Eminem - Sing For The Moment

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Eminem - Sing For The Moment

Music video by Eminem performing Sing For The Moment. (C) 2002 Aftermath Records

Author: EminemVEVO
Length: 05:28
Uploaded: 25.12.2009
Viewed: 74975601×
Rating (289834×):

Video Category: Music
Eminem is 100% Pure ...   (CenaIsTheBest2002)19.7.2014
Eminem is 100% Pure Garbage. John​ Cena however,is a rapping legend.
Music is like magic ...   (EminemVEVO)30.6.2014
Music is like magic and to all the kids I know it's tough time but umm keep your head up and never fall back. - marshal 
Check out my music ...   (earlyriseband)14.6.2014
Check out my music please
Hey, can you guys ...   (SikKidMusic)9.5.2014
Hey, can you guys check out my music? I even covered a few Eminem songs! :)
Aerosmith wrote ...   (michael morales)15.7.2014
Aerosmith wrote this song
So this the ...   (SimplyAwsmo)8.7.2014
So this the knockoff of dream on???
Hey guys can you ...   (YoungA170)26.5.2014
Hey guys can you give my rap remixes a listen in my page
i love eminem very ...   (Fifty Yanoo)30.6.2014
i love eminem very much 
They blocked "gun" ...   (ImNonk1)13.7.2014
They blocked "gun" and "cock" (not relating to the body). Come on.
The NUMBER ONE way ...   (Hunter Hicks)4.7.2014
The NUMBER ONE way to ruin something is to censor it. They even censored "gun"! Frick this, I'm out! VEVO SUCKS BUTTHOLE!
"That's why we ...   (FaZe Swan)12.6.2014
"That's why we seize the moment, try to freeze it and own it, squeeze it and hold it, cause we consider these minutes golden."
R.I.P SLIM SHADY   (EmInEm)29.5.2014
I think e-dubble is ...   (ismael lopez)24.5.2014
I think e-dubble is better
Is there any Eminem ...   (Brianna Koci)3.5.2014
Is there any Eminem songs that I dislike? No, there isn't. I doubt there ever will be. He's all I listen to!!!
eminem changed so ...   (xLORD Perez)22.5.2014
eminem changed so much i cant stand how he raps now
I gotta be honest I ...   (LeFr33)9.7.2014
I gotta be honest I was masturbating ​Then my heart started beating, well, because fast movement, ye ya know. Well it was beating at the rythim of the song judge me right now
i miss 2002   (Ellie Goulding Goulddigger)1.5.2014
i miss 2002
My brotther thats ...   (OfficialWillWill)25.6.2014
My brotther thats 17 got me into Eminem when i was like 3
Hate this song so ...   (Theo Noggle)1.7.2014
Hate this song so much. He stole chorus and intro from a great 80's song. Fuck u eminen 
Did AeroSmith get ...   (Bairz)11.7.2014
Did AeroSmith get credit?
Love it.:D   (Ella Bowles)27.5.2014
Love it.:D
Really fucked with ...   (LightsOnLuna)5.6.2014
Really fucked with the censorship on this one, didn't they?
Da fuck? 5 thousand ...   (Jake Salvatore Black)8.5.2014
Da fuck? 5 thousand mu'fuckin dislikes?! D: fuckin coackroach haterz :/ *Eminem is BEAST -- Fuckin RAW track* ;)
He wears skinny ...   (Divitty Bissel)20.6.2014
He wears skinny jeans now. He lost his way. Hip Hop can only survive when people wear baggy clothes like this video.

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