Coldplay - Fix You

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Coldplay - Fix You

Coldplay's new album Ghost Stories, is out now! Download it at or get the CD at ~ Follow Coldplay ~ Website: Twitter: Facebook: Instagram: Google+: Tumblr: VK:

Author: Coldplay Official
Length: 04:56
Uploaded: 30.5.2011
Viewed: 23881745×
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Video Category: Music
SING ALONG WITH THE ...   (Jeff MusicMan)22.11.2014
Yes....   (holly kelley)20.11.2014
Coldplay - Fix You   (Antonino Giaimo)11.11.2014
Coldplay - Fix You
   (Bah Âr)19.11.2014
I miss you mom :(   (Samim Rafiq)23.9.2014
I miss you mom :(
Coldplay - Fix You: ...   (Cecilie Rangå)8.11.2014
Coldplay - Fix You: http://youtu.​be/k4V3Mo61fJM​ Hello ! ☺Good morning! Have a nice day everybody.. 💓 Here comes Coldplay with the song Fix You. 
   (Elisa Vola)2.11.2014
You know I was born ...   (melos 96)29.9.2014
You know I was born and raised in Skopje Macedonia I've been living there for 16 years then I moved to Germany and since I've moved my life changed so much for bad things I don't talk to my father because he was the reason I left my country its so hard no social life I've even struggled with girl's and I don't know I'm not confident anymore I lost a part of myself now I sit home everyday come from school I try to be friends with some Germans but they never call me to go out I'm slowly giving up I don't know what to do miss my friends home everything I'm also afraid I'm gonna fail in life the only best thing that ever happened to me is the time my grandparents​ raised me
Coldplay - Fix You♥ ...   (Lea Thabranie)15.10.2014
Coldplay - Fix You♥♥ Lig​hts will guide you home and ignite your bones.. and i will try to fix you.. 
Coldplay - Fix You: ...   (Carla Martin)21.11.2014
Coldplay - Fix You: http://youtu.​be/k4V3Mo61fJM​
Fix me a lot :)    (Myrull zedd)21.11.2014
Fix me a lot :) 
Ich liebe diesen ...   (ingolf küster)14.11.2014
Ich liebe diesen Song.
Coldplay - Fix You: ...   (Zule Melgarejo)15.11.2014
Coldplay - Fix You: http://youtu.​be/k4V3Mo61fJM​
........   (Monique Peixoto)17.11.2014
Coldplay - Fix You: ...   (P Phillips)20.10.2014
Coldplay - Fix You: http://youtu.​be/k4V3Mo61fJM​
Coldplay - Fix You: ...   (Walaa Zen)21.11.2014
Coldplay - Fix You: http://youtu.​be/k4V3Mo61fJM​
Am I the only one ...   (Javier Clemente García)16.11.2014
Am I the only one who's hearing 'shit spree, on your own face' at '3:50' period!?
HI GUYS, I MADE IT ...   (Jeff MusicMan)1.10.2014
Lo más hermoso del ...   (Juliana Rendón)21.10.2014
Lo más hermoso del mundo.
   (Jessica Pennington)19.10.2014

Lights will guide ...   (Rebecka Gilsen)6.11.2014
Lights will guide you home And ignite your bones I will try to fix you
Coldplay - Fix You: ...   (Celina Nogueira)22.11.2014
Coldplay - Fix You: http://youtu.​be/k4V3Mo61fJM​
I dedicate this ...   (Unstoppable Radiation)15.9.2014
I dedicate this song to Holly.
I miss you dad.   (TheGoldenboss100)29.8.2014
I miss you dad.
Tears stream down ...   (Αλεξανδρα Π')19.10.2014
Tears stream down your face.I promise you I learn from my mistakes.

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