Dazzle's Dazzling Tricks

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Dazzle's Dazzling Tricks

Check out some of Dazzle's new tricks! The music is "Learn to Fly" by Josh Woodward. Did you like what you heard? You can check out more of his awesome songs at his website here: http://www.joshwoodward.com/ His music is under the following Creative Commons License: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/us/ Dazzle is now 3 years old - she has been learning tricks since she was a pup. There are about 60 seperate tricks shown in the video. Most of these tricks were clicker trained and free-shaped. That means that I wait for her to offer behaviors and we just go from there. My reason for training the tricks is really just to spend time working with Dazzle and building our communication, and also to entertain her brain! If you liked these tricks, be sure to watch some of her newer videos as well; she never stops learning! No video was sped up or reversed. Thanks for watching!!

Author: KatsDogs
Length: 06:13
Uploaded: 23.5.2008
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I would like to ...   (Arpan Datta)7.6.2014
I would like to teach my dog commands in two languages, one in English and the other in my native language. Will I be able to train him to answer in two languages?
Are all border ...   (rmwtsou)8.5.2014
Are all border collies this smart?
This dog is ...   (Liz Quilty)1.12.2011
This dog is seriously talented - bet some time went into that
1:26 so good :) ...   (TheWimmse)9.6.2014
1:26 so good :) best comedians are the ones not aware of how funny they are :D
Dazzle's a great ...   (dlwatib)4.3.2014
Dazzle's a great name for your Border Collie. She really does dazzle!
Lovely creatures ...   (Michael Walker)9.2.2014
Lovely creatures and well trained...Nice one!!
   (Igbo Anyanwu)8.12.2011
What´s the name of ...   (Týnuš Kylíšků)31.5.2014
What´s the name of song? Please :) Thanks :)
Hello Katherine! ...   (Casandra Kohan)2.5.2014
Hello Katherine! What a great job you did with Dazzle, she's very smart!!! How were you able to train her that way? I would really like to teach those tricks to my dog, did you use a book or some thing like that?
OMGGG!!!! ...   (Victoria Grigorieva)31.1.2014
OMGGG!!!! Amaziiinng!!!! How old is she/he?? U gave me so much motivation and so many ideas for training my lil' Weimaraner :)))) 
watch this I <3 dog ...   (border collie)21.12.2012
watch this I <3 dog tricks
Dazzle's Dazzling ...   (Duli Santamarta)26.3.2012
Dazzle's Dazzling Tricks
   (Peter Šemnički)5.10.2011
Pretty dog, very ...   (Steve Lawrie)1.6.2014
Pretty dog, very educated, but the montage made me vomit x)
Border Collies are ...   (Daniel S)15.3.2014
Border Collies are such neat dogs
Dazzle   (Liam van der Zee)24.5.2014
That is a very ...   (Thomas Sanders Jr)4.3.2014
That is a very smart and observing breed of mans friend.
my baby is a border ...   (MICHELLEEVANS33)13.2.2014
my baby is a border collie also and i love your pic its my favorite place to kiss my baby puppy on either side of his nose! your baby is beautiful!
Brilliant!   (BigBIkeMad)8.7.2014
Your dog is amazing ...   (Laura Villafranca)17.6.2014
Your dog is amazing!! :-) loved this video.
never seen an ...   (jettero75)15.4.2014
never seen an intelligent and trained dog like this one, incredible.​
Igualzinha a Babá!   (Marcos de Abreu)9.5.2014
Igualzinha a Babá!
0:30 ...   (Elliot Adams)24.6.2014
0:30 naaaaaaaaaaaa​wwwwwwwwwwwwww​wwwwww :D :D :D
Fantastic dog   (Elisa Andreozzi)11.1.2014
Fantastic dog

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