Eminem - Stan (Long Version) ft. Dido

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Eminem - Stan (Long Version) ft. Dido

Music video by Eminem performing Stan. YouTube view counts pre-VEVO: 3,965,564. (C) 2002 Aftermath Entertainment/Interscope Records

Author: EminemVEVO
Length: 08:10
Uploaded: 25.12.2009
Viewed: 44492044×
Rating (205777×):

Video Category: Music
It's funny how Stan ...   (Clevertp95)17.4.2014
It's funny how Stan has a whole life. He first started mentioned in Eminem's song from SSLP in Guilty conscience, where he was about to have sex with an underage girl. He probably did, and they probably hit it off. Then they got married, and she got pregnant. I just made this up lol but it goes.
Are you fucking ...   (HyperShot12)16.4.2014
Are you fucking kidding me with this censoring, VEVO? There are parts in here where you censor entire fucking lines! It completely ruined the song.
if only i can ...   (caviga gabia)16.4.2014
if only i can change this story, i would change it
man this song still ...   (Eric Millan)16.4.2014
man this song still gives me chills everytime I listen to it
The video is great, ...   (Trevor Pickett)16.4.2014
The video is great, but I wish the lyrics were uncensored. The mid-bar pauses ruin it for me.
I was watching this ...   (Alex Saphire)16.4.2014
I was watching this with my black kitten and when stanly yelled at his girl my cat growled at the screen I go and touch him and he jumps and runs off o_O
EminemVEVO= 12 ...   (Patrick Star)14.4.2014
EminemVEVO= 12 million+ subscribers... not bad but take away VEVO and statistics say Eminem____= 1.2 billion subscribers. I call this, The PatrickStar Theory :)
   (Priyanka Srinivas)14.4.2014
Not to be annoying ...   (Ace Gnat)14.4.2014
Not to be annoying or anything, because right here it's all about Eminem (he's my favorite rapper, been listening since I was really young) but I'm also really trying to get my music out there so people can hear. I'm definitely influenced by Em to a certain extent so fans of him might enjoy my stuff. Please, if you have some time to spare, check out my new mixtape right here: http://www.h​otnewhiphop.co​m/ace-gnat-dan​gerous-toys-mi​xtape.111085.h​tml
when i was a kid, ...   (Joseph Kony)13.4.2014
when i was a kid, the reflection at the end used to actually scare me lol
Instrumentals for ...   (D.R.A.P.E.R.)13.4.2014
Instrumentals​ for lease on my page All artists welcome to check them out Subscribe​ to get updates on more beats #Murder​BeatsNotPeople​ Production by Draper
I thought Stan died ...   (Joshie2499)12.4.2014
I thought Stan died from a falling brick that hit his head or is that just me?
Also 7:18- "what's ...   (Eric Hughes)13.4.2014
Also 7:18- "what's this shit about us wanting to meet each other" WTF VEVO
Lost control...   (rui alves)12.4.2014
Lost control...
He probably ...   (Justin Hill)13.4.2014
He probably wouldn't not be a fan anymore if he was alive when Encore came out.
Is this supose to ...   (Camilo Gallego)13.4.2014
Is this supose to be the dead of slim shady or is a true story?
Wait is this a true ...   (TheOneYouDontKnow)12.4.2014
Wait is this a true story then wow but its not slim's (eminem's) fault
Damn    (Cierrawr Mecca)17.4.2014
The weirdest thing ...   (TameTheGame)17.4.2014
The weirdest thing is that i have a cousin named Mathew that's a red head and his bigger cousin acts like this...Hes not dead thought.
Fuck you vevo go to ...   (WolfGaming)16.4.2014
Fuck you vevo go to hell.
Such a good song ...   (Cole Bleecker)16.4.2014
Such a good song but the censoring ruins it!
This really ...   (dawgage)16.4.2014
This really emphasizes the grasp that media has over our desires and needs as a means of ends. 
Best ending   (Rage Quit)17.4.2014
Best ending
whats the point in ...   (Lance Dressler)17.4.2014
whats the point in putting a video clip of a song where %60 of the words are cut from the song, instant dislike.
thx vevo for the ...   (Stéphanie Marwa)15.4.2014
thx vevo for the censored song -_- ruined it all !!

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