Coldplay - Fix You (Live on Letterman)

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Coldplay - Fix You (Live on Letterman)

Coldplay's new album Ghost Stories, is out now! Download it at or get the CD at ~ Follow Coldplay ~ Website: Twitter: Facebook: Instagram: Google+: Tumblr: VK:

Author: Coldplay Official
Length: 05:04
Uploaded: 26.9.2011
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Video Category: Music
It's so beautiful. ...   (Carl Martin)15.9.2014
It's so beautiful. They sing and play from the heart. Not many bands can do that.
+Isha Malik skip ...   (Sumaita Hasan)30.12.2014
+Isha Malik skip to the middle lmfao, pisces b flamin hahaha
"FIX YOU" is one of ...   (Juju J.)27.12.2014
"FIX YOU" is one of the greatest COLDPLAY songs ever, I LOVE YOU COLDPLAY
+grapedrank umm ...   (adza botchway)13.5.2014
+grapedrank umm what are you talking about? He still has his Amazing voice. They are coming out with a new album on May 19th! It's called ghost stories.
   (eder castro ortega)28.4.2015
can anyone tell ...   (Sarath krishna)9.4.2015
can anyone tell where i can download all this letterman coldplay videos??
   (Alejandra Santos)20.3.2015
Those dance moves ...   (Blake Parnell)11.10.2014
Those dance moves tho
Still watching this ...   (Silentswifter386)4.4.2015
Still watching this at 2015
   (aditya bajaj)31.3.2015

   (Rita Pandolfo)14.3.2015
Coldplay - Fix You   (Antonino Giaimo)17.2.2015
Coldplay - Fix You
The best Coldplay ...   (terratec1001)1.3.2015
The best Coldplay song ever :)
Enyone who sings ...   (omvendtslev)27.8.2014
Enyone who sings this text has a great voice and should be blessed! Let go of anger and resentment...​and fix Your life and those around You will bless You. This text helps Me cry the shit out of My mind And offcause there is some shit left in My mind...I live in a world where some souls like to control by aggression and fear.. But I will kill them whit LOVE and THANKS =)
Im in love 💘💘   (Nazarena Maldonado)1.3.2015
Im in love 💘💘
Amo. Amo muito. Amo ...   (Cê Monteiro)24.11.2014
Amo. Amo muito. Amo demais!!!!
their songs are ...   (Victoria Iglesias Ramírez)27.8.2014
their songs are perfect, they are perfect, I love Coldplay. <3
That bass doe   (silentvoice)29.9.2014
That bass doe
wow That Eb in the ...   (ninoel22)26.2.2015
wow That Eb in the final 4:53
Coldplay - Fix You ...   (Geja Rasing)12.1.2015
Coldplay - Fix You (Live on Letterman): http://youtu.​be/qb1boy6x1vo​
When Coldplay sing, ...   (chhatresh joshi)22.4.2014
When Coldplay sing, It makes me feel calm and gives me peace.. They produce excellent music.. Very soothing music... I have listened to 'Yellow' a thousand times.. Hail Coldplay !!! Stay Blessed !!!! 
That man is amazing ...   (philoharry)8.1.2015
That man is amazing.
The firefly fan vid ...   (Mr Invader)21.12.2014
The firefly fan vid using this song is so amazing 
Coldplay makes some ...   (Tiles Murphy)9.8.2014
Coldplay makes some of the best music i've ever heard :')
"Luzes vao te guiar ...   (Karina F. Musto)24.7.2014
"Luzes vao te guiar pra casa"

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