Hannah Montana - Bone Dance

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Hannah Montana - Bone Dance

in season 2 episode 4 they sang this because miley wanted to past a test to go to europe . i luv dis . itz soo funni .

Author: xxxcrazydonkeyxxx
Length: 03:23
Uploaded: 18.6.2007
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so crazy   (aniya elrod)3.4.2014
so crazy
eu amo a miley   (Crizam dúytb)19.1.2014
eu amo a miley
Hannah Montana - ...   (Demiana Gobran)27.3.2014
Hannah Montana - Bone dance
Miley: Kelly ...   (Stephany Teataiariki)25.3.2014
Miley: Kelly Clarkson? Lil​ly: Hilary Duff?? Oliver: Jay-Z!!! #lol 
hey check out the ...   (Shen star)27.2.2014
hey check out the cool dance moves by miley
I heard    (Maddy Small)3.2.2014
I heard 
Can I just say that ...   (DashaHoward)15.1.2014
Can I just say that this song got me an A+ on my health quiz
This got me an a on ...   (Donya Hezaway)6.3.2014
This got me an a on my test
This would be good ...   (Senor Jhzii)27.12.2013
This would be good if lil wayne sang it.
Childhood. I hate ...   (Rachel Vandenberg)17.4.2014
Childhood. I hate her now
Smiley i miss you!! ...   (Karen hurtado)16.4.2014
Smiley i miss you!! :'(
What happened to ...   (Chelsea Cole)15.4.2014
What happened to Miley I liked her back then
Hahaha I remember ...   (Samira Haddad)27.3.2014
Hahaha I remember these days !!:) lol the end
Love it Hannah ...   (Whitney Kitchen)1.4.2014
Love it Hannah Montana
Bet Miley Cyrus is ...   (andrea)24.1.2014
Bet Miley Cyrus is doing the boner dance now.
Me and my friend ...   (Nicole P)8.1.2014
Me and my friend are using this to study for our 7th grade science test 😂
WHY CAN'T WE DO ...   (machelle irby)6.2.2014
WHY CAN'T WE DO THIS IN REAL LIFE SCHOOL????? It would make highschool much more fun!
miss the old ...   (Lovee Tori)21.3.2014
miss the old mileyyyyy
Hanna it would be ...   (eaf6701)15.2.2014
Hanna it would be funny if i was do to this in school lol
The teacher by the ...   (farzana flower)25.12.2013
The teacher by the way u got an A! I was like no just dont! N i miss the old Miley what ever happened to Miley
God, this brings ...   (Marissa T)2.4.2014
God, this brings back so man memories:)
lol me and my ...   (bustedthebest99)8.12.2013
lol me and my friend learned how many bones there were just from this dance xD
Cool   (Jamell Brown)8.3.2014
at school we had to ...   (Makena Wright)19.3.2014
at school we had to learn this and i heard it 25 times literallyt here were 25 stations grrrrrrrrrrrr​rrrrr this song ruind this show
If only she knew ...   (Ellie-Amy Deville)27.2.2014
If only she knew what was coming to her....

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