Give Me All Your Luvin' (Feat. M.I.A. and Nicki Minaj)

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Give Me All Your Luvin' (Feat. M.I.A. and Nicki Minaj)

Track from Madonna's MDNA album. Download it now on iTunes: Music video for Madonna's Give Me All Your Luvin' single, featuring M.I.A. and Nicki Minaj. Directed by Megaforce.

Author: madonna
Length: 03:45
Uploaded: 3.2.2012
Viewed: 55155854×
Rating (278665×):

Video Category: Music
...   (Hasan Mehmeti)19.4.2014
ahahahahahaha​hahahha! oldonna's so old, corny n lame right now lmao! she mneeds to paick her bags and head back to the 1920's.. stop tryna make lame as fuuck comebacks,..., it ain't never finna work.. plus,​ justin bieber, lil wayne, nicki minaj and austin mahone are the future not any of these lame old school niggas
The video is really ...   (andydeck11)14.4.2014
The video is really nice but the song is crap... no wonder it was such a huge flop. Probably her least successful single to be the first single of an album. I mean, having Nicki Minaj in your song... that's so 2008.
I am a different ...   (Fernando MDNA)13.4.2014
I am a different type of girl :)
I love old Madonna ...   (Jovan Soroka)13.4.2014
I love old Madonna (songs) , this middle age crisis/cougar​ moments - NO...
M.I.A., Nicki and ...   (astrid wieles)10.4.2014
M.I.A., Nicki and Madonna look all 3 so amazing here and I love this song and video a lot <3
yey!!! 55 million ...   (Joshua Rodea Franco)4.4.2014
yey!!! 55 million views today
What on earth did I ...   (kak775)3.4.2014
What on earth did I just see? That was honestly disgusting. This was in my opinion one of the few bad songs of 2012. 
Madonna is the only ...   (Jairo arevalo solano)4.4.2014
Madonna is the only Real Queen. people love the Queen Madonna
id fuck the shit ...   (CoolKidX85)3.4.2014
id fuck the shit outta madonna i dont care if she's an old hag
Hmm, not sure ...   (itspeppercornz)2.4.2014
Hmm, not sure walking off and handing your baby to a random football team outside your house is always suggested..​
Madonna is 55 and ...   (MadonnaMDNA)2.4.2014
Madonna is 55 and this video deserves 55 million views (without VEVO!!)
I adore you My ...   (Adam Atlas)1.4.2014
I adore you My Queen
Super sonic , ...   (Lanif inva mula)31.3.2014
Super sonic , bionic!
madonna is the ...   (Nahla Fathy)30.3.2014
madonna is the queen OF FLOPS AND SHITS she's dead she's over no one cares about this old hag Adele is the queen now
Madge, If by any ...   (miloradvlaovic)27.3.2014
Madge, If by any chance You get to read this... we Your devoted, and I should add very loyal fans, need YOU to give US all Your "luvin" this time. We like Avicii, but we like You better, we would love If You would re-invent Yourself, the way only You are able, and therefore also. revolutionize the pop scene. Which has been degraded to a state which I'm unable to describe properly, without using vulgar and obscene words . We need You, not Guy Oseray's Madonna, not Avicii's Madonna or anyone else's for that matter. We need that free-spirited, taboo-breakin​g, always new and fresh Madonna, which You are, when You use Your own head, and pick who You work with wisely ;) And then us, Your fans, will easily get You on the to of the charts, for so long that other ( so called ) "pop artists" will go bald from envy ;) Your majesty, please, do not disappoint us ;) #artforFREEDOM ;) #ExpressYour​self With love a Sincere fan ;)
55M   (Channel)29.3.2014
wow just wow   (와이카 OH)25.3.2014
wow just wow
View Girl Gone Wild ...   (Diego Solorzano)23.3.2014
View Girl Gone Wild on +MADONNAVEVO for ONE +VEVOCertified 
NIce Hook   (kreuzerkreuzer)19.3.2014
NIce Hook
Her hair looks so ...   (CarrieMarieUnderwoodFanLoves510)16.3.2014
Her hair looks so luminous here.
2:22 ...   (fabrizio vazquez)14.3.2014
2:22 loooooooooooo​ol
I LOVE U SOME MUCH ...   (Animal lover)2.11.2013
madonna is so ...   (bigblack123455)1.11.2013
madonna is so inspiring love her
Ja voi linda   (emanuel santos)2.11.2013
Ja voi linda
It's not a war. I ...   (MadonnaMDNA)5.11.2013
It's not a war. I pointed something out that i noticed.

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