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Author: YouTube Help
Length: 03:56
Uploaded: 17.4.2015
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Video Category: Howto
Really? Censoring ...   (Tristan Hoekstra)17.5.2015
Really? Censoring half of the lyrics out? gg America
Y'all can say what ...   (AriesJay | No Demographic)7.3.2015
Y'all can say what you want about Eminem. This world is based on so called freedom of speech. However, I grew up on Eminem and his music helped me through a lot of stressful shit. I don't think he has fell off at all. He's done nothing but try to prove himself for his entire career. So if anyone has the right to lay back its him. Now, K-Rino will always be my favorite Emcee. But DON'T forget the good music Eminem made and how it helped you. Eminem - Stan (Long Version) ft. Dido: http://youtu.​be/gOMhN-hfMtY​
Feat who? Dildo? ...   (zioxei)19.3.2015
Feat who? Dildo? When did dildos get voice?
Eminem - "Stan" ( ...   (Shane Nightingale)15.5.2015
Eminem - "Stan&qu​ot; (Long Version) ft. Dido #norties #music #Eminem 
Why censor this ...   (Carson Reidy)18.4.2015
Why censor this shit? I mean there's so much censoring I can't even understand this without looking up an explicit version afterwards and then there's no video for copyright reasons. The songs get completely ruined by fucking censoring and you censor the dumbest shit too. "Pregnan​t"? Why on the actually fuck would you censor "pregnan​t"? That's just one of many things. It'd still be bad but not half as bad if you only censored the curse words. I mean, shit. Youre changing a rap song into a nursery rhyme 
Eminen Genial!   (ҡɨʍ beaslay hernandez!)23.5.2015
Eminen Genial​!
So did Eminem ...   (cleo girl)22.4.2015
So did Eminem create the word "stan?&q​uot;
HEY MAN WE ARE STAN ...   (Bhavya Pandey)13.4.2015
HEY MAN WE ARE STAN TRULY YOURS BIGGEST FAN!!! A very emotional story of a fan EMINEM fans will of course like it *____*
la petite dernière ...   (muriel p (la cuisine de mumu))26.4.2015
la petite dernière !!!
Who's the kid at ...   (Siberian Stars)7.2.2015
Who's the kid at the end and I guess his "mother&​quot;?
• Eminem • • ft. ...   (Pasquale De Paola)27.4.2015
• Eminem • • ft. Dido • • Stan •
Whoah i love how ...   (RealTalk)16.2.2015
Whoah i love how matthew is just standing at the end like "im gonna avenge my brothers death one day" 
SLIM should make " ...   (WastingLife xx15xx)19.2.2015
SLIM should make "STAN 2" in which he meets stan's lil' ' brother !
bad   (Lulu nafisah)23.5.2015
Who exactly is Stan ...   (Percy Jackson)30.3.2015
Who exactly is Stan?
1:33 Lol singin on ...   (Apple TechInternational)18.4.2015
1:33 Lol singin on tha toilet
DIDO IS SUCH A GIFT ...   (popculture Heart)18.4.2015
DIDO IS SUCH A GIFT! I'm so glad that she spent her time to lift up this up and coming rapper back in the day. She's like the Mother Theresa of music. Bless her *soul*
the title should be ...   (Otsonaattori)16.4.2015
the title should be more like Dido - Stan (Long Version) ft. Eminem
anyone listening to ...   (amos kenosis ralte)7.2.2015
anyone listening to this song in 2015 ?
They censored " ...   ('Αννα Κλημεντίνη)18.5.2015
They censored "drink&q​uot;, "vodka&q​uot;, "cut&quo​t;, "bleeds&​quot;
Types of Eminem ...   (BenjaGames)18.3.2015
Types of Eminem fans: 1. STAN- Children who worship Em and think that's he's the only good rapper apart from Tupac and Biggie (who they have just heard half a song from both of them and say they are big fans of them) 2. Old School- Only fans of his old shit that just watch Em's newer stuff so that they can complain about how he's "fell off" 3.​ Fakes- Teenagers just trying to be cool and don't even like rap, but they only listen to Em's songs like The Monster and Not Afraid and say that they are fans of Em to gain popularity 4. True Fans- Actual fans of Em who like his old and new music, yet give other rappers and other people's opinions a chance. This is the most mature category of Eminem fans
Does anyone see ...   (MC Dakota)18.3.2015
Does anyone see Stan around the 7:58 mark in the window? I just now noticed it. Like if you saw it.
Has STAN really ...   (Ilyas S)9.5.2015
Has STAN really excisted?
Eminem - Stan (Long ...   (Silvana Polito)8.4.2015
Eminem - Stan (Long Version) ft. Dido: https://youtu​.be/gOMhN-hfMt​Y Notte !!!
Wow who plays Stan? ...   (michael richard)1.5.2015
Wow who plays Stan? He looks like eminem lol

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