Hannah Montana - Bone Dance

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Hannah Montana - Bone Dance

in season 2 episode 4 they sang this because miley wanted to past a test to go to europe . i luv dis . itz soo funni .

Author: xxxcrazydonkeyxxx
Length: 03:23
Uploaded: 18.6.2007
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Video Category: Entertainment
I SANG THIS IN ...   (Livin4Skating)25.2.2015
When I was like 11 ...   (Emma F)5.3.2015
When I was like 11 I was alike wtf is a femur Miley but n o w I k n o w and I have my mastery tomorrow
24 Million Views! ...   (NerdyGerdy2)28.10.2014
24 Million Views! DAMN! This was a big part of my childhood and always will be :)
I used this to pass ...   (Tammy Nicole)19.2.2015
I used this to pass my science test got a 91% A-
I'm 17 and watching ...   (Lucy Smart)26.2.2015
I'm 17 and watching in 2015 :s 
Now she dances for ...   (Julian)16.12.2014
Now she dances for a different bone. 
It's nostalgic to ...   (SuperBlablablaxxx)20.9.2014
It's nostalgic to see everyone change so much.
How did the extra ...   (batman88891)13.4.2015
How did the extra students know what dance to do almost instantly? Better question: did NO ONE notice "huh, her singing voice sounds reeeally similar to Hannah Monatana"​;?
I now pass Anatomy ...   (Rebekah Redford)21.2.2015
I now pass Anatomy and Physiology class.
the kids in miley's ...   (Breezy Kersey)21.6.2014
the kids in miley's class are so stupid. How could they not know that miley is hannah montana. i mean seriously miley's voice is exactly like her and they both have the same face. the only thing that is different is miley is a brunette and hannah is a blonde but still. i never understood why no one in the show was able too find out she was hannah montana. it's so obvious.
This song is really ...   (Spooneads)25.1.2015
This song is really scary because it is about skeletons, and that makes it scary!
when she wore ...   (Danna Macías)28.12.2014
when she wore clothes :(
I literally used ...   (Diana Shelly)27.1.2015
I literally used this for a physiology test yesterday..​
what happend to her ...   (R4FA)18.12.2014
what happend to her :\
Only on a TV show ...   (Reginald Marshall)10.4.2015
Only on a TV show can this happen. LOL!!!
i remember those ...   (Mirakle Rose)7.4.2015
i remember those days when i liked hannah montana :) and now im like " what was I thinking?!&qu​ot; XD
I miss Miley this ...   (kevin najera)12.4.2015
I miss Miley this is the real Miley y God why did she change if she wanted to b seen as an adult then act like 1 don't change who you are 
Тут , что русских ...   (Алена Пилецкая)24.3.2015
Тут , что русских нет ?
checking this cause ...   (Sana Faouzi)24.3.2015
checking this cause I have an anatomy exam tomorrow :) I miss my childhood x'O
   (Sanjay Bastapure)3.2.2015
Damn i wish my ...   (Mechal factor)14.11.2014
Damn i wish my class could dance like this
omg i finally know ...   (Harmonizer808)9.12.2014
omg i finally know what she's talking about now that im older
Have to memorize ...   (Michele audrey)11.3.2015
Have to memorize all 206 bones! My childhood vomes handy after 7 years! Lol
*Miley for Hanna   (Deyvid Willame)28.1.2015
*Miley for Hanna
Helpful....now ...   (Ashley Urusouyang)2.3.2015
Helpful....now where's the rest??

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