Eminem - Stan (Short Version) ft. Dido

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Eminem - Stan (Short Version) ft. Dido

Music video by Eminem performing Stan. (C) 2002 Aftermath Entertainment/Interscope Records

Author: EminemVEVO
Length: 06:03
Uploaded: 17.6.2009
Viewed: 46867005×
Rating (159527×):

Video Category: Music
Why did black ...   (John Terry)9.9.2014
Why did black people racially abuse Eminem when he was just a kid? Fucking pricks
Better love story ...   (iMakeDatBedRock)29.6.2014
Better love story than Twilight
i never realized ...   (1mm0rtal)6.12.2014
i never realized this until now, but the actor who plays Stan does a damn good job, seems real.
Did you know; The ...   (SLoTH o M3RK44)11.10.2014
Did you know; The idea of Stan came from the words STalker & fAN Combined.
Fun Fact: There is ...   (J-uan Games)16.12.2014
Fun Fact: There is a version of Stan where Stan survives the crash and goes to Eminem's house to kill him but Eminem kills Stan by shooting him
eskidir ama halaa ...   (Arzu)10.12.2014
eskidir ama halaa çok severim ben..
All dis pointless ...   (DanielRinerMusic)3.9.2014
All dis pointless Vevo hate. Sometimes without explanation, sometimes because of censoring. Overall I think Vevo's pretty good and I like that they censored what they censored in this song because like someone said in a previous comment certain words can trigger certain people to harm themselves. Apart from Vevo's concern for others safety, if Eminem is blamed for someone's suicide that can have terrible results, like how Marilyn Manson was blamed for a shooting and other stuff when he didn't even promote violence.
How are "cut" and " ...   (Forever Alone)21.5.2014
How are "cut&quo​t; and "bleeds&​quot; bad words?
I understand this ...   (M7)15.11.2014
I understand this song,ok,but what the fuck about the 'be together' part ? Some gay shit or what?
his music reminds ...   (MotorMouth mishh)6.8.2014
his music reminds me of my past
Just a quick ...   (Dom Doom)17.12.2014
Just a quick question to all true fans out there. I'm trying to find some information about Stanley "Stan&qu​ot; Mitchell, and I'm really curious if this story was true. Can someone answer?
great tune i have a ...   (thehardcorecrab)19.12.2014
great tune i have a pal called stan hes a really cool geezer!!!
For all the stans   (aBLACKGIRL1986)9.12.2014
For all the stans
This is fucking ...   (miloesalazar)8.12.2014
This is fucking stupid.
Anyone remember SLC ...   (BakedAlaska)8.12.2014
Anyone remember SLC Punk? Look who Stan is. :)
Eminem the greatest ...   (robinson Mike)25.11.2014
Eminem the greatest rapper.., become fan since 2000..,when i was 12years old.
I just don't get it ...   (Tom Diemel)18.12.2014
I just don't get it why this video has 46 mil views while ''Not Afraid'' has 570 mil views .. :/
They basiclly just ...   (Karl Svensson)21.11.2014
They basiclly just made the last 2 minutes all silent because of this vevo censorship​
Is this like a real ...   (Chris T.Tv)9.12.2014
Is this like a real story?
To those who don't ...   (MaxIndieGames)7.12.2014
To those who don't know, this is a true story that happened to eminem and (stan), EM was in some shit too, just like stan, eminem got pulled away so he couldn't write the autgraph..
This would be cool ...   (MarkX-G)28.11.2014
This would be cool if this was a true story
С Elton John лучше   (ACtion Boy77)19.12.2014
С Elton John лучше
Hahah Jane Yanamoto ...   (Patrick Trivett)12.12.2014
Hahah Jane Yanamoto. She's in Forgot about Dre too. 
someone tell me is ...   (Li Mallku)17.12.2014
someone tell me is this song based by a real story?
Eminem's best song ...   (Bayardo Soto)26.11.2014
Eminem's best song ever!

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