Coldplay - Fix You

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Coldplay - Fix You

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Author: Coldplay Official
Length: 04:56
Uploaded: 30.5.2011
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Coldplay - Fix You: ...   (Laura Portillo)22.2.2015
Coldplay - Fix You: http://youtu.​be/k4V3Mo61fJM​ Excelente canción!!! No podía faltar antes de dormir 😊😉 Buenas noches 🎶
FRICKIN' *AWESOME*! ...   (Jeff MusicMan)19.2.2015
FRICKIN' *AWESOME*!!! 🙌🙌🙌​🙌🙌​🙌🙌
Coldplay - Fix You: ...   (ines blonde)11.2.2015
Coldplay - Fix You: http://youtu.​be/k4V3Mo61fJM. Ho sempre dato tanto ad un uomo in cambio ricevuto poco...ora da te voglio il di piu' nn risparmiarti​....offriti...​ciao core de roma....ciao amici un beso anche a tt voi
Chris forgot to ...   (Nightbot)22.1.2015
Chris forgot to look both ways when crossing the street.
I always listen to ...   (Jasen Jensen)22.3.2015
I always listen to this song when I'm sad. It cheers me up.
Coldplay - Fix You: ...   (angel heart)13.4.2015
Coldplay - Fix You: https://youtu​.be/k4V3Mo61fJ​M ***********​*********
Para empezar un ...   (Claudia Morales)17.4.2015
Para empezar un excelente fin de semana, con una gran banda, y con una de sus excelentes canciones. I♥you Chris Martin. !! ;) ;p 
I swear this song ...   (Riddhi Singh)1.3.2015
I swear this song is the reason some of us are still alive ..
Coldplay - Fix You: ...   (Helga Stillitani)13.4.2015
Coldplay - Fix You: https://youtu​.be/k4V3Mo61fJ​M ***********​*********
Quando provi a fare ...   (Roberto Diluca)23.3.2015
Quando provi a fare del tuo meglio ma non ci riesci Quando​ prendi quel che vuoi ma non quello di cui hai bisogno Quando ti senti così stanco ma non puoi dormire Torna​ indietro E le lacrime iniziano a scorrere sul tuo viso Quando perdi qualcosa che non puoi riavere Quando ami qualcuno ma va tutto in fumo Potrebbe​ andare peggio? Le luci ti guideranno a casa E infuocheranno​ le tue ossa E io cercherò di consolarti
It's sad to hear ...   (Pubudu Kalhára)2.1.2015
It's sad to hear that, Coldplay is working on their last album :(
I’m making a ...   (Pascal Le Compte)14.2.2015
I’m making a compilation album and could use a little help. I usually listen to Alternative Rock/Grunge/P​unk but my guilty pleasure is… Well... Heart wrenching melodies for pre-teen dweebs…... ​ Heres what I have so far: 1. Coldplay - Fix You 2. Jet - Look What You’ve Done 3. Paramore - The Only Exception 4. John Lennon - Imagine 5. Keane - Somewhere Only We Know 6. Evanescence - My Immortal 7. Coldplay - The Scientist 8. Oasis - Stop Crying Your Heart Out 9. The Fray - how To Save A life Lol don’t judge me
Fix You è un ...   (Valenyna Vale)23.4.2015
Fix You è un singolo del gruppo musicale britannico Coldplay, il secondo estratto dal terzo album in studio X&Y e pubblicato il 6 ottobre 2005. Il brano, scritto dal frontman del gruppo, Chris Martin, non è dedicato a una persona in particolare, ma potrebbe essere indirizzato alla moglie Gwyneth Paltrow dopo la scomparsa del padre di lei: fix you significa infatti consolarti. Il videoclip del brano mostra Chris Martin mentre cammina su una strada cantando. Qui dal minuto 1:35 al minuto 2:27 è visibile, su un edificio, alle spalle di Martin la scritta "make trade fair" in Codice Baudot, codice usato anche nelle copertine dei singoli e dell'album per scrivere i rispettivi titoli. Nella parte finale, in concomitanza​ con l'inizio della parte della chitarra elettrica, inizia a correre e raggiunge il palcoscenico.​ L'ultima strofa è cantata assieme al pubblico: queste scene furono girate durante i concerti del 4 e 5 luglio 2005 al Reebok Stadium di Bolton (Inghil
Una canzone immensa ...   (Antonio Domenici)26.2.2015
Una canzone immensa... buon pomeriggio G+!
questa è per me ...   (lisa maria)16.3.2015
questa è per me ...
Fix you... Coldplay ...   (martin penaloza)8.4.2015
Fix you... Coldplay .... Buena canción ... 😉😉😉​
   (Fabrina Nunes)19.3.2015
;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-; ...   (Garrett Ashton)20.3.2015
Fix you   (John Marchant)23.3.2015
Fix you
   (Kristin Crumpler)7.2.2015
It's fine. It's ...   (Edgar Mirth)31.3.2015
It's fine. It's like I'm helplessly in love, but also I'm fine with the girl not loving me back. Fuck her. No, not like that. I hope everyone is doing ok. Also, I hate you all :)
In Every Coldplay's ...   (Mohamed Chiboub)11.3.2015
In Every Coldplay's Video Comment , i realise that humble and good people still exist :) every one tells his story to everybody and the support is billateral here :) THANK YOUUU <3
*Day 3 of the 14 ...   (Missy Jay)19.4.2015
*Day 3 of the 14 Days of Music Challenge.* *Subject: ROCK MUSIC* *POST​ 2* *COLDPLAY-FIX​ YOU* I have to admit I love Rock music too so I had to do a 2nd post lol. I enjoy listening to *Coldplay* and when I was in Media College, I was doing radio presenting and also broadcast to Notthingamshi​re at the time so i have to look for more song to play for the *college's radio station*, and this is how my music genre expanded even more =). I have chosen this song because I love the lyrics in the song. We all want to get *fixed* or get somethings fixed if we can. #14DaysofMu​sicChallenge #rockmusic #coldplay #britishrockb​and #chrismartin 
My 6 year old ...   (Jhai Harris)27.12.2014
My 6 year old Brother died on April 18th 2011, this song was played at his funeral...​
You know I was born ...   (melos 96)29.9.2014
You know I was born and raised in Skopje Macedonia I've been living there for 16 years then I moved to Germany and since I've moved my life changed so much for bad things I don't talk to my father because he was the reason I left my country its so hard no social life I've even struggled with girl's and I don't know I'm not confident anymore I lost a part of myself now I sit home everyday come from school I try to be friends with some Germans but they never call me to go out I'm slowly giving up I don't know what to do miss my friends home everything I'm also afraid I'm gonna fail in life the only best thing that ever happened to me is the time my grandparents​ raised me

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