Hannah Montana - Bone Dance

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Hannah Montana - Bone Dance

in season 2 episode 4 they sang this because miley wanted to past a test to go to europe . i luv dis . itz soo funni .

Author: xxxcrazydonkeyxxx
Length: 03:23
Uploaded: 18.6.2007
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did anyone notice ...   (Mel Music)19.7.2014
did anyone notice that at 1:26 they started singing about parietal, frontal, and temporal, but those are parts of the brain. and the brain is not a bone?
Am I the only one ...   (Ellen Degeneres)11.5.2014
Am I the only one who thought it was stupid of Miley to sing that song? She sounds exactly like Hannah Montanna and I'm surprised only 1 person noticed.
I used this song to ...   (Jalyn Pearman)28.6.2014
I used this song to get an A
Miley changed a lot ...   (Ęmįłÿ ßįżżłê Gømęź)29.8.2014
Miley changed a lot 
why did RJ Mitte ...   (Jazmin Zenteno)29.8.2014
why did RJ Mitte from breaking bad bring me here? 
Love you Miley <3   (Kate Star Coyote)28.8.2014
Love you Miley <3
I love this song so ...   (Ashley Ray)28.8.2014
I love this song so much
FLASH MOB!!!!!!!   (Becca Price)23.8.2014
FLASH MOB!!!!!!!
this song will help ...   (Natalie Kubosh)16.5.2014
this song will help me on my next test
from bone dance to ...   (memo20128)21.8.2014
from bone dance to TWERK dance
jay z 😂   (Eduardo Rodriguez)21.8.2014
jay z 😂
Ah memories....   (Michelle Xie)20.8.2014
Ah memories....​
Little helpful for ...   (G Rrainbow)17.8.2014
Little helpful for me :-) 
That tune is " ...   (Charlotte Hawkins)12.8.2014
That tune is "Nobody's perfect" she just changed the words 2 "We're doing the bone dance you dance and you learn It"
there is somethings ...   (Christina Radke)12.8.2014
there is somethings wrong with me
I like this scene.   (jimmy200570)7.8.2014
I like this scene.
Why don't they just ...   (Ashley Berry)6.8.2014
Why don't they just put her shows back on TV for kids
omg they were so ...   (Shay Nicole)6.8.2014
omg they were so young lol
I'm singing this ...   (ClubJedwardFan)4.8.2014
I'm singing this when I get a bone test
nostalgia   (Isis Love)29.7.2014
an american classic   (Karishma Davis)28.7.2014
an american classic
Kelly Clarkson ...   (ripsy Toledo)26.7.2014
Kelly Clarkson akshsgsfafaa me encantan sus canciones
23 million omg    (Bryler99)26.7.2014
23 million omg 
"Just give her a ...   (Swathi R)24.7.2014
"Just give her a chance!!.....​..Please!" "Sh​e's telling the truth!" "By the way, you got an A, WORD!"
so crazy   (aniya elrod)3.4.2014
so crazy

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