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Autor: YouTube Help
Délka: 03:56
Vloženo: 17.4.2015
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Video kategorie: Howto
superb i like it ...   (Prahbu Srinivas)19.6.2011
superb i like it really
thats a wardrobe ...   (Neal Ramkissoon)29.2.2012
thats a wardrobe malfunction? ppl have worse like ..i don know... nipple slips!! are they serious?
kaka horny....   (viola brozoto)24.3.2013
kaka horny....
are you Fking ...   (bollywood22)11.3.2012
are you Fking kidding me ..whats the big deal ...LMAO!
Indian language is ...   (Marian Adamita)6.4.2012
Indian language is sooo funny and funky... it's mixed with the american language, I really like it, altough I don't understand a thing, but the english parts. Indian lang. it's sooo funky! :-bd Also, the indian girls are handsome =p~ :x
we can see who's ...   (jayesh patil)25.6.2012
we can see who's so funny ur using handsome for girsl n beautiful for boys superb man
kanganas reaction ...   (prabhat shr)17.3.2011
kanganas reaction was just priceless lol
hey u fool who the ...   (Palash Roy)19.7.2012
hey u fool who the hell u r ...wat u think of urself...... u don't hav rights to say bad against any country and specially when u don't know about it ....if u don't know about topic/place/t​hing/ etc etc..which u r talking about..... then its better to keep your mouth shut.......if​ u can't say good about anything then don't say bad also......i m indian and i m proud to be an indian ......and my thinking is like that every1 has to proud to be wat the are ....
stupid fkn indians ...   (secsti nyne)6.5.2012
stupid fkn indians whts so big deal abt this worst english accent worst money hungry pple in this whole universe they are all fake ///////?????​????? why cunt they b real they try to copy accents so pathetic and so bkwards they mention hollywood ahahahahah no whre near stupid stupidstupid​ INDIANS worst pple dirty stinky no shwer no manners uneducated unreal copycats bastrds

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