Adele - Someone Like You

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Adele - Someone Like You

Music video by Adele performing Someone Like You. (C) 2011 XL Recordings Ltd

Author: AdeleVEVO
Length: 04:45
Uploaded: 30.9.2011
Viewed: 437065705×
Rating (1749197×):

Video Category: Music
Sometimes it hurts ...   (Sinisbal)2.10.2014
Sometimes it hurts instead? No way- Love never hurts, only that which is not love. I was gay and that hurt because I didn't know love and I learned that there is no love in homosexuality, but only unending lust and craving to get fulfilled with something that another man could not give me, a man. BUT it didn't last for ever. I trusted Jesus and He healed me of all my dis-eases and troubles. Ahhh, it is good to be me. No hurts any more, only love!! Folks, God is amazing!! Trust Him for everything!!​
*Bazen anlatmak ...   (Sümeyye KARACA)21.1.2015
*Bazen anlatmak istediklerini​zi şarkılar anlatır ya hani, öyle işte...*
Adele - Someone ...   (Yudira Dueñas)22.1.2015
Adele - Someone Like You: http://youtu.​be/hLQl3WQQoQ0​ me en canta adele esta cancion llega 💓
*Bom fim de noite.. ...   (alaise gomes)21.12.2014
*Bom fim de noite....* *B​ela voz e linda canção*
Adele - Someone ...   (Antonio Magui)18.1.2015
Adele - Someone Like You: http://youtu.​be/hLQl3WQQoQ0​
Look at how fat she ...   (Natalie McEwan)4.1.2015
Look at how fat she is. lololol
OMG What a pleasant ...   (Misty St Claire)30.12.2014
OMG What a pleasant surprise to see a fat ugly person have some success in the music industry. Well done.
" She gives you ...   (Akis Chrys)17.1.2015
" She gives you things...I can't give to you....."​; You gave me tenderness and love... which is rare...
Porque o vento me ...   (I.Maria Oliveira)16.1.2015
Porque o vento me traz canções... Boa noite G+ Porque el viento me trae canciones... Buonas noches G + Parce que le vent m'apporte des chansons... Bonne nuit G + Perché il vento mi portano canzoni... Buonanotte G + Because the wind brings me a songs... Goodnight G + Adele - Someone Like You: http://youtu.​be/hLQl3WQQoQ0​
Adele - Someone ...   (MAZINCO ALALMANI 88)9.1.2015
Adele - Someone Like You#
Love this song! ...   (
Love this song! Adele - Someone Like You
an kai ligo palio ...   (Maria Maraki)18.1.2015
an kai ligo palio alla ok m to kolise mia fili m 
Adele - Someone ...   (heungheung wong)13.12.2014
Adele - Someone Like You:http://​​WQQoQ0 Someone​ like YOU..!!!~♡​♡~
I am 10 I was one ...   (giselle hernandez)24.1.2015
I am 10 I was one if the first ten people to watch this 3 ears ago and from wit day until ahhhh I will still be watching ths vidio
☆☆☆ Dolcissima ...   (Barbara)25.11.2014
☆☆☆ Dolcissima notte ☆☆☆ Ad​ele - Someone Like You: http://youtu.​be/hLQl3WQQoQ0​
Akşamın karanlığını ...   (melis izmirli)14.1.2015
Akşamın karanlığın​ı kamaştırır​... 
+dora arredondo ...   (Candy Cabello)16.12.2014
+dora arredondo First black and white video challenge
Ç est avec cette ...   (Hugo Lega)17.1.2015
Ç est avec cette chanson superbe que je vous souhaite une bonne journée. ..bisous amitié a vous ♥♥♥♥​
I hate to turn up ...   (Tangja Wanna)15.1.2015
I hate to turn up out of the blue uninvited But​ I couldn't stay away, I couldn't fight it.
Enjoy !!!   (Cassie B.)17.12.2014
Enjoy !!!
Super-song!!!   (Paolo Moriconi)28.12.2014
Bonne écoute !!   (Marie jo L .M)28.10.2014
Bonne écoute !!

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