Eminem - Sing For The Moment

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Eminem - Sing For The Moment

Music video by Eminem performing Sing For The Moment. (C) 2002 Aftermath Records

Author: EminemVEVO
Length: 05:28
Uploaded: 25.12.2009
Viewed: 68941916×
Rating (265190×):

Video Category: Music
who featured it?   (Sean Baek)20.4.2014
who featured it?
Copying Aerosmith ...   (Bruno Hebert)19.4.2014
Copying Aerosmith song and rename it... Woooooow !!! ! !! ! ! !...........​...... Pathetic.
i cant believe ...   (Kristoff Bryan)19.4.2014
i cant believe justin bieber baby got more views than this
Straight up theft ...   (Barry Davis)18.4.2014
Straight up theft of Dream On ---good song though. Aerosmith song was better!
censoring handguns. ...   (DILLIGER90)16.4.2014
censoring handguns....​
Greatest ever.    (Evan Halnon)17.4.2014
Greatest ever. 
'One Of His Best' !   (OhhMInx)16.4.2014
'One Of His Best' !
my friend just ...   (evelyn baquedano)17.4.2014
my friend just introduced me to eminem and i don't know if hes singing this song about his life ?!?!?!?! is he?
Aerosmith?   (ChernovFan100)16.4.2014
you should defnitly ...   (Pontus Pettersson)15.4.2014
you should defnitly give me a chance and check me out! Im not like these other promo rappers with bad quality stuffs.. I really think i can make it one day.. Just need your help to get discovered.. Check me out you wont be disapointed if you like this music.
I remember ...   (Ace Gnat)15.4.2014
I remember listening to The Eminem Show so long ago, when I was like 6 or something. Didn't fully understand all the lyrics back then but I just loved his music. Now I love it even more especially after being able to appreciate the lyrics and themes properly. Thanks Em, for your amazing music and inspiration. Still inspiring me in 2014. MMLP2 was amazing.
I love Eminem so ...   (Lesly Sales)15.4.2014
I love Eminem so much he's my IDOL he inspires me to be a rapper or a singer I love him 😍😍😄​
When I was young I ...   (Jasmine Hanaa)13.4.2014
When I was young I always thought he was saying "sing for the mountain"
My favorite song    (jonathan cook)20.4.2014
My favorite song 
I love eminem😻👌💕   (Valeria Davila)21.4.2014
I love eminem😻​💕
Vevo should re- ...   (brandon prasad)21.4.2014
Vevo should re-upload this uncensored
these 19 year old ...   (Andrew Green)20.4.2014
these 19 year old rappers just want their music heard... please give us a chance and click our channel and listen to our songs, i promise u will not regret it, all we want is to be heard, but people dont listen to lyrics nowadays and only want to hear shitty hype artists, our choruses are to dope and the lyrics are good, just give us a chance please, give this a thumbs up so it stays at the top for people to see, we deserve to be heard! thank you for your time.
the best of rap and ...   (ICmusik)20.4.2014
the best of rap and rock in one song, amazing
if this song is ...   (Fort Ress)19.4.2014
if this song is tupac is gonna be a beast
Don't know but i ...   (Bill loney)8.1.2014
Don't know but i cant stand VEVO!!
Check Cloud 30 From ...   (Tim Marrotte)4.11.2013
Check Cloud 30 From partyman318
no   (Theo Petropoulos)6.11.2013
awesum... love it :D   (chirag khandelwal)6.11.2013
awesum... love it :D
lol this should ...   (6BadAss6Production6)6.11.2013
lol this should have that rate of comments,at least 10 milliards coz even aliens would love listen to it :)
Gods do die   (Mark Young)4.11.2013
Gods do die

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