Eminem - Stan (Long Version) ft. Dido

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Eminem - Stan (Long Version) ft. Dido

Music video by Eminem performing Stan. YouTube view counts pre-VEVO: 3,965,564. (C) 2002 Aftermath Entertainment/Interscope Records

Author: EminemVEVO
Length: 08:10
Uploaded: 25.12.2009
Viewed: 48807245×
Rating (229083×):

Video Category: Music
thats for ruining ...   (Brandon Hill)21.7.2014
thats for ruining the fucking song vevo its 2014 we dont need to censor every fucking bad word 
Still a better ...   (Hilarious Delirious)20.7.2014
Still a better story than twilight 
hey guys i do rap ...   (YoungA170)6.6.2014
hey guys i do rap songs, Can you guys give my music a listen on my page.
What is the ...   (MrPervert)16.7.2014
What is the substance that Stan is pouring on his hair?
GIVES ME THE CHILLS ...   (Marshall Mathers)6.5.2014
i have my song ...   (LuckyMusiqLive)1.7.2014
i have my song named RAP TITAN on my channel thats getting popular
   (Dayane Dias)17.7.2014
anyone notice it ...   (zombiebananas789)3.7.2014
anyone notice it censors the part about what's this shit about us meant to be together was hollywood a homophobe at the time
Hey that guy looks ...   (Adi Agarwal)25.6.2014
Hey that guy looks like Devon from final destination lol
wow i liked that ...   (Jake Hax)26.6.2014
wow i liked that but it was sad
K Rino is better ...   (Scaryface1543)7.7.2014
K Rino is better than Eminem
didnt see it before ...   (David Sanchez)28.6.2014
didnt see it before on the window at the end wen the thunder strikes is stan´s face jajaja creepy
"That's my girl ...   (Al Burbank)1.5.2014
"That's my girl friend s*********** in the trunk." Really Vevo?
╭━━━┳╮╱╱╱╱╱╱╭╮ ┃╭━╮ ...   (James Ghost)8.6.2014
╭━━━​╮╱╱╱​╱╱╱╭​ ┃╭━╮​┃┃╱╱​╱╱╱┃​ ┃╰━​┫╰━┳​━┳━╯​┣╮╱╭​ ╰━━╮​┃╭╮┃​╮┃╭╮​┃╱┃┃​ ┃╰━╯​┃┃┃╭​╮┃╰╯​╰━╯┃ ​╰━━━​╯╰┻╯​┻━━┻​━╮╭╯ ​╱╱╱╱​╱╱╱╱​╱╱╱╭​╯┃ ╱​╱╱╱╱​╱╱╱╱​╱╱╰━​╯ *Checkout​ The Remix I Made Of His Song On My Channel!*
Eminem is such an ...   (Dinosaur Junior.)26.6.2014
Eminem is such an overrated rapper. Wu Tang Clan is way better.
And this art song ...   (George Georgee)1.6.2014
And this art song has less views than Rap God? I mean Rap God is a good rap, but this is the real eminem shit!
hahha eminem is a ...   (3PACTVHD)19.12.2013
hahha eminem is a joke my diss video made him scared 
who is the other ...   (Isaac Patchen)29.5.2014
who is the other guy aside from eminem and Dido
Am I the only one ...   (aquab33m)27.5.2014
Am I the only one that noticed Stan in the window on 7:58 when the lightning striked?
Did anybody notice ...   (Perry Dawg)13.6.2014
Did anybody notice stan in the window around 7:54?
Lil Wayne wrote the ...   (Sean Igo)18.6.2014
Lil Wayne wrote the book of rap, Future finished it, Eminem couldn't figure out how to read it, and Tupac bought it for 99 cents at a Compton thirft shop
Just realized how ...   (LPSPolarBearProductions)30.6.2014
Just realized how many times the girlfriend says his name. It's annoying and I kinda don't blame him for getting frustrated. I mean, I would slam the door if someone interrupted me while I was dying my hair so I could be just like my favorite idol, and someone was banging on the door, and kept yelling my name over and over... wait...
love this song.....   (keila rodriguez)31.5.2014
love this song.....
is this true?   (Zenthar)13.6.2014
is this true?
wow what a boring ...   (stoeit seireo)6.6.2014
wow what a boring story

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