to but I would love to see you do a vid on how to draw a skull
your videos really ...   (Mary McHotness)13.11.2013
your videos really are grate, I really learned a lot from them and I think the way you do videos now is the right way so you should keep it like this.
it was to tough. i ...   (Zain Ul Abedeen)5.11.2013
it was to tough. i tried but i got somthing else as i am a beginner. plz make some videos for beginners only on sketching and shading

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