Give Me All Your Luvin' (Feat. M.I.A. and Nicki Minaj)

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Give Me All Your Luvin' (Feat. M.I.A. and Nicki Minaj)

Track from Madonna's MDNA album. Download it now on iTunes: Music video for Madonna's Give Me All Your Luvin' single, featuring M.I.A. and Nicki Minaj. Directed by Megaforce.

Author: madonna
Length: 03:45
Uploaded: 3.2.2012
Viewed: 57135845×
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Video Category: Music
Madonna, the Queen ...   (monoenlanc)1.10.2014
Madonna, the Queen of pop! Lady Gaga her copycat! Miley is porn! Mariah Carey, a one hit wonder whore! 
Madonna is a true ...   (Milodarka Cicmil)15.6.2014
Madonna is a true artist, but she hasn't had a hit since 1991.
What's the meaning ...   (aa brown)4.10.2014
What's the meaning of having all those Football players.....M​ale Superiority?​
Grandma   (최민용)2.7.2014
idiots laid down ...   (Desiree Ruiz)13.7.2014
idiots laid down their lives for this whore--seriou​s?
The real queen here ...   (Kiana Divine)8.7.2014
The real queen here is M.I.A.
Ew You're 50   (herro preasers)11.8.2014
Ew You're 50
People; do not ...   (miloradvlaovic)29.9.2014
People; do not respond to trolls, DOWNRATE and FLAG... and that's it :) 
Can anyone tell me ...   (Jesus Orozco)29.9.2014
Can anyone tell me why madonna so far is the only artist who is not associated with gayass vevo?
I want to gaga and ...   (Nathalie Gaga)30.9.2014
I want to gaga and madonna to be friends :(
Got this song with ...   (Jane Lewis)24.6.2014
Got this song with Nickis album... Neither she or MIA are in it... Why?
She' s gonna break ...   (Mariah Gian)5.9.2014
She' s gonna break her hip in one of these music videos someday
madonna is an old ...   (col rich)19.6.2014
madonna is an old self obsessed hag that thinks by straddling young boys she somehow keeps her youth. She is vile. I came here to see Nicki, who is a bit of a freak too but at least she isn't over the hill.
BUY ARTPOP ON ...   (Luisa Salazar)15.5.2014
Give me all your... ...   (Rainny Ing L)23.7.2014
Give me all your..... Listen for you ♥♥♥
BEST SELLING FEMALE ...   (Cshlssa Schalt)10.10.2014
I think Madonna is ...   (Gina Sousa Branco)15.9.2014
I think Madonna is a "study case". H​ow can a solo artist for 32 years keep her old fans and achieve new fans? The "old&quo​t; fans from the 80s may not have been to "The MDNA Tour" (2012) or even to "Sticky & Sweet Tour" (2008/2009) but the Madonna's new fans generation did, cause this 2 more recent tours are the most profitable tours for Madonna or even for a solo artist ever (male / female).
Es increíble lo que ...   (Edwuin González.)30.8.2014
Es increíble lo que plagia a Marilyn Monroe.
love this song, and ...   (OnO IVI)13.7.2014
love this song, and all that video making OMG! the best singer in whole world!
Best selling female ...   (JordanS ituation)24.10.2014
Best selling female artist of all time❤️
Hi.   (FuzzyCow Kirkland)20.10.2014
Just to make it ...   (Joshua Rodea Franco)21.10.2014
Just to make it clear... I think the video is really amazing, but the song is not so great for Madonna
amo las porristas.   (Daniel Rojas Lòpez)21.10.2014
amo las porristas.
primadonna -.-   (Mightyena Wildclaws)19.10.2014
primadonna -.-
I'm still trying to ...   (Darq Sage)6.10.2014
I'm still trying to figure out why madonna threw a baby at the end...smh

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