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Uploaded: 17.4.2015
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Video Category: Howto
VERY GOOD QUALITY   (pranesh pandey)16.5.2015
So this is how my ...   (dvvid96)27.5.2015
So this is how my life started. It's fucking sick! If my mom had left my dad and found another probably fertile husband, that would have been better. I will meet my real dad and probably have dozens of half siblings I've never met.
   (ibadat hossain)22.2.2015
For 5 years my ...   (Isabel Hernandez)14.4.2015
For 5 years my hubby and I been trying to get pregnant. so we started going to doctor and he mentioned this to us and I am willing to try this but I am a bit nervous hoping the first time is a success for us
i was looking for ...   (Margiris Sopaga)9.2.2015
i was looking for CDI and 3d short movies and got this ... da fuk
3D   (Gilberto Alvarez)3.7.2014
   (Anwar Rais)18.1.2014
Have you ever done ...   (akoakosan)27.2.2010
Have you ever done HSG? If yes, that was almost same but Not that hurt like HSG. You can do it , that is only 2minutes. Good luck.
Clear explanation ...   (CSC Digital Graphics)23.2.2011
Clear explanation of a unfamiliar procedure. Good educational video.
PS IUI is work for ...   (akoakosan)22.3.2010
PS IUI is work for me. I hope it will work for you ,too.
@daoquynh29 Because ...   (Pauline Chambers)7.10.2010
@daoquynh29 Because when you first start your period, your body is still getting used to all the hormonal signals, and sometimes they just don't quite line up properly. After about a year, your period should come every month, or at least be predictable.
iui   (Pepper Cisneros)10.8.2010
Congrats to you all ...   (alexlilsnshn)27.2.2010
Congrats to you all who had successful IUI's. That is my next step but I need a regular period and after 5 years of infertility, I still don't have normal ones. I'm so frustrated :( Do you ladies have any pointers?
Some women can not ...   (ivfbreastcancer)8.2.2012
Some women can not process fertility medication properly and have up to 12 times more risk of breast cancer than women who metabolize effectively. Before or after going through infertility treatments, test your genetic ability to metabolize the medications and avoid breast cancer or its recurrence.
It's different ...   (KortneeNikole13)14.5.2013
It's different everywhere. I'm having it done in 2 months and will cost me roughly $2000-$2300 including meds. I live in Missouri, USA. Our health care doesn't cover it. But some do. Check with your insurance company.
You can try ...   (Perfume Lover)13.6.2013
You can try FairHeaven Health fertility supplements before paying for IVF. After reading reviews, we decided to take a try on these supplements. I spent about $290 for me & hubby, we used these about 3 weeks before coming to the doctor for IUI. We were successful at first attempt! I was so surprised of the result! I'm 3 month pregnant now. You can google the website then take a try if you want. I really hope miracle happen to everyone! Bests,
We have only been ...   (Anna Stamper)9.7.2012
We have only been trying for 2 years, got pregnant once and miscarried! so we are about to try this process!! very nervous!!! for anyone who has tried it painful? I seen someone say it cost them $1000 its only going to cost us $800 !! which is a lot cheaper then i expected!! ..thanks!
I meant, how does ...   (SuperOmniaVeritas)21.11.2012
I meant, how does the home insemination kit work when it comes to using donor sperm?
After 2 yrs of ...   (Nithya Sri)24.4.2013
After 2 yrs of treatment,doc​tor refer to take IUI now. May i know how much it costs?..
did your first iui ...   (shycatzk)8.9.2012
did your first iui work? We just did our first one yesterday. It's also $1,000 per try for us.
i have sent message ...   (Jen Anderson)27.4.2013
i have sent message to your email or go to my channel
congrets dear i ...   (Bhavesh Patel)29.3.2013
congrets dear i also need for iui to my wife in next month.
I want to say ...   (Therese Mccullers)4.4.2012
I want to say sometime next week I go for my IuI hope it go well because i tryed this like last year with different doctor and it didnt work so I'm praying for every one out their
Unfortunately, I ...   (akoakosan)22.3.2010
Unfortunately, I just had a misscariage. At 8 weeks, baby stop growing. But I really had a great memory of this 2mons. I had a joy to be a mom, dreaming holding baby...But I dont give up my hope until I hold my baby in my arms. Sometimes I felt life is not fair, My husband is hard working never complain about anything, he doesnt deserve this,,but We never never give up. please dont give up ur hope.
Does this procedure ...   (1313cb)23.2.2010
Does this procedure hurt? Is that a needle there putting inside of you? Is there any discomfort?

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