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Author: YouTube Help
Length: 03:56
Uploaded: 17.4.2015
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Video Category: Howto
I love listening to ...   (Skyler 5sosňŹî)17.5.2015
I love listening to the old Miley songs sometimes(:´╗​┐
I miss the old ...   (Bianca Pineda)30.10.2014
I miss the old Miley ... ´╗┐
This is bringing ...   (Jade Goodwin)24.2.2015
This is bringing back them childhood feels.´╗┐
I wouldn't mind if ...   (NerdyGerdy2)28.10.2014
I wouldn't mind if she still sung songs like this again :( But we got shit like Wrecking Ball now. Great voice, but I personally thing she is using it for the wrong songs. #RIPChildhood ´╗┐
Why am I here´╗┐   (samaria ortiz)17.3.2015
Why am I here´╗┐
when miley cyrus ...   (Aisha.k xo)29.3.2015
when miley cyrus wasnt such a ...u know what´╗┐
I miss the old ...   (emanuelle giovana)2.3.2015
I miss the old Miley...´╗┐
Lhh this bitch ...   (Latoya Godfrey)17.5.2015
Lhh this bitch doing my neck my back now lol´╗┐
Like if your ...   (Alexandra Hotlos)23.2.2015
Like if your favorite character from HSM (High School Musical) is Sharpay ( Ashley Tisdale). Childhood in a 3 minute video.´╗┐
holy fuck this is ...   (Fredrick)28.3.2015
holy fuck this is nostalgic.´╗┐
   (Claudio Aguila)16.4.2015
TURE FRENDS LOL´╗┐   (Malou sanchez Arce)2.3.2015
   (steffe faith)12.4.2015
Thanks Ali And ...   (Maria Catalan)21.4.2015
Thanks Ali And Aulona for being my BFFs forever´╗┐
maggie your a good ...   (Kaitlyn Nicholas)30.3.2015
maggie your a good friend´╗┐
aku suka video ini, ...   (Roberto Risky)25.4.2015
aku suka video ini, dan suka lagu ini, aku mencintaimu #Miley Cyrus...´╗┐
This makes me wanna ...   (Giovanna Chaves)31.3.2015
This makes me wanna cry! I remember being 10 and singing this with the girl who used to be my bff at the time. It's sad cause a year after this I moved to another country and now it's been nearly 6 years and we've completely lost touch.´╗┐
I wish I had a true ...   (UPlayNetwork)5.12.2014
I wish I had a true friend ­čśú Hannah Montana - True Friend Music Video: http://youtu.​be/Hzm8SFGsd_I​´╗┐
Love you Miley!!´╗┐   (Amy Chubbs)26.3.2015
Love you Miley!!´╗┐
Hannah Montana I ...   (Queen_of them jocks)22.2.2015
Hannah Montana I love u please come back!!´╗┐
Wow, wtf even ...   (DARK ANGELFALL)19.11.2014
Wow, wtf even happened to my childhood, we had songs like this and the shows like this on Disney. Now we got wrecking ball and other shit songs... Disney is ruined all the good shows are over and so is my childhood....​ Can't wait to see how 2020 will be like. R.I.P Childhood ´╗┐
What happen to ...   (Ednabel Leeper)30.4.2015
What happen to Hannah she was my hero but now she my butthole´╗┐
are you still ...   (Syed Shah)5.4.2015
are you still watching videos of when I was 4 my name is Emmett I'm your biggest fan´╗┐
i am all the way a ...   (Euwane katherine kennedy)25.4.2015
i am all the way a true friend...miley whatever u decided were all here behind go girl just be yourself..´╗┐
My true friend was ...   (Cristina Chilgevorkyan)7.4.2015
My true friend was a girl back in Vegas who is miley´╗┐

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