Gerald Green...Are You Kidding Me?!

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Gerald Green...Are You Kidding Me?!

Check out Gerald Green as he throws down the MarShon Brooks alley-oop with this INSANE windmill slam as he soars far above the rim!

Author: NBA
Length: 00:23
Uploaded: 11.3.2012
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Who else replays ...   (snowyball23)12.1.2015
Who else replays the video a million times to watch the bench and crowds reactions?´╗​┐
Gerald Green has ...   (ThatSkaterJustice)2.12.2014
Gerald Green has the highest vertical in the nba and he's the best dunker, he looks down at the rim.´╗┐
lmao the moment ...   (vince3139)16.11.2014
lmao the moment when you hyped as fuck but you have to contain that excitement. even mchale's old ass got excited lmaooo´╗┐
So sad for the man ...   (Carlo Del Toro)19.11.2014
So sad for the man in blue shirt at the back of rockets bench, he was like texting and wasn't able to see the dunk LOL. ´╗┐
The best part of ...   (rap game bob barker)3.3.2014
The best part of this dunk is the rockets bench. Usually when the opponent does something ridiculous like this they try to hide their reactions. They couldn't this time HAHAHA´╗┐
Greatest dunk in ...   (bluewhale18)18.1.2015
Greatest dunk in the history of the sport.´╗┐
haha look at kevin ...   (Bob Bobby)13.1.2015
haha look at kevin mchale and the other coaches´╗┐
Mop guy and guy on ...   (deXter2)20.11.2014
Mop guy and guy on the right side of the bench synchronised in standing up and sitting back again. This dunk is just totally insane..´╗┐
Greatest nba in ...   (Alex-michael Mosby)10.12.2014
Greatest nba in game alley OF ALL TIME NO DEBATE BUT ONLY ONE OF VC's comes close name an alley better than this I'm waitin..´╗┐
Rivals Griffin's ...   (Natsu Tsuna)31.1.2015
Rivals Griffin's best dunks´╗┐
He was up so high, ...   (Beston Ab)13.9.2014
He was up so high, he was looking down at the rim. That is madness!´╗┐
The reaction of the ...   (Steeve Cantave)11.2.2015
The reaction of the players on the bench and Kevin McHale tells you how sick the dunk was. McHale was forced to lean back lol.´╗┐
That dunk was so ...   (battleship1983)24.12.2014
That dunk was so sick I think some of the Rockets forgot what team they are on.´╗┐
probably the best ...   (rpauwa)8.3.2015
probably the best dunk I've ever seen´╗┐
SICKEST DUNK IN THE ...   (MEGA .MEL)16.5.2014
Budinger ejaculated ...   (Adam K.)5.4.2014
Budinger ejaculated when he saw that :04´╗┐
Although there are ...   (Inclemency17)25.8.2014
Although there are more difficult and technical dunks this dunk is just insane he is probably one of a handful of nba players ever to have said they jumped so high their eyes were higher then the rim, so they looked down the basket.´╗┐
asian at the end is ...   (Mike Park)19.3.2015
asian at the end is confused´╗┐
lol at Kris ...   (J Wr)4.11.2014
lol at Kris Humphries' face and the floor-mopper getting psyched this​ dunk is insane´╗┐
That rockets bench ...   (my youtube channel)27.12.2013
That rockets bench was trying so hard not to go crazy lmao´╗┐
everyone in that ...   (SS Goldstein)15.1.2015
everyone in that stadium came at the same time´╗┐
Houstons bench lol. ...   (Lamar ninehundred)18.10.2014
Houstons bench lol..´╗┐
Why is it always ...   (Ayman Said)1.12.2014
Why is it always the guy you never see play get so hype? Sit yo benchwarmin ass up´╗┐
I've never seen ...   (David)18.10.2014
I've never seen this before...that​ was filthy.´╗┐
best dunker in the ...   (cerniglia65)28.3.2014
best dunker in the game today´╗┐

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