Eminem - Sing For The Moment

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Eminem - Sing For The Moment

Music video by Eminem performing Sing For The Moment. (C) 2002 Aftermath Records

Author: EminemVEVO
Length: 05:28
Uploaded: 25.12.2009
Viewed: 77288142×
Rating (298723×):

Video Category: Music
Music is like magic ...   (Darude - Sandstorm)30.6.2014
Music is like magic and to all the kids I know it's tough time but umm keep your head up and never fall back. - marshal 
Eminem is shit all ...   (Logan Ryan)9.8.2014
Eminem is shit all he does is steal lyrics from other famous artists. He doesnt belong being famous. He stole so many from so many songs. Who thinks he is cool your a smelly dirty rotten nigger picked it from a cotton gin. Fuck it. Wolf gang.
And I have no ...   (I'm THEWAYOFeHARMONY)25.7.2014
And I have no family they have all been killed 2 brothers 1 sister dad mom grandparents​ every one is dead and my sister I loved so very much and it's life changing when you see you're sisters head cut off and burnt IN FRONT OF YOU IMAGINE THAT people seeing that and then almost beaten to death what would happen to you and all those people who have to worry about is getting bullied at school oh and my mother was raped before she was killed then hung on my door step and that is life changing having to see that my brothers we where went out side said they would be back a day later I found them both hung upside down with no brains gangs are fucked up I lost every person of my family to gangs I survived cause I never let any thing bring me down I you would not even want to know what happend to the rest of them...
I don't know why ...   (Tenge500)12.8.2014
I don't know why some people hate on Eminem? Okay, negative opinion is also an opinion. But there's a fucking line. Don't come here saying that "Eminem fucking sucks and can't rap" I, personally, dislike Drake and 2Chainz. But I don't go berserk in their youtube channels and write bullshit like "they suck, they is shit". No they don't suck. They're actually successful. How could they suck? Just lol.
Well WWE is 100% ...   (Ryan Dowling)25.7.2014
Well WWE is 100% percent fake so
Aerosmith wrote ...   (michael morales)15.7.2014
Aerosmith wrote this song
WHY EMINEM SUCKS 1. ...   (Jamie1211)13.7.2014
WHY EMINEM SUCKS 1. he's a poor white boy trying to beat real, old-school rappers like lil wayne 2. he complains about his life in every song 3. he can't rhyme or stay on beat at all 4. he's lazy because he hires people to compose beats and write lyrics for him 5. talented rappers like drake have sold more albums than he ever will 6. he swears in every song setting a bad example for kids SCREW EMINEM!
Eminem is a ...   (NeverGiveUp2014)17.5.2014
Eminem is a terrible rapper. John Cena is a rapping legend.
me encanto este ...   (Wilson Pereira)16.8.2014
me encanto este tema de #eminem 
Ok so my friend ...   (Madison Bothwell)6.7.2014
Ok so my friend waked in and I was wrapin to a this song she asked y I was listening to this stuff she asked me y I did not listen to 1D I told her because eminem is not gay I'm awraper myself my vid of me wrapping right now sucks because i was nerves 
BLACK PEOPLE EXCEPT ...   (Mihai Haarp'01)18.8.2014
Eminem inspired me ...   (Dylan maharaj)17.8.2014
Eminem inspired me to write at a young age. I hope one day I can inspire the world with my music the way he continues to do each day. Feel free to give my songs a listen. If you like what you hear, that's all that really matters to me.
My brotther thats ...   (OfficialWillWill)25.6.2014
My brotther thats 17 got me into Eminem when i was like 3
copy of Aerosmith - ...   (Les Maudits)14.8.2014
copy of Aerosmith - Dream on
R.I.P SLIM SHADY   (EmInEm)29.5.2014
Fuck eminem you ...   (Dougj1000)11.8.2014
Fuck eminem you guys really need to listen to riff raff he is 10 times better
Hate this song so ...   (Theo Noggle)1.7.2014
Hate this song so much. He stole chorus and intro from a great 80's song. Fuck u eminen 
You will never hear ...   (Whyunounderstand)27.6.2014
You will never hear anythign like this from today's rapper's. Something so real and pure hip-pop, that reachers out to people going through hardtime's and show's how powerful and uplitfiting hip-pop can be. underrated song among the greats.
He wears skinny ...   (Divitty Bissel)20.6.2014
He wears skinny jeans now. He lost his way. Hip Hop can only survive when people wear baggy clothes like this video.
why r so many ...   (Ilo Feldman)17.8.2014
why r so many eminem songs from 2009? Is it because eminem made a bunch of song in 2009 or did he do lots of music vids for past songs in 2009?
yeah the melody for ...   (Saul Munoz)1.8.2014
yeah the melody for this song comes from Dream On by Aerosmith... Just sayin
Who is Guerrera?   (Manuel Sanchez)25.6.2014
Who is Guerrera?
Love this paul   (Carol Tatro)31.7.2014
Love this paul
Hey Guys, check out ...   (Jasmina Susak)18.8.2014
Hey Guys, check out my Eminem speed drawing :)!!! if you like drawings...​
LooL    (Matus Baca)17.8.2014

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