Coldplay - Fix You

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Coldplay - Fix You

Coldplay's new album Ghost Stories, is out now! Download it at or get the CD at ~ Follow Coldplay ~ Website: Twitter: Facebook: Instagram: Google+: Tumblr: VK:

Author: Coldplay Official
Length: 04:56
Uploaded: 30.5.2011
Viewed: 31975560×
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Video Category: Music
Coldplay - Fix You: ...   (Laura Portillo)22.2.2015
Coldplay - Fix You: http://youtu.​be/k4V3Mo61fJM​ Excelente canción!!! No podía faltar antes de dormir 😊😉 Buenas noches 🎶
FRICKIN' *AWESOME*! ...   (Jeff MusicMan)19.2.2015
FRICKIN' *AWESOME*!!! 🙌🙌🙌​🙌🙌​🙌🙌
Coldplay ❤   (Giulia F.)17.12.2014
Coldplay ❤
I swear this song ...   (Riddhi Singh)1.3.2015
I swear this song is the reason some of us are still alive ..
;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-; ...   (Garrett Ashton)20.3.2015
Coldplay - Fix You   (Antonino Giaimo)11.11.2014
Coldplay - Fix You
Una canzone immensa ...   (Antonio Domenici)26.2.2015
Una canzone immensa... buon pomeriggio G+!
Chris forgot to ...   (Nightbot)22.1.2015
Chris forgot to look both ways when crossing the street.
My 6 year old ...   (Jhai Harris)27.12.2014
My 6 year old Brother died on April 18th 2011, this song was played at his funeral...​
questa è per me ...   (lisa maria)16.3.2015
questa è per me ...
Quando provi a fare ...   (Roberto Diluca)23.3.2015
Quando provi a fare del tuo meglio ma non ci riesci Quando​ prendi quel che vuoi ma non quello di cui hai bisogno Quando ti senti così stanco ma non puoi dormire Torna​ indietro E le lacrime iniziano a scorrere sul tuo viso Quando perdi qualcosa che non puoi riavere Quando ami qualcuno ma va tutto in fumo Potrebbe​ andare peggio? Le luci ti guideranno a casa E infuocheranno​ le tue ossa E io cercherò di consolarti
Fix you   (John Marchant)23.3.2015
Fix you
   (Kristin Crumpler)7.2.2015
In Every Coldplay's ...   (Med CH')11.3.2015
In Every Coldplay's Video Comment , i realise that humble and good people still exist :) every one tells his story to everybody and the support is billateral here :) THANK YOUUU <3
Coldplay-Fix You, ...   (Débora Messias)22.1.2015
Coldplay-Fix You,Adoro!!!!​
Good night G+   (Lorena Lopes Santana)6.3.2015
Good night G+
I’m making a ...   (Pascal Le Compte)14.2.2015
I’m making a compilation album and could use a little help. I usually listen to Alternative Rock/Grunge/P​unk but my guilty pleasure is… Well... Heart wrenching melodies for pre-teen dweebs…... ​ Heres what I have so far: 1. Coldplay - Fix You 2. Jet - Look What You’ve Done 3. Paramore - The Only Exception 4. John Lennon - Imagine 5. Keane - Somewhere Only We Know 6. Evanescence - My Immortal 7. Coldplay - The Scientist 8. Oasis - Stop Crying Your Heart Out 9. The Fray - how To Save A life Lol don’t judge me
   (Elisa Vola)20.1.2015
God will try to fix ...   (AgeofSandow)14.2.2015
God will try to fix you. Always.
   (Fabrina Nunes)19.3.2015
*[song of the day]* ...   (pangarrè con il bacon)15.3.2015
*[song of the day]* -giuls​
Coldplay - Fix You: ...   (ines blonde)11.2.2015
Coldplay - Fix You: http://youtu.​be/k4V3Mo61fJM. Ho sempre dato tanto ad un uomo in cambio ricevuto poco...ora da te voglio il di piu' nn risparmiarti​....offriti...​ciao core de roma....ciao amici un beso anche a tt voi
   (Debbie Nobodyneedstoknow)13.2.2015
Coldplay - Fix You: ...   (Maurizio Feltrin)9.2.2015
Coldplay - Fix You: http://youtu.​be/k4V3Mo61fJM​
It's sad to hear ...   (Pubudu Kalhára)2.1.2015
It's sad to hear that, Coldplay is working on their last album :(

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