Give Me All Your Luvin' (Feat. M.I.A. and Nicki Minaj)

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Give Me All Your Luvin' (Feat. M.I.A. and Nicki Minaj)

Track from Madonna's MDNA album. Download it now on iTunes: Music video for Madonna's Give Me All Your Luvin' single, featuring M.I.A. and Nicki Minaj. Directed by Megaforce.

Author: madonna
Length: 03:45
Uploaded: 3.2.2012
Viewed: 58917467×
Rating (297072×):

Video Category: Music
The worst part of ...   (Josh Guzek)14.1.2015
The worst part of the song is that M.I.A. has literally 10 seconds. She should've been the whole song
Madonna wishes she ...   (marc80s)24.11.2014
Madonna wishes she was a star of Michael Jackson's magnitude. It's ELVIS, the BEATLES, and MICHAEL JACKSON. Period, end of story. Just those 3.
Madonna, the Queen ...   (monoenlanc)1.10.2014
Madonna, the Queen of pop! Lady Gaga her copycat! Miley is porn! Mariah Carey, a one hit wonder whore! 
Isn't this bitch ...   (Gagan Josan)31.12.2014
Isn't this bitch like 60? 
People; do not ...   (miloradvlaovic)29.9.2014
People; do not respond to trolls, DOWNRATE and FLAG... and that's it :) 
Stop bitching about ...   (Elliots Blue)6.12.2014
Stop bitching about madonnas age ffs, she might be old but she still got a body better than all your ugly asses
Madonna is still ...   (Marie Kirby)21.2.2015
Madonna is still knocking it out of the park - you go, Girl !! I love this song. 
You're too old ...   (VoltNoodles)19.2.2015
You're too old madonna .. Too old 
Madonna 57 years ...   (I'm a KatyCat Bitches)8.1.2015
Madonna 57 years old and you still sexy and beautiful!
Trop bien !!!   (La Mëûf Tmtc)10.11.2014
Trop bien !!!
QUEEN OF POP!!!   (Frozenboy MDNA)26.2.2015
The last of ...   (damian lyman)27.1.2015
The last of maddonnas songs ever. Cause she is like 54 years old and still gorgeous. Dont know how she does it.
Give Me All Your ...   (Paravia Rocco)19.2.2015
Give Me All Your Luvin' (Feat. M.I.A. and Nicki Minaj): http://youtu​.be/cItHOl5LRW​g
NICKI AND M.I.A. ...   (Ariel Widhibrata)20.2.2015
RYAN TEDDER ( ...   (MARTIN GO)8.12.2014
RYAN TEDDER (ONEREPUBLIC)​: "Madonn​a’s new music is her best stuff in over a decade, it’s really strong. The tracks I’ve done with her are really hard to explain."​; *SHE´S COMING SOON* #LIVINGforLOV​E
For all you people ...   (Cameron Wilson)23.2.2015
For all you people who are saying she's old, please... She's Madonna she's a legend always has been always will be. I don't support ageism, she has talent, you should see the songs and concerts she's put in. She's one badass, she will always be the queen, your just going to accept the fact that she is. 👑💁
58.796.757   (Alex Souza)23.2.2015
Madonna does look ...   (John Wihebrink)1.3.2015
Madonna does look really good in this video. I like this video. It's cute aside from the freaky facelessness of the other ppl lol. This song has good energy. The chorus lyrics were lazy however
The one and only, ...   (Megan Smith)14.12.2014
The one and only, the best selling female artist Madonna ♥♥♥♥​ 
Madonna fans. Do ...   (Kevin Lee Burns)14.2.2015
Madonna fans. Do not lose hope to hear Living For Love on the radio where it belongs. Madonna is "going for adds" in major markets including Z100 in New York and KIIS FM in Los Angeles. This is an incredible achievement as corporate Radio had previously, and without reason, snubbed new Madonna music. Let's take the energy we use to respond to hateful people and turn it into a positive promotion campaign. Go to Z100 and KIIS FM websites and request Madonna in the new music section. These are the largest markets in the United States and both stations are once again including Madonna. It is entirely to soon to write off a song that was officially shipped to radio 4 days ago!! It really doesn't matter if you like radio or not. They cheated Madonna for so many years and it is her rightful place (after giving them more than 50 singles) to be back where she belongs. Get busy.
Madonna put Nicki ...   (maksmajewski)13.12.2014
Madonna put Nicki and M.I.A. to get more attention and views
この曲は2012/2/25付けビル ...   (ふくしまさとる)24.2.2015
Ohhh the goddess    (antonio morales)27.2.2015
Ohhh the goddess 
Madonna's face & ...   (Kerry Cook)25.2.2015
Madonna's face & body brought to you by Home Depot, Dow Chemical Corporation,​ Black & Decker, a buttload of Botox & Photoshop! Even worshiping Satan can't help aging & ugly. *cough cough HACK cough cough*
Its obvious Nicki ...   (adrianna romero)22.2.2015
Its obvious Nicki and MIA were only in the song so it wouldn't flop

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