Adele - Someone Like You

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Adele - Someone Like You

Music video by Adele performing Someone Like You. (C) 2011 XL Recordings Ltd

Author: AdeleVEVO
Length: 04:45
Uploaded: 30.9.2011
Viewed: 353793150×
Rating (1446272×):

Video Category: Music
Posted before but I ...   (Andy Collett)23.4.2014
Posted before but I love this is for All of you´╗┐
the best song ever´╗┐   (domna samara)22.4.2014
the best song ever´╗┐
Thank you VEVO. I ...   (Bobbi Ysmael)23.4.2014
Thank you VEVO. I added your board to pinterest. I LOVE YOU GUYS.´╗┐
I love this song. I ...   (Gail Lynch)22.4.2014
I love this song. I love Adele's sound. I can't stand Katy Perry, or some of the new "Pop Stars". Too phony for me. I want to hear someone's real voice, not this new reconfigured computer voice shit.´╗┐
Imagine looking ...   (Mickey Moran)20.4.2014
Imagine looking into your loved one's eyes, and having the feeling of something beyond the beginnings of love, beyond the turmoil that would end up in pure love. If you could hold that gaze, then that kiss...that is something to remember....f​orever.´╗┐
love this...´╗┐   (Sandra Evans Sjoukes)20.4.2014
love this...´╗┐
+K Dyson For you ...   (Raquel Hunter)20.4.2014
+K Dyson For you LOL!!!!!!!!!´​╗┐
i make music blah ...   (Jaack)20.4.2014
i make music blah blah check out my covers :)´╗┐
Anyone who'd give ...   (Michael Albanese)22.4.2014
Anyone who'd give this video a thumbs down must hate music and be a miserable git!´╗┐
how did i not ...   (mini tyalo)22.4.2014
how did i not listen to this when we separated´╗┐
I did a cover of ...   (Sikopatti Sophia)23.4.2014
I did a cover of her song Rolling in the deep. Can I get your opinions of it? :)´╗┐
song is good but ...   (Alexandra Nov├íkov├í)22.4.2014
song is good but video is badder... ´╗┐
Great song´╗┐   (Mike Roberts)23.4.2014
Great song´╗┐
3:27 the statue is ...   (thinkagainst)22.4.2014
3:27 the statue is holding a huge cock!´╗┐
adore her voice, ...   (Dina Sultangaliyeva)22.4.2014
adore her voice, and lyric´╗┐
XD adoro´╗┐   (lpsna linha)21.4.2014
XD adoro´╗┐
I love this song... ...   (Citra Megasari)23.4.2014
I love this song...­čśÖ­č​śÖ´╗┐
Yeah in the ...   (Blessing Acevedo)23.4.2014
Yeah in the situation I'm right now fits so perfectly because the guy I was going out with cheating on me and you know what I beat him up but the 2nd guy i was dating loves me and shows it´╗┐
never mind... I'll ...   (Bacardi Xo)22.4.2014
never mind... I'll find person better than you haha This song the best in my mind ,adele :3´╗┐
me encanta la ...   (starly ortiz)22.4.2014
me encanta la cancion ´╗┐
muy buena canci├│n!´╗┐   (Jonathan Avalos)22.4.2014
muy buena canci├│n!´╗┐
close to my heart.. ...   (Sreya Banerjee)21.4.2014
close to my heart...´╗┐
me encanta esta ...   (LoRiBeL GaRcIa)22.4.2014
me encanta esta canci├│n ´╗┐
beautifulllll´╗┐   (Jason Rayment)21.4.2014
Her voice.. Amazing ...   (Sofy BB)22.4.2014
Her voice.. Amazing..´╗┐

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