Coldplay - Fix You (Live on Letterman)

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Coldplay - Fix You (Live on Letterman)

Recorded live at the Ed Sullivan Theatre Sept 20, 2011. /

Author: Coldplay Official
Length: 05:04
Uploaded: 26.9.2011
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Video Category: Music
He lost a lot in 7 ...   (grapedrank)5.4.2014
He lost a lot in 7 years. listen to this song live in 2007, when he had his voice
Tears stream down ...   (Denize Viana)28.10.2013
Tears stream down your face When you lose something you cannot replace
I can't explain ...   (Eric Divine)19.1.2014
I can't explain what this song does to my soul :) the beat and his voice is so beautiful man. 
When Coldplay sing, ...   (chhatresh joshi)22.4.2014
When Coldplay sing, It makes me feel calm and gives me peace.. They produce excellent music.. Very soothing music... I have listened to 'Yellow' a thousand times.. Hail Coldplay !!! Stay Blessed !!!! 
I found this song ...   (Crookqt)22.4.2014
I found this song in one of my hardest periods of life...still to this day I listen to it and everytime remember the hard times and how they have passed and I become instantly happy. Thank you Coldplay! 
They are awesome ...   (Steve Konrad)15.4.2014
They are awesome live...probab​ly best show Letterman had in years.
Who bono?   (Rahim Shakur)13.4.2014
Who bono?
so deep , so touch ...   (Huy quan Phan)5.4.2014
so deep , so touch , music is a miracle ...
I´m Crying with ...   (Maria Chica)1.4.2014
I´m Crying with this song
I hate this Bono ...   (kellykinsellives)4.3.2014
I hate this Bono wannabe.
Chris Martin <3   (Louise Michelle)7.4.2014
Chris Martin <3
Gets me every time! ...   (ripeyellowjockuk)1.3.2014
Gets me every time! xx
good   (Mike Hawk)20.12.2013
But kind of sucks ...   (Eloy Lopez)23.3.2014
But kind of sucks at live
Awesome , no fans ...   (MazzyMaze Reiki Light)2.4.2014
Awesome , no fans singing along I hate sing along concerts..
Killer version!   (agawamguy)8.2.2014
Killer version!
i love these lyrics ...   (Kathleen Moore)30.3.2014
i love these lyrics !!!!!! 
this is the best   (Al Leong)27.2.2014
this is the best
COLDPLAY KINGS !! ...   (Meir Meir)25.1.2014
COLDPLAY KINGS !!!! !!!!!!
The bitch at the ...   (Tiffany Adkins)20.3.2014
The bitch at the end cracks me up, when she puts her hand on her chest and screams. Like dafuq? Lookin like you about to have an orgasm. Tyin' to hard. 
ZIDANE!!!!   (Alexander Lemy)1.12.2013
One of my favorite ...   (Javin Meade)4.3.2014
One of my favorite bands
come to MALAYSIA ...   (nuri sahin)17.12.2013
come to MALAYSIA please..
this is the only ...   (Elisa McGovern)10.11.2013
this is the only performance on letterman that i have seen the audience actually get into it! 
they do simple ...   (Luca Rossi)18.3.2013
they do simple music but they're good....

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