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Author: YouTube Help
Length: 03:56
Uploaded: 17.4.2015
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Video Category: Howto
Closer Than Close ( ...   (KID NPG)15.1.2015
Closer Than Close (Even Closer) - Rosie Gaines #Rosie​Gaines #NPG #RnB
Luke and the neck ...   (DS DrummerBoi)9.2.2014
Luke and the neck skank lol
Its funny. In ...   (blaqmnm)1.5.2008
Its funny. In AMERICA, they would have been standing there like..."​who is this?".​ Rosie is one of the most serious musicians in the last 25 years and the US has no idea. lol.
RIP TUBBS (bass ...   (jonannlou)25.9.2011
RIP TUBBS (bass player on this video and for Light of The World & Incognito) You are missed
I would have to ...   (blackbear82)7.11.2008
I would have to agree with blaqmnm. I live in the US, and have since I was born, and I didn't hear this song till 4 years ago. How could this have gone unnoticed..?
It's a stunning ...   (See Em)10.2.2012
It's a stunning performance. I always knew how brilliant she was - ever since she was the best part of Prince's "Nude Tour" - when I saw her in Birmingham - singing "Ain't no Way" just her and the piano - it was the best thing all night. It's a sin that she's only moderately well known.
@100GirlBaby what ...   (VANITY80)27.6.2011
@100GirlBaby what do you mean?
wow. you can't help ...   (willuk)26.9.2008
wow. you can't help but be amazed by this. the crowd are loving this.... incredible
wish this had been ...   (jonannlou)11.8.2009
wish this had been the single/album version. Love this version :) 5 stars

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