Coldplay - Fix You

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Coldplay - Fix You

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Author: Coldplay Official
Length: 04:56
Uploaded: 30.5.2011
Viewed: 18179184×
Rating (99186×):

Video Category: Music
This is the perfect ...   (Crystal Chung)22.7.2014
This is the perfect lullaby :D
*One of my all time ...   (Charise Strandberg)11.6.2014
*One of my all time favorites....​* *When you love someone but it goes to waste...could​ it be worse?* *Lig​hts will guide you home and ignite your bones...* #f​ixyou #coldplay 
I don't know if it ...   (wwwwario)6.6.2014
I don't know if it really does, but I feel like this song describes me. At least some of the lyrics. The recent years, since the beginning of Mid High, I've fallen off track, become shy, quit sports, got anxious, low self-confide​nce, lost myself. Feel like my friends are going the right path, even though they're all kind to me and are my friends still. Also, recently, my crush (the most beautiful girl in the world), accidentally found out I like her, and now she doesn't talk to me much. Now I'm 16, soon 17. I feel like I've screwed up everything, my love life, my social powers, myself. Like I'm developed wrong and need fixing. I really try, everyday, but it's so hard. I really wish this song could fix me and make me myself again, make me confident, make my mind up. I feel like my friends are so much higher in life than me now :( AND I WANT IT TO END NOW!! I'M SICK OF THIS! Fix me :(
<3   (Jennifer Wainwright-Winther)29.4.2014
   (Mo Kavanagh)2.7.2014
   (Mika Pulkkinen)24.5.2014
A little cheer up ...   (Niveditha Gokulmuthu)26.4.2014
A little cheer up song for y'all...
3:00 am. Oh My. Way ...   (Kathy Allensworth)9.4.2014
3:00 am. Oh My. Way past nitey nite. G-Nite All :-)
I always come back ...   (Gina Friedman)11.6.2014
I always come back to this song. It is one of the most beautiful love songs that I have ever heard.
You could add this ...   (Samantha May)17.7.2014
You could add this song to, literally, ANY video, and you'll be inspired. Like, if you added this song to a cat taking a shit for the first time; I will probably cry. 
I will not listen ...   (Ryan Hickey)14.4.2014
I will not listen to this cause I might cry.
A few lyrics in ...   (TCG Gaming)30.4.2014
A few lyrics in this song perfectly describe my situation.
This song let men ...   (Ivy Van Ekert)22.6.2014
This song let men thinks to my grand pa He is dide... 
He wrote this song ...   (kyle raizen)25.4.2014
He wrote this song for Gwyneth Paltrow when her father died..
this deserves so ...   (maariyah bashir)11.6.2014
this deserves so much more than 15 million views
It's a really sad ...   (JOSHGIARAI)29.4.2014
It's a really sad song but you put the speed on 2 or 0.5 It's so fucking funny 
CTFxC. THIS WAS ...   (RDM zxz)15.4.2014
CTFxC. THIS WAS THERE WEDDING SONG!! :'( I swear if Jesse and jeana break up I'm giving up on youtube and never going on it again
This song reminds ...   (Manon Mincieli)4.7.2014
This song reminds me of ctfxc 😢
Wasn't there a ...   (ExplodingChickenPie)7.5.2014
Wasn't there a special reason they wrote this. If there is can someone tell me what it is
My OCD slightly ...   (TheCraftingKidMC)20.6.2014
My OCD slightly kicks in at beginning bcuz he's off beat by just a little, but its part of the song and I kinda like it.
This song is full ...   (Rouncey)8.4.2014
This song is full of life lessons, e.g. "when you get what you want but not what you need". If you don't acknowledge them, take the lyrics and try and get something out of them. 
#CTFxC :(   (StreamUplink)9.4.2014
#CTFxC :(
Honestly this song ...   (Kraneveh Kran)14.5.2014
Honestly this song caught my attention and liked it after he spun that light and fireworks displayed at 2:53. And they sing together. Just wow! AMAZING! I love this song. Thanks to My MYX. That's where I first heard this song just earlier today.
When you're too in ...   (Sol H. Conde)29.4.2014
When you're too in love to let it go :')
When you love ...   (Peter James Van Naarden)8.7.2014
When you love someone but it goes to waste...could​ it be worse? Lights will guide you home and ignite your bones...

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