Eminem - Stan (Short Version) ft. Dido

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Eminem - Stan (Short Version) ft. Dido

Music video by Eminem performing Stan. (C) 2002 Aftermath Entertainment/Interscope Records

Author: EminemVEVO
Length: 06:03
Uploaded: 17.6.2009
Viewed: 41609619×
Rating (135113×):

Video Category: Music
Why post a censored ...   (Shane DayZ)17.4.2014
Why post a censored version of this song when youtube allows swearing...? idiots.
i can really under- ...   (Bertil Bülow Karrebæk)17.4.2014
i can really under-Stan this song! (:
when I saw stan in ...   (JKTO SIKHD)12.4.2014
when I saw stan in the window I nearly crapped myself
They censored the ...   (marudoethiopia)11.4.2014
They censored the line about Stan wanting to be with Eminem? Why?
somebody just say, ...   (Elizabeth Saavedra)11.4.2014
somebody just say, like 5 months ago something in the lines of "people on the future listening to this" well i believe a thing would be clear. they will not be able to understand the song because the damn censor. 
Anybody else see ...   (TurtleEdition - What's Up My Sexy People!)10.4.2014
Anybody else see Stan in the window at where Em said "Damn"? It is around the last thunder sound.
this is depressing. ...   (BLUEGRASSTV)11.4.2014
this is depressing...​ lol
vevo is bad. nuff ...   (Alex Coy)10.4.2014
vevo is bad. nuff said
I have heard this ...   (XnarutoX)9.4.2014
I have heard this so many times
Alex from Final ...   (weet ikniet)8.4.2014
Alex from Final Destination​
They bleeped out ' ...   (muzicrox)6.4.2014
They bleeped out 'Being together"? Ok​...
I wanna thank you.. ...   (Adrian John)3.4.2014
I wanna thank you...
is there anywhere ...   (musiicfreakk93)1.4.2014
is there anywhere where i can watch this uncensored?​
Wow *___* censor___ ...   (Gemma McCartney)1.4.2014
Wow *___* censor___ makes it __ound l__e this.
wow that song is as ...   (Tea Hajdini)29.3.2014
wow that song is as old as I am, I used to listen to it when I was little but I couldn't understand it, now I do and I'm crying
"This is my ...   (MisterFrosty77)26.3.2014
"This is my cassette I'm sending you" <----This line gets me every time, those things are extinct!
poop   (Derek Morales)5.11.2013
I wonder like, how ...   (Super Hans)31.10.2013
I wonder like, how far in the future people will still be listening to this. Imagine people in 100 years from now listening to it, amazing. I can't imagine this song ever becoming redundant, unless some serious shit happens.
violate eminem's ...   (SuckiSuckiNow)3.11.2013
violate eminem's videos often
Best Rapper Ever   (danamiti1)5.11.2013
Best Rapper Ever
me to   (marilucre2306)31.10.2013
me to
God this is a good ...   (Sage Zinni)6.11.2013
God this is a good vid pretty sad though
Short version my ass   (Marchelito otilehcraM)3.11.2013
Short version my ass
For idiots, I ...   (AnimeFreak43511)30.10.2013
For idiots, I suppose it is.
This dildo sings ...   (Rafael Dark)1.11.2013
This dildo sings good.

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