Hannah Montana - Bone Dance

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Hannah Montana - Bone Dance

in season 2 episode 4 they sang this because miley wanted to past a test to go to europe . i luv dis . itz soo funni .

Author: xxxcrazydonkeyxxx
Length: 03:23
Uploaded: 18.6.2007
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Video Category: Entertainment
It's nostalgic to ...   (SuperBlablablaxxx)20.9.2014
It's nostalgic to see everyone change so much.
I don't see no ...   (Victor Echegaray)21.9.2014
I don't see no fucking twerking here lmfaooo
Gosh...Miley change ...   (ZacQ Sufyan)16.9.2014
Gosh...Miley change alot...
the kids in miley's ...   (Breezy Kersey)21.6.2014
the kids in miley's class are so stupid. How could they not know that miley is hannah montana. i mean seriously miley's voice is exactly like her and they both have the same face. the only thing that is different is miley is a brunette and hannah is a blonde but still. i never understood why no one in the show was able too find out she was hannah montana. it's so obvious.
Now it would be the ...   (Pokemonkid432)13.5.2014
Now it would be the 'Boner' Dance..
Miley changed a lot ...   (Ęmįłÿ Dręw ßįèbęr)29.8.2014
Miley changed a lot 
Love you Miley <3   (Kate Star Coyote)28.8.2014
Love you Miley <3
Am I the only one ...   (Ellen Degeneres)11.5.2014
Am I the only one who thought it was stupid of Miley to sing that song? She sounds exactly like Hannah Montanna and I'm surprised only 1 person noticed.
omg they were so ...   (Shay Nicole)6.8.2014
omg they were so young lol
I'm singing this ...   (ClubJedwardFan)4.8.2014
I'm singing this when I get a bone test
so crazy   (aniya elrod)3.4.2014
so crazy
omg I used to sing ...   (cheese lolipop)18.7.2014
omg I used to sing along to this all the time! miss my old shows...anyone else? bring them back Disney!
I got the chills :)   (Hailey)30.9.2014
I got the chills :)
Hannah Montana - ...   (Demiana Gobran)27.3.2014
Hannah Montana - Bone dance
what episode was ...   (Nadia Akhtar)14.7.2014
what episode was that?
Hannah Montana why ...   (Marvin B)27.9.2014
Hannah Montana why does she stop with this? 
I actually couldn't ...   (Letuzfuk)26.9.2014
I actually couldn't make it farther than 30 seconds it hurt so bad
Lol I didn't notice ...   (Danielle David)29.9.2014
Lol I didn't notice back then when Lilly said Hilary Duff XD
I used to be such a ...   (Lux the Lady of Luminosity)4.7.2014
I used to be such a fan of hers, ages 10 - 13....I mean, posters everywhere, all of her CDs, all of her movies and anything else you could think of. ​ .....Blech.​
Ellen she is Hannah ...   (Beyanca Cardona)20.9.2014
Ellen she is Hannah Montana DDDUUU
lol she change so ...   (kiara lasalle)20.9.2014
lol she change so much
I used this song to ...   (Jalyn Pearman)28.6.2014
I used this song to get an A
Walt Jr!   (Social Pranks)7.7.2014
Walt Jr!
The title of the ...   (elvon sarza)17.9.2014
The title of the video should be change, it must be titled "Boner's​ Dance". :D
Me and my grandpa ...   (Alexis Cyrus)26.9.2014
Me and my grandpa always sang along to this song. It was so catchy. I love Miley so much. Nothing has changed, same Miley. <3

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