Adele - Set Fire to the Rain Lyrics

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Adele - Set Fire to the Rain Lyrics

Song: Set Fire to the Rain Artitst: Adele All Rights Are to the Original Owners (not me) One of my favorites from Adele's latest album 21 Disclaimer: None of this is mine. All is Adele's did the best I could do with the lyrics. Mistakes happen, if you find one feel free to drop it in the comment box. Enjoy!

Author: Genevieve D.
Length: 04:00
Uploaded: 23.2.2011
Viewed: 270795187×
Rating (681700×):

Video Category: Music
loving her scream   (Burcu Işık)17.4.2014
loving her scream
+Yasmine Arar ...   (Rachael Auburn)15.4.2014
+Yasmine Arar Another one of her popular songs off of her last album. Hey, a couple of months ago or so, I was never able to sing along to this, but I did today and found that I could reach the high notes alot better! I am soooo happy about that!!!
I love this so g    (Giovanni Matamoros)15.4.2014
I love this so g 
#lapropia   (Facundo Borges)15.4.2014
# G Plus-wave ...   (kittisak sridej)13.4.2014
# G Plus-wave stations with happiness.
   (SoOmA SemSeM)13.4.2014

She is fraviort ...   (Corrine Millet)12.4.2014
She is fraviort singer
I think it means ...   (Taylor Hainline)12.4.2014
I think it means don't be afraid to stand out
Adele is one of ...   (Dre Gordon)12.4.2014
Adele is one of those white songstresses that I, a black guy can say without a doubt, that i truly respect and adore.. Her voice, her delivery, it's magic!!
set fire to the ...   (turkish bom)9.4.2014
set fire to the rain
i feel so sad when ...   (Musa Luna)18.4.2014
i feel so sad when im listening to this song...
This song has such ...   (Jia Ramirez)18.4.2014
This song has such a deep meaning to it
M'encanta aquesta ...   (ANDREA SORIANO)18.4.2014
M'encanta aquesta canço!!!!
i love her voice <3   (Tugay Taşkın)18.4.2014
i love her voice <3
"Keyser Soze Er ...   (Rusalen Mihailov)18.4.2014
"Keyser Soze Er Adele you can't set fire to rain! You silly bitch!" you ok!":)!:)!:)!​?!
OMG!! adele is so ...   (vanesa rojas)5.11.2013
OMG!! adele is so sexy :3 i<3u
Great Song!!   (Joey Chong)5.11.2013
Great Song!!
so good   (hoa nguyen)4.11.2013
so good
Look AT my Cover ...   (Mindy Luong)6.11.2013
Look AT my Cover for set Fire to the rain!
Replay rape (+ ...   (Ezekiel Martin)7.11.2013
Replay rape (+10000000000​000)
them views tho..... ...   (TrollMaster300)3.11.2013
them views tho...... O_O
no song can beat ...   (sarah)3.11.2013
no song can beat this.
beautiful song!   (analie pontejos)6.11.2013
beautiful song!
★♭¥¥♪○○()♯☀☀   (Aloysius Ng)3.11.2013
Wow...this chick ...   (steve b)5.11.2013
Wow...this chick can SING! NO autotune!!

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