Hannah Montana - Bone Dance

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Hannah Montana - Bone Dance

in season 2 episode 4 they sang this because miley wanted to past a test to go to europe . i luv dis . itz soo funni .

Author: xxxcrazydonkeyxxx
Length: 03:23
Uploaded: 18.6.2007
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I used to be such a ...   (Annie the Dark Child)4.7.2014
I used to be such a fan of hers, ages 10 - 13....I mean, posters everywhere, all of her CDs, all of her movies and anything else you could think of. ​ .....Blech.´╗​┐
Sad how people ...   (Florinn.)6.12.2014
Sad how people change throughout the years... but I don't think that's the problem at all, but what you want to do with that change.´╗┐
Okay, people are ...   (CHASITY SMITH)23.11.2014
Okay, people are rude no scratch that insanely rude has anyone been taught the treat others how you want to be treated rule aparently,not​.All I have to say is its obnoxious and annoying that people say things about specifically​ Miley Cyrus and how she is so horrible now that she's older and is not on Disney and stuff like that but she is who she is and either you hate her or you don't but if you don't like her that doesn't mean that you have the right to be a jerk.Also I wouldn't call myself a fan but I wouldn't call myself a hater.I just don't believe how horrible people can be.´╗┐
what happend to her ...   (R4FA)18.12.2014
what happend to her :\´╗┐
i laughed sooo hard ...   (Courtney Lyles)16.11.2014
i laughed sooo hard when i first sal this ´╗┐
omg i finally know ...   (Harmonizer808)9.12.2014
omg i finally know what she's talking about now that im older´╗┐
24 Million Views! ...   (New channel!! https://www.youtube.com/user/ItsGritzalem)28.10.2014
24 Million Views! DAMN! This was a big part of my childhood and always will be :)´╗┐
Now she dances for ...   (James Isaac Neutron)16.12.2014
Now she dances for a different bone. ´╗┐
I'm singing this ...   (ClubJedwardFan)4.8.2014
I'm singing this when I get a bone test´╗┐
It's funny Jay Z ...   (Jacob Mrox)6.12.2014
It's funny Jay Z was mentioned here and then she mentioned him again in Party in the USA, +Miley Cyrus +JAY Z's Life+Times ´╗┐
Damn i wish my ...   (Mechal factor)14.11.2014
Damn i wish my class could dance like this´╗┐
It's nostalgic to ...   (SuperBlablablaxxx)20.9.2014
It's nostalgic to see everyone change so much.´╗┐
Those were THE DAYS ...   (Alexandre Vargas)19.10.2014
Those were THE DAYS no one could deny ´╗┐
The patella :) ...   (Emily Morin)29.11.2014
The patella :) cubeSMP fandom, you know what I'm talking about ;) ´╗┐
YO THIS SHIT HELPED ...   (Kahealani Thomas)15.10.2014
I had everything of ...   (Funstuff­čśť)25.11.2014
I had everything of her till she turned that way I put everything in the trash the CD's pillows tv shirts everything ´╗┐
How awkward was ...   (ARC!!! -12/02/13-)25.11.2014
How awkward was this? I even remember dancing along...´╗┐
*boner dance´╗┐   (CMPunksx)16.11.2014
*boner dance´╗┐
If there was a ...   (Bratayley Forever)27.10.2014
If there was a second version of Hannah Montana with them now doing that miley would be twerking all over those boys´╗┐
I want a bff like ...   (Schoolrulez forlife)7.12.2014
I want a bff like lily :C´╗┐
I used this song to ...   (Jalyn Pearman)28.6.2014
I used this song to get an A´╗┐
Watching this after ...   (TheLastWeasley)9.11.2014
Watching this after I take anatomy and she's wRONG THERE ARE 14 PHALANGES´╗┐
I don't see no ...   (Just_That_ Dude.)21.9.2014
I don't see no fucking twerking here lmfaooo´╗┐
I feel so bad for ...   (mary g shepherd)7.11.2014
I feel so bad for her turning into Madonna Jr. She needs a head doctor.´╗┐
Gosh...Miley change ...   (ZacQ Sufyan)16.9.2014
Gosh...Miley change alot...´╗┐

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