"KAMASUTRA LESSONS # 1" (कामसूत्र) by Fabio Zuliani

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"KAMASUTRA LESSONS # 1" (कामसूत्र) by Fabio Zuliani

The "Kāma Sūtra Teacher" explains the 64 arts with a surprising ending!... — © Taken from "MR RAVEN SHOW", my third full-length feature film, although it is really made up of 25 short sketches shot between 2008 and 2011. A sexy comedy, it is definitely the most challenging film I have made, because as well as writing and directing it, I also "starred" in it, playing 15 different characters (both male and female)!... http://www.zulianiplay.it

Author: Fabio Zuliani
Length: 03:16
Uploaded: 28.4.2010
Viewed: 1222936×
Rating (266×):

Video Category: Comedy
i dnt like lord ...   (Jaspreet grewal)15.7.2012
i dnt like lord shiva pic at back.. it shouldn't be ther..
really?   (MsLenzky)5.1.2011
xDD now that is ...   (princesspuripuri25)2.9.2011
xDD now that is some good clothes on dry humping -_- xDD
No happy ending   (tsjoencinema)2.9.2011
No happy ending
remove that ...   (Ravindranath Pareek)3.11.2012
remove that mythological touch pl
nice and graceful ...   (Ravindranath Pareek)3.11.2012
nice and graceful with all dignity and genuine one
sao lại phải xoắn?? ...   (Aki Nguyễn)31.7.2011
sao lại phải xoắn?????
@baby198526 Dear ...   (Fabio Zuliani)11.2.2011
@baby198526 Dear Baby, try to use a tantric attitude with this man, and you'll get a lot from your relationship!​...
I respect Lord ...   (Fabio Zuliani)16.7.2012
I respect Lord Shiva!
Yasmeen, here i am ...   (Pakanistan)8.2.2011
Yasmeen, here i am - the Yesman ! I'm coming.
im sooo sorry but i ...   (syjleful)2.2.2011
im sooo sorry but i dont wanna take risk please dont report my comment in 1932, a little girl named Suzie was walking down the hall of an old hotel. A crazy man killed her by stabbing her in the back of the head and throwing her body in an elevator. While he closed the elevator doors he said the words "BAKUDA BAKUDA".​ Now that you have read this message, her dead body will appear in your bedroom every night you go to bed. Unless you do this:
do u want to come ...   (madanakamaraju1)24.1.2011
do u want to come hyderabad..?
this videos shows ...   (TheDom1328)29.10.2011
this videos shows only a different styles of sex position..don​'t post any bad comment's..
Kenapa sih kalau ...   (mzudin406)21.10.2011
Kenapa sih kalau kita mau nonton selalu gak da respon,apa salah kalau kita jg pgn gabung,kalau gak boleh ya hapus aja semua data email saya.
lumayan baguzz....   (kucing gering)2.7.2012
lumayan baguzz....
saya suka banget... ...   (mochamad wahyudi)26.10.2011
saya suka banget....ada​ yg mau??
i met a man some ...   (baby198526)11.2.2011
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Ada yg lbh ...   (setyawanjodi)7.9.2011
Ada yg lbh hotttttttts lg g???
...   (Wayan Gede Suarmaputra)18.9.2011
ohhhhhhhhhhhh​hhhhhhhhhhh mak yusssssssssss​ssss
ist ja mal voll ...   (TheR1King)24.7.2011
ist ja mal voll langweilig
lol matado de risa! ...   (Alex Avellan)7.11.2011
lol matado de risa!!! plop!!!
wkakakakak   (agung priyatno)12.8.2011
i've got boner...   (SerbianMachoMan)5.10.2011
i've got boner...
LOL xD   (flouable)6.8.2011
@baby198526 .. hi i ...   (as a)28.5.2011
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