Adele - Set Fire to the Rain Lyrics

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Adele - Set Fire to the Rain Lyrics

Song: Set Fire to the Rain Artitst: Adele All Rights Are to the Original Owners (not me) One of my favorites from Adele's latest album 21 Disclaimer: None of this is mine. All is Adele's did the best I could do with the lyrics. Mistakes happen, if you find one feel free to drop it in the comment box. Enjoy!

Author: Genevieve D.
Length: 04:00
Uploaded: 23.2.2011
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Video Category: Music
#adele   (Moon Aylin)20.7.2014
...   (Jennifer stormcaster'schannel)17.7.2014
It's raining men! ...   (TheRainbowCookie)16.7.2014
It's raining men! But I set fire to the rain! >:D
Set Fire to the ...   (Alicja Wozniak)10.6.2014
Set Fire to the Rain
how could she sets ...   (TwoForFun)24.4.2014
how could she sets fire to the rain... have she ever tried to create fire from wet sticks?? this is just a bad role model for children,then​ we cannot be surprise they know nothing and are stupid, poor misleading! i understend it is song, but not educational one, one dislike for u Adele, maybe next time...
In my opinion they ...   (TheTatermeister)25.4.2014
In my opinion they should put this song in Frozen 2 :D
Happy Friday, All. ...   (Jon Traylor)6.6.2014
Happy Friday, All. You like Adele?
Who knows this song ...   (Pure Pins)8.5.2014
Who knows this song? I think it's beautiful. ​ Follow us on +Pure Pins ♥ 
   (Breanna Livingston)13.6.2014
it is raining ...   (nancy papadopoulou)25.4.2014
it is raining outside (in athens)!!!just the perfect song!!!
Girl please. Sponge ...   (sherry taylor)7.7.2014
Girl please. Sponge bob made fire under the ocean.
Had to be English.   (As You Were Reading My Very Long Username I Stole Your Sandwich)21.4.2014
Had to be English.
I think it means ...   (Taylor Hainline)12.4.2014
I think it means don't be afraid to stand out
κορυφαιο !!!!   (Billy Kanavos)15.5.2014
κορυφα​ο !!!!
   (Sandra Pinheiro Samuel)22.6.2014
   (Manny san antonio)29.5.2014
AVENIDA BRASIL! = )   (ariel rodriguez)7.5.2014
#soundsofsunday ...   (chris madzier)28.6.2014
#soundsofsund​ay #adele Set fire to the rain !! and burn my memories away!! so to forget is just easier!! 
Why did this come ...   (*Smile_Spirit_Glitter*)26.6.2014
Why did this come up as "related" to Pop That Pussy? 
Good music!   (Asrul Hamba Fakir)16.5.2014
Good music!
teleioooo   (Despina Lia)14.6.2014
beautiful song ...   (Denise Mornell)16.3.2014
beautiful song beautiful woman and if you do not understand the lyrics your loss listen to a simple song too in depth for you
i love the song   (Esmelina Terrero)6.5.2014
i love the song
I love this song ...   (Logan Servatius)10.6.2014
I love this song but when ever she saids set fire to the rain I just think of spongebob making a campfire underwater
i fucking love it ...   (blerta haziri)8.5.2014
i fucking love it how she says watched 1:03 hahah lol...

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