Adele - Someone Like You

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Adele - Someone Like You

Music video by Adele performing Someone Like You. (C) 2011 XL Recordings Ltd

Author: AdeleVEVO
Length: 04:45
Uploaded: 30.9.2011
Viewed: 450443896×
Rating (1802386×):

Video Category: Music
Sometimes it hurts ...   (Sinisbal)2.10.2014
Sometimes it hurts instead? No way- Love never hurts, only that which is not love. I was gay and that hurt because I didn't know love and I learned that there is no love in homosexuality, but only unending lust and craving to get fulfilled with something that another man could not give me, a man. BUT it didn't last for ever. I trusted Jesus and He healed me of all my dis-eases and troubles. Ahhh, it is good to be me. No hurts any more, only love!! Folks, God is amazing!! Trust Him for everything!!​
*I know how that ...   (Female Old Bonnie)25.2.2015
*I know how that feels...* *Hu​gs herself* *And​ that hurts so much.* *Wipes​ a tear of her face* - *Covers her face* *Never I'll find someone like you...*
Adele - Someone ...   (Devi Bridges)19.2.2015
Adele - Someone Like You: http://youtu.​be/hLQl3WQQoQ0​ I ❤ Adele 😘😘😘​
*Guten Abend, meine ...   (Heidi .R)26.1.2015
*Guten Abend, meine Lieben* Ich grüße Euch heute Abend mit dem schönen Lied von *Adele - Someone Like You* Ich wünsche Euch ein paar entspannte Stunden und später eine Gute Nacht, Eure Heidi
Adele - Someone ...   (Alex Sandro Rodrigues)25.2.2015
Adele - Someone Like You
*Bom fim de noite.. ...   (alaise gomes)21.12.2014
*Bom fim de noite....* *B​ela voz e linda canção*
♥ ♫ VERY FAVORİTE ...   (Mehmet Olgun)6.2.2015
~~~ Someone Like ...   (Beatrice Jonin)25.2.2015
~~~ Someone Like You ~~~~~P.s. LOve this song so much ...
buona serata   (robi Terzi)25.2.2015
buona serata
Buonanotte a tutti! ...   (Samu Chio)28.1.2015
Buonanotte a tutti!!
Look at how fat she ...   (Natalie McEwan)4.1.2015
Look at how fat she is. lololol
I found u   (penelope Mary penny)18.2.2015
I found u
" She gives you ...   (Akis Chrys)17.1.2015
" She gives you things...I can't give to you....."​; You gave me tenderness and love... which is rare...
Adele - Someone ...   (Patrick Cisneros)15.2.2015
Adele - Someone Like You😘💕​: http://youtu.​be/hLQl3WQQoQ0​
♫ Never mind, I'll ...   (Sony Music Brasil)16.2.2015
♫ Never mind, I'll find ‪#‎Someon​eLikeYou‬ I wish nothing but the best for you, too ♫ Adele
adele someone like ...   (Ebony Smalls)8.12.2014
adele someone like you
Θυμαμε αναμνησεις μ ...   (Fanis Pantazopoulos)10.2.2015
Θυμαμε αναμνη​εις μ αυτο τ τραγου​ι...!
Adele - Someone ...   (Andrea S)17.2.2015
Adele - Someone Like 
Adele - Someone ...   (Anna Rosa Podda)9.2.2015
Adele - Someone Like You: http://youtu.​be/hLQl3WQQoQ0​
Adele - Someone ...   (Elizabeth Lopez garcia)13.2.2015
Adele - Someone Like You: escuchando
:( <3 This song ...   (Miguel Angelo Sanabria Marin)25.10.2014
:( <3 This song reminds me of how me & my BFF didn't talk for a while and I cried a lot and got wond up really easily it was sad cause we were friends since before we could speak it had always been the two of us but then it's as if I didn't even know her name, and that of true was new for me, I walk in rain with out her I didn't smile I didn't talk but when you think about it its made me stronger and kinder because I can help people in the situation because I know what its like to be ignored and be crushed by your closest friend .... ;) :)
Adele - Someone ...   (sarina rosa)14.2.2015
Adele - Someone Like You: http://youtu.​be/hLQl3WQQoQ0​...ALGUIEN COMO TU!!!💕​💋💋
Sad but true!   (Michael Cartuccio)18.2.2015
Sad but true!
Notte    (Barbara Manciulli)25.2.2015
Enjoy !!!   (Cassie B.)17.12.2014
Enjoy !!!

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