Give Me All Your Luvin' (Feat. M.I.A. and Nicki Minaj)

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Give Me All Your Luvin' (Feat. M.I.A. and Nicki Minaj)

Track from Madonna's MDNA album. Download it now on iTunes: Music video for Madonna's Give Me All Your Luvin' single, featuring M.I.A. and Nicki Minaj. Directed by Megaforce.

Author: madonna
Length: 03:45
Uploaded: 3.2.2012
Viewed: 59623940×
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Video Category: Music
GENIAL.   (María Ruíz Ortíz)17.4.2015
Madonna fans. Do ...   (Kevin Lee Burns)14.2.2015
Madonna fans. Do not lose hope to hear Living For Love on the radio where it belongs. Madonna is "going for adds" in major markets including Z100 in New York and KIIS FM in Los Angeles. This is an incredible achievement as corporate Radio had previously, and without reason, snubbed new Madonna music. Let's take the energy we use to respond to hateful people and turn it into a positive promotion campaign. Go to Z100 and KIIS FM websites and request Madonna in the new music section. These are the largest markets in the United States and both stations are once again including Madonna. It is entirely to soon to write off a song that was officially shipped to radio 4 days ago!! It really doesn't matter if you like radio or not. They cheated Madonna for so many years and it is her rightful place (after giving them more than 50 singles) to be back where she belongs. Get busy.
The one and only, ...   (Megan Smith)14.12.2014
The one and only, the best selling female artist Madonna ♥♥♥♥​ 
QUEEN OF POP!!!   (Frozenboy MDNA)26.2.2015
Oops. I just skiped ...   (cannela5)15.2.2015
Oops. I just skiped madonna and went to nicki's verse.
+1 if you are here ...   (bastian aguilera ibarra)10.3.2015
+1 if you are here for Nicki Minaj like Me <3
I see where Ariana ...   (Adrienne Harrison)16.3.2015
I see where Ariana grande got her style from. Crop top, high waisted shorts, thigh high boots. Bitch stole madonnas look! 
Love this song; the ...   (Lucas LeDain)31.3.2015
Love this song; the ultimate queen of pop. People hating on her for age is one of the dumbest things I have possibly ever had to hear/see/read. Just an FYI, please if you are going to mention the queen of rap; Nicki Minaj in these comments or any other her name is NICKI not NIKKI like seriously!!!​!!!!!!!!!!!!​
so as soon as a ...   (jinan fouani)5.12.2014
so as soon as a male singer gets older he's respected but once a women ages she's not? Sorry, i'm confused. 
Madonna 57 years ...   (I'm a KatyCat Bitches)8.1.2015
Madonna 57 years old and you still sexy and beautiful!
This video is far ...   (Ruben4715)20.3.2015
This video is far better than Living For Love.
Stop bitching about ...   (Elliots Blue)6.12.2014
Stop bitching about madonnas age ffs, she might be old but she still got a body better than all your ugly asses
This is so vein. I ...   (Sam Mathis)19.2.2015
This is so vein. I mean the other girls only have like four lines!!!!'
Just saying, why ...   (Jake Watkins)15.4.2015
Just saying, why would madonnas collaborate with m.i.a she's hardly known
Its obvious Nicki ...   (adrianna romero)22.2.2015
Its obvious Nicki and MIA were only in the song so it wouldn't flop
i feel like people ...   (Foster B)2.4.2015
i feel like people dont even understand why madonna is popular, in case you didnt know, madonna broke all of the rules of that time and is known as the queen of pop she birthed pop music for woman, and holy shit she made a statement and she let the world know a revolution had come
Maybe she don't ...   (madonna_venus ♕)1.4.2015
Maybe she don't have facebook likes or youtube subscribers.B​ut she's the queen of pop.
You're too old ...   (VoltNoodles)19.2.2015
You're too old madonna .. Too old 
Download Rebel ...   (roncerod)30.3.2015
Download Rebel Heart from iTunes now!
Aw the first whore ...   (Juvia Loxar)13.4.2015
Aw the first whore that sparked all the whore singers today :,)
I'm freakin 10 and ...   (Samara Sullivan)13.4.2015
I'm freakin 10 and love her and taylor swift equally maybe madonna a little more 
♬   (aqua04031227)16.4.2015
M.I.A. looks so hot ...   (Milanista Eric)18.4.2015
M.I.A. looks so hot :P
I love this song! ...   (Ely Jim :3)13.4.2015
I love this song! I'm here for Nicki Minaj! xDD :3 #Barbz
BEST SELLING FEMALE ...   (Cshlssa Schalt)9.4.2015

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