Eminem - Stan (Long Version) ft. Dido

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Eminem - Stan (Long Version) ft. Dido

Music video by Eminem performing Stan. YouTube view counts pre-VEVO: 3,965,564. (C) 2002 Aftermath Entertainment/Interscope Records

Author: EminemVEVO
Length: 08:10
Uploaded: 25.12.2009
Viewed: 56828552×
Rating (273669×):

Video Category: Music
Top 5 rappers: 1: ...   (BlackMash)25.12.2014
Top 5 rappers: 1:Em​inem 2: Slim Shady 3: Marshal Matthers 4: B-Rabbit 5: The White guy from D12
thanks for ruining ...   (Ethan Meier)26.12.2014
thanks for ruining the song by censoring it sincerely, everybody
Vevo you fucking ...   (weerossHD)8.12.2014
Vevo you fucking ruin songs be censoring it. Fuck you from Everybody using the internet.
damn i miss these ...   (SouthCentralChannel)10.12.2014
damn i miss these kind of videos who let you think about shit, nowdays every rap videos got 100 niggas in it who are throwing up their arms like retards 
What's the logic ...   (ZTPDrake7Kid)26.11.2014
What's the logic behind censoring a rap song . . . That's like censoring a sex scene during a porn video, aka THE WHOLE FUCKING VIDEO.
I really don't like ...   (therealhermannfegelein)3.11.2014
I really don't like rap, but this is an amazing song.
Her voice is so ...   (Gotenks)18.12.2014
Her voice is so amazing. And this song is so sad..
So Nikki Minaj can ...   (Alosiac)1.1.2015
So Nikki Minaj can make a music video which might as well be considered soft porn, where she is practically naked, completely degrading herself and that's perfectly fine. But Em can't say shit like "cut&quo​t; or even entire lines like: "A​nd what's this shit about us meant to be together?&quo​t; "And had his girlfriend in the trunk, and she was pregnant with his kid" Tha​t's fucked up
Are you proud to be ...   (Evan Matthews)27.12.2014
Are you proud to be a Stan? I know I am.
This is censored so ...   (MaoKittyMaoMao)18.12.2014
This is censored so heavily lol Could have just made the video have an age verification.​
Thank god they ...   (Laura Ryan)10.11.2014
Thank god they censored vodka, cut, suffocate, trunk and bleed
Am I the only one ...   (tyler sticca)4.12.2014
Am I the only one that got freeked out at the end when slim realizes it was Stan who died u can see Stan in the glass looking at him. 
Like this comment ...   (Lolrandom)23.12.2014
Like this comment if you think Eminem is the best rapper alive. 
Is it bad that I ...   (Trey Benham)19.11.2014
Is it bad that I play this song everytime I drive off into the water with my friends inside in gta?
back when Eminem ...   (1undertakeristhebest)16.10.2014
back when Eminem was good
Damn. Stan could've ...   (TacoSalad954)26.11.2014
Damn. Stan could've had a wonderful life with Eminem. But he had to run off a fucking bridge just because he didn't meet Eminem?! This guy is crazy. But I still feel really bad for him and his girlfriend. Eminem made this song just for him. I read the comments, and people don't even take this song seriously.
Did anyone else ...   (The A team)14.12.2014
Did anyone else notice Stan looking at Eminem through the window at 7:58? Such a cool way to end this already unbelievable song.
Vevo just ruined ...   (Edited Music)29.1.2015
Vevo just ruined the story.
why the phrase " ...   (TapsRunner)7.12.2014
why the phrase "girlfri​end in the trunk" is censored? Anybody can see something bad when girl is locked in it?
Eminem & Dido - ...   (Theo van der Meulen)3.1.2015
Eminem & Dido - Stan *&qu​ot;I even got the underground s(...) that you did with Skam..."​* *"I like the s(...) you did with Rawkus too, that s(...) was fat..."*​ Exactly, and I have that stuff too :-)
Saying that Eminem ...   (Sync Nissah)30.10.2014
Saying that Eminem is the best rapper is your opinion not a fact. Don't get pissy.
Eminem is not the ...   (Merle Dixon)5.1.2015
Eminem is not the best but he's in the top ten, everyone who is older than 16 would know that PAC is the g.o.a.t
are all Eminem´s ...   (SpanishTopSubs)4.11.2014
are all Eminem´s songs censored in this fucking VEVO shit?
Why is "fifth of ...   (Mulchy YT)7.12.2014
Why is "fifth of vodka" censored? Am i just too young to understand why the hell those words are censored??
if you look at the ...   (ελ phantomas)26.1.2015
if you look at the window at 7:58 you can see stan looking at eminem!!!

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