Gerald Green...Are You Kidding Me?!

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Gerald Green...Are You Kidding Me?!

Check out Gerald Green as he throws down the MarShon Brooks alley-oop with this INSANE windmill slam as he soars far above the rim!

Author: NBA
Length: 00:23
Uploaded: 11.3.2012
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The best part of ...   (rap_game_oprah_winfrey)3.3.2014
The best part of this dunk is the rockets bench. Usually when the opponent does something ridiculous like this they try to hide their reactions. They couldn't this time HAHAHA
Lol @ guy on the ...   (KnokomistKnight)15.1.2014
Lol @ guy on the bench who flinched
best dunker in the ...   (cerniglia65)28.3.2014
best dunker in the game today
pause at 0:14 his ...   (Jmc1285)7.2.2014
pause at 0:14 his head is almost above the damn rim!!!
Rockets bench....   (Bing BingHD)24.7.2014
Rockets bench....
Damn   (z z z)22.4.2014
Definitely paying ...   (aliasaka)27.12.2013
Definitely paying homage to Vince Carter. When Ifirst seen this dunk, it was VC to do it in game! G.Green...I got mad respect for you on that note...Peace. 
Can't believe ...   (Christian Magbitang)15.1.2014
Can't believe everyone is still watching this video! this time i noticed ethe towel boy react! DAYUM! Green come back to Boston!
Just pause at 0:04 ...   (Auburn Tiger)14.1.2014
Just pause at 0:04 GODDAMN!!!!​
SICKEST DUNK IN THE ...   (MEGA .MEL)16.5.2014
That rockets bench ...   (my youtube channel)27.12.2013
That rockets bench was trying so hard not to go crazy lmao
The best part of ...   (Marcus Jiles)29.12.2013
The best part of this video is the Rockets bench. Even the coaches are trying not to get turnt. Coach wiped his hands on his slacks.
Budinger ejaculated ...   (Adam K.)5.4.2014
Budinger ejaculated when he saw that :04
+50" vertical, ...   (TdUb ThAgOaT)23.5.2014
+50" vertical, easily the highest jumper in nba history
Josh Smith gets ...   (Robert Redway)13.3.2012
Josh Smith gets dethroned
Hadn't seen a dunk ...   (Alexis de La Tour du Pin)11.3.2012
Hadn't seen a dunk like that in a regular season game since... since... well even at this year's dunk contest I hadn't seen a dunk like that. Thank you +Gerald Green (too bad the New Jersey Nets are the *only* team without a G+ Page.)
Gerald's comin for ...   (shaun gallo)17.1.2014
Gerald's comin for lebrons ass it'll be a site to see
Commentators need ...   (isi clump)3.4.2014
Commentators need to know what a windmill dunk is.... How are these guys even commentators?? lols
Good GAWD.   (Karl Smith)11.3.2012
Good GAWD.
Still not as good ...   (Joey Chow)11.11.2013
Still not as good as Vince Carter. Coaches needs to play him more lol. He is actually a great player if put in the right spot. 
Best dunk of the ...   (David Horan)11.3.2012
Best dunk of the season, or best dunk ever?
cant touch Vince ...   (Jorge Inostroza)20.12.2013
cant touch Vince Carter :D
My Nets are #REAL ...   (Nathaniel Tinner)12.3.2012
My Nets are #REAL again.
Stop saying Carter ...   (Rodrigo Crudo)6.1.2014
Stop saying Carter did this many times, 1st of all of course he did since he was in the NBA way before Green, 2nd Dominique was doing this before Carter so whats the big deal now? And by the way yes Carter was one hell of a dunker, but no way in hell he had this kind of ups so give Green the credit he deserves.
Windmill slam!   (Rahmet Valentin)13.3.2012
Windmill slam!

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