Eminem - Sing For The Moment

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Eminem - Sing For The Moment

Music video by Eminem performing Sing For The Moment. (C) 2002 Aftermath Records

Author: EminemVEVO
Length: 05:28
Uploaded: 25.12.2009
Viewed: 78588164×
Rating (303641×):

Video Category: Music
Music is like magic ...   (Darude - Sandstorm)30.6.2014
Music is like magic and to all the kids I know it's tough time but umm keep your head up and never fall back. - marshal 
eminem did this ...   (NHKC)12.9.2014
eminem did this song better then that other band
Nobody hates on ...   (Fancyslimshady)27.8.2014
Nobody hates on Eminem .. They just come say something negative because they think it is funny when the fans respond...
Thank god they ...   (Cube)23.8.2014
Thank god they censored the word gun.
Eminem inspired me ...   (Dylan maharaj)17.8.2014
Eminem inspired me to write at a young age. I hope one day I can inspire the world with my music the way he continues to do each day. Feel free to give my songs a listen. If you like what you hear, that's all that really matters to me.
And I have no ...   (I'm THEWAYOFeHARMONY)25.7.2014
And I have no family they have all been killed 2 brothers 1 sister dad mom grandparents​ every one is dead and my sister I loved so very much and it's life changing when you see you're sisters head cut off and burnt IN FRONT OF YOU IMAGINE THAT people seeing that and then almost beaten to death what would happen to you and all those people who have to worry about is getting bullied at school oh and my mother was raped before she was killed then hung on my door step and that is life changing having to see that my brothers we where went out side said they would be back a day later I found them both hung upside down with no brains gangs are fucked up I lost every person of my family to gangs I survived cause I never let any thing bring me down I you would not even want to know what happend to the rest of them...
I don't know why ...   (Tenge500)12.8.2014
I don't know why some people hate on Eminem? Okay, negative opinion is also an opinion. But there's a fucking line. Don't come here saying that "Eminem fucking sucks and can't rap" I, personally, dislike Drake and 2Chainz. But I don't go berserk in their youtube channels and write bullshit like "they suck, they is shit". No they don't suck. They're actually successful. How could they suck? Just lol.
All you fucking ...   (O. Nye)15.9.2014
All you fucking parents out there that think Marshal is a bad influence why do you let your kids listen to him.
Aerosmith wrote ...   (michael morales)15.7.2014
Aerosmith wrote this song
Why would they ...   (bryce Flanigan)31.8.2014
Why would they censor out words like gun and pistol? Kids say words like that all the time.
Eminem at his ...   (Gaming Armory)5.9.2014
Eminem at his finest, I don't understand how his new single, gut's over fear, is even talked about as a good song, or a lyrically intelligent song. Like, what the fuck? But after all, I understand that. You can't judge 12 year old's for loving the poppy Eminem songs, after all, they came from recovery. 
me encanto este ...   (Wilson Pereira)16.8.2014
me encanto este tema de #eminem 
You will never hear ...   (Whyunounderstand)27.6.2014
You will never hear anythign like this from today's rapper's. Something so real and pure hip-pop, that reachers out to people going through hardtime's and show's how powerful and uplitfiting hip-pop can be. underrated song among the greats.
My brotther thats ...   (OfficialWillWill)25.6.2014
My brotther thats 17 got me into Eminem when i was like 3
Hey Guys, check out ...   (Jasmina Susak)18.8.2014
Hey Guys, check out my Eminem speed drawing :)!!! if you like drawings...​
Love this paul   (Carol Tatro)31.7.2014
Love this paul
Who is Guerrera?   (Manuel Sanchez)25.6.2014
Who is Guerrera?
"That's why we ...   (FaZe Swan)12.6.2014
"That's why we seize the moment, try to freeze it and own it, squeeze it and hold it, cause we consider these minutes golden."
Did AeroSmith get ...   (Bairz)11.7.2014
Did AeroSmith get credit?
Thank you dre. If ...   (OfficialWillWill)25.6.2014
Thank you dre. If you werent there eminem probably wouldnt exist. That would be a sad life.
I gotta be honest I ...   (LeFr33)9.7.2014
I gotta be honest I was masturbating ​Then my heart started beating, well, because fast movement, ye ya know. Well it was beating at the rythim of the song judge me right now
I wonder what this ...   (Jake Woronoff)27.7.2014
I wonder what this sounds like (Aerosmith) the beginning beat anyway
So this the ...   (SimplyAwsmo)8.7.2014
So this the knockoff of dream on???
i love eminem very ...   (Fifty Yanoo)30.6.2014
i love eminem very much 
They blocked "gun" ...   (ImNonk1)13.7.2014
They blocked "gun" and "cock" (not relating to the body). Come on.

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