Eminem - Stan (Short Version) ft. Dido

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Eminem - Stan (Short Version) ft. Dido

Music video by Eminem performing Stan. (C) 2002 Aftermath Entertainment/Interscope Records

Author: EminemVEVO
Length: 06:03
Uploaded: 17.6.2009
Viewed: 46127702×
Rating (155763×):

Video Category: Music
*I wonder if people ...   (MrNasty)19.8.2014
*I wonder if people tried to send him letters after this....*
   (Pasquale De Paola)2.10.2014
how can this video ...   (racob jeil)23.8.2014
how can this video have 44 million views if there are only 7 million people in the world
All dis pointless ...   (DanielRinerMusic)3.9.2014
All dis pointless Vevo hate. Sometimes without explanation, sometimes because of censoring. Overall I think Vevo's pretty good and I like that they censored what they censored in this song because like someone said in a previous comment certain words can trigger certain people to harm themselves. Apart from Vevo's concern for others safety, if Eminem is blamed for someone's suicide that can have terrible results, like how Marilyn Manson was blamed for a shooting and other stuff when he didn't even promote violence.
Why did black ...   (John Terry)9.9.2014
Why did black people racially abuse Eminem when he was just a kid? Fucking pricks
"short version" 6: ...   (tonyhawkarg)10.10.2014
"short version"​ 6:02 minutes
At 5:52 who else ...   (Alex Morris)3.10.2014
At 5:52 who else noticed Stan in the window 
doesn't sound like ...   (Liv Pe)5.10.2014
doesn't sound like eminem's voice.
my rap god music ...   (3PACTVHD)21.9.2014
my rap god music video proves i am the real rap god eminem copied my song u can see i made my video first and how much better it is i am have better lyrics son and i have a cuter face son 
Is this a true ...   (Matthew Macaraeg)2.10.2014
Is this a true story ?
Is this realy ...   (Thomas bussink)5.10.2014
Is this realy happend?
Stan and Dido...;-) ...   (Humphrey X)7.10.2014
Stan and Dido...;-) 
Is this song based ...   (Lachlan Deane)7.7.2014
Is this song based on any story at all? If so..then wow! Thats deep...I actually generally feel so upset about the story that the song tells...plus at the end where Stan is at the window....did​ not he die with his wife? Or is he like a "ghost&q​uot; or something? Eff thats scary...I don't thinkmim gonna sleep again
this song and video ...   (titchthfc)26.9.2014
this song and video still give me chills to this day
"If I have a boner, ...   (Mijail)12.9.2014
"If I have a boner, guess what I'ma call her? I'ma name her Bonnie" 1:37
disliked. censored ...   (ceputza)2.9.2014
disliked. censored version
short version? its ...   (Roblox)27.8.2014
short version? its 6 minutes -.-
K Rino is better ...   (Bro army sucks)7.7.2014
K Rino is better than Eminem
Am I the only one ...   (ChewieOverLimits)7.9.2014
Am I the only one who hates that scribbly pencil noise?
Better love story ...   (iMakeDatBedRock)29.6.2014
Better love story than Twilight
last time I've ...   (SocialFoam)20.8.2014
last time I've listened to this song was 15 years ago, when I was 14 .. Hi from Russia 
How are "cut" and " ...   (Forever Alone)21.5.2014
How are "cut&quo​t; and "bleeds&​quot; bad words?
Eminem is left- ...   (Annie T)20.10.2014
Eminem is left-handed?!​ how cool is that :D :D I'm left handed too :DD
i think this is a ...   (rainbow dashbro)18.6.2014
i think this is a based off a true story i think
Why do they censor ...   (Notorious Excaliber)18.7.2014
Why do they censor everything, he isn't even cursing in some of those lines ?

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