Coldplay - Fix You

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Coldplay - Fix You

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Author: Coldplay Official
Length: 04:56
Uploaded: 30.5.2011
Viewed: 25132640×
Rating (127421×):

Video Category: Music
You know I was born ...   (melos 96)29.9.2014
You know I was born and raised in Skopje Macedonia I've been living there for 16 years then I moved to Germany and since I've moved my life changed so much for bad things I don't talk to my father because he was the reason I left my country its so hard no social life I've even struggled with girl's and I don't know I'm not confident anymore I lost a part of myself now I sit home everyday come from school I try to be friends with some Germans but they never call me to go out I'm slowly giving up I don't know what to do miss my friends home everything I'm also afraid I'm gonna fail in life the only best thing that ever happened to me is the time my grandparents​ raised me
Coldplay ❤   (Giulia Fogazzi)17.12.2014
Coldplay ❤
Wow, he ran from ...   (theNA92)20.9.2014
Wow, he ran from London to Bolton in a night? That is incredible.... ..
Coldplay - Fix You   (Antonino Giaimo)11.11.2014
Coldplay - Fix You
I miss you dad.   (TheGoldenboss100)29.8.2014
I miss you dad.
Like the song.... I ...   (The Ender-Ghost Gamer)22.9.2014
Like the song.... I feel like Im currently living my life in reverse... I feel like Im getting Nowhere... Doing nothing... And I dont know what to do with myself anymore. Everything Ive ever tried to do Ive failed at. Love, Family, friendship, school.... Nothing works for me... Music is the only thing I care about anymore... This song will be the one I listen to when I die most likely. I will never know a good world. 
" Lorsque tu perds ...   (Wilmot M)18.12.2014
" Lorsque tu perds quelque chose que tu ne peux remplacer Lor​sque tu aimes quelqu'un, mais que ça ne mène nulle part.... " 
*Fix you** Coldplay ...   (lily)6.12.2014
*Fix you** Coldplay* 
Coldplay - Fix You: ...   (Celina Nogueira)22.11.2014
Coldplay - Fix You: http://youtu.​be/k4V3Mo61fJM​
i hate those ...   (Ultra light)8.9.2014
i hate those comments about passed away loved ones, pets or friends, they are dead, sorry but there is nothing to do about it.
Coldplay ❤   (Giupyus marto)19.12.2014
Coldplay ❤
So hard to loose ...   (Dorifto99)19.12.2014
So hard to loose someone who you put alot of hopes on :/ This song just explains it :(
"Fix You" is a song ...   (Rock Music Videos)14.12.2014
"Fix You" is a song by British alternative rock band Coldplay. It was written by all four members of the band for their third album, X&Y.
This song is ...   (Matthew Hemraj)20.12.2014
This song is beautiful. Well done
5 am. feeling ...   (Aku N)19.12.2014
5 am. feeling worthless. doing nothing. failing school. crying my eyes out. feeling like i have no future, But might as well try again one last time. When there is still a glimpse of hope. I have to make it...
Thank You so very ...   (Cecilie Rangå)10.12.2014
Thank You so very much for this song Coldplay!! ☺ It is Beautiful !! ☺ 
Com todo o respeito ...   (Sandro Penha)17.12.2014
Com todo o respeito a quem pensa diferente, eu simplesmente NAO consigo entender como uma musica como essa tem 25 milhoes de acessos, enquanto uma PARÓDIA de uma musica boba da nick minaj (Nicki Minaj - "Anacond​a" PARODY) tem 35 milhões. Incompreensí​vel.
brilliant music.   (Aditya Balakrishnan)19.12.2014
brilliant music.
*Coldplay - Fix ...   (GOOD MUSIC)30.11.2014
*Coldplay - Fix You*
Coldplay - Fix You: ...   (Holger Semper)29.11.2014
Coldplay - Fix You: http://youtu.​be/k4V3Mo61fJM​ Wünsche euch mit diesem tollen Lied ein wunderschön​es Wochenende, lg.Flippi
Most guys on here ...   (supernerd carlini)3.12.2014
Most guys on here are pathetic faggots! And one retard said she cried when her fucking hamster died? I would wipe my ass on it and feed it a fucking cat!!!!!!!!!​!!
Coldplay - Fix You: ...   (P Phillips)20.10.2014
Coldplay - Fix You: http://youtu.​be/k4V3Mo61fJM​
*Fix you* 💗 Quando ...   (marc max)30.8.2014
*Fix you* 💗 Qua​ndo ci provi al meglio che puoi ma non riesci ad ottenere quel che vuoi quando ottieni quel che vuoi ma non è quello di cui hai bisogno quando ti senti così stanco ma non riesci a dormire Blocc​ato al contrario Qu​ando le lacrime si versano sul tuo viso quando perdi qualcosa che non puoi rimpiazzare q​uando ami qualcuno ma tutto va perduto potre​bbe andar peggio? Le luci ti guideranno a casa e accenderanno le tue ossa ed io proverò a stabilirti L​assù o laggiù quando tu sei troppo innamorato per lasciar andar via tutto e se tu non provi, non saprai mai quali valori hai Le luci ti guideranno a casa e accenderanno le tue ossa ed io proverò a stabilirti Le lacrime si versano sul tuo viso quando perdi qualcosa che non puoi rimpiazzare le lacrime si versano sul tuo viso ed io.. Le lacrime si versano sul tuo viso ti prometto che imparerai dai miei errori le lacrime si versano sul tuo viso ed io.. Le luci ti guideranno a casa e accenderanno le tue ossa ed io proverò
This should have ...   (michael richard)17.12.2014
This should have been a FIFA song!
Chris is beautiful ...   (Thalia Santiago)20.12.2014
Chris is beautiful 😍

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